Thursday 28 July 2016


I have never done this before....
Maybe I should have.

I have never used a whole blog to introduce somebody.

This next person is of a different order to us in the west where social services have ripped away many of the functions that used to be performed by church....and  ofcourse ripped away the evangelistic advantage too

"Oh you cannot exploit people at their time of need and weakness...."

UMMMMM D'oh?     When else is the independent "self" that lives and swans along in the pride of life going to be more open, than when its existence is temporarily swamped by great needs???? When are you more likely to actually make a connection from your genuine inner self???

I digress. The next blog is written by a man overseas and his family at a different level of reality than most Christians in the West. So I humbly ask that you would give him the time of day to read it.

Many thanks
Chris Welch

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