Tuesday 7 March 2017

Is Fluoride good for you?

BBC Do great programmes. The filming on Attenborough and TopGear and now many drama series are film quality.
But they do have a lying problem. It is difficult to know how many know they are lying or whether the minion anchormen just trot out what is given them.
They lied about Andrew Wakefield who is now established and recognised in the USA regarding his vaccine research.
They lie about anything that the mega pharmaceutical companies want them to say against free or natural remedies that do the same thing or better than synthetic and expensive counterparts.
They lie about Syria and never ever use reports by truth tellers like John Pilger.
And they are now lying about " fake news" which is often more accurate than their news but they warn people off of whistleblowers as if they are freaks.
Pedophilia and Pizzagate stories are swept under the carpet or confined to their own employee who is now dead, Jimmy Saville.
A few months back they were lying about fluoride being introduced to Southampton UK water supply. Every scientist or spokesman wheeled on denied all the science about fluoride and the fact there only remains 10 countries across the entire earth that have more than 50% of the population with fluoridised tap water. Science has proven that fluoride reduces intelligence measurably , that while increasing bone density it weakens the strength of bones. Oxide increases iron density but no one recommends rust!!!!
First video removed, but left here as a record

wow! @15 minutes in the doctor explained why fluoride's in the water. Since it's labeled as a "hazardous industrial waste product" it costs a fortune to have it properly disposed of. They relabelled it to sell it to the municipal governments where they will dump it in the water!

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