Saturday 23 July 2016

Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism and the Singularity

This is what the occult driven Illuminati have been moving towards

A world that has no fear of God
A complete and firm belief in an absolute mythical foundation :evolution
An incomplete vision of who we are, discarding spirit, or declaring it to be just functions of two hemispheres of the brain which are uploadable
No clear perception of life and parameters outside the leftbrain.
Zero understanding of how God uses natural life, lived naturally to bring forth His Life in fulness
No understanding of Genesis 3 because craftily the demons have laughed it out of court and men now inhabit a spirit of arrogance as though they were like God
No life can endure for an instant outside the Life source of God
What makes a man or woman like God , and here I use the word LIKE as actually His Life John 15, is the birth of His Life in us according to His Word by the Spirit
The Illuminati beliefs are machine like, surface functions, but using surface functions in the broadest setting.
House of Rothschild gave itself to becoming the central financial control of the whole world and finance can drive everything of a surface material nature....
but it cannot work "spirit" and is the highest example to us of the words of Jesus about
a rich man who builds great barns and then reposes, but God says tonight your soul is required of you,
and what can the man do....Nothing. All his riches evaporate instantly as he dies and meets the Creator.
Notice what drives transhumanism is military warfare, is fear, to release untold amounts of money.

Related Facebook post by me today 24/7/2016
The end game of evolution is diabolical. It has brainwashed the whole of mankind towards existence being a matter of.survival and terror and adapting ourselves. It is a huge extension of Genesis 3 itself. The lie of Genesis 3 is that we are not enough....if we just become.independent and like gods, we can fix ourselves. But in the spiritual switchover we actually started dying. This was the diabolical plan for demon spirits that couldn't normally cross boundaries to begin ruling our earth. Transhumanism ends up literally rewriting our DNA so there is nothing really human left of us, just physical vessels completely overtaken demonically.

 Someone like Alex.and Kay(2 atheists in a forum) in their hubris will roll around on the floor laughing......but we already saw a scheme of  man turn into complete diabolical takeover and this was Ausschwitz and the concentration camps. Not even Hitler in his wildest dreams would think he would have ended up there.

 As Ken Livingstone ex London Mayor so contentiously  but accurately pointed out, Hitler was in talks with Rothschild about sending the Jews to Israel in the early 30s.....but in all his dabbling with the occult, and solstices and the Vril Society and other demonic goings on, probably including high level Jesuits and the Black Pope, the directive  for the Final Solution came through......We saw similar things in Russia and China. Humans are better than this. They don't begin there in their atheism.....but atheism is Genesis 3 on acid and always must lead to complete demonic takeover which then shocks everybody.

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