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David Hathaway's February 2017 Newsletter

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February 2017 Dear Ministry Partner
As you know, I put a lot of importance on my special times of prayer. For many years the times spent on the mountains in January have had a big impact. The time spent in Switzerland this January was different, very much more personal in God's response to rne. These times cover future planning, problem-solving, but more importantly opening up a level of communication where God begins to put His ideas into my heart. The ideas, dreams, visions in my heart must originate from God. Only then can I fully effectively submit myscIf to being an instrument, tool or even a weapon in God's Hand to enable Him to more completely fulfil His purposes. This communication must be two-way - this year was totally unique in the way God revealed Himself to me.
The proof, the very positive evidence that God does reveal His purposes to me, is shown by the past! I am always being accused - quite rightly - of being foolish, too quick to rush into things outside my control, headstrong, not listening to advice and restraint and constantly attempting the impossible! My reason is clear, I'm listening to another Voice, following Someone Else's plan.
The evidence is history. When in 19611 said I would go where no one else before me had gone and be the first to make the overland crossing from England to Israel, my own godly Father prayed desperately that God would stop me. When I resigned my pastorate of the church I had planted - and went to Russia/Israel - everyone thought I was crazy. When I planned an East/West Conference to bring 4000 people together in Germany - from both sides of the Iron Curtain - with a vision to bring Holy Spirit Revival to the persecuted East, I was rejected by Christian leaders in the West because it was impossible! And when, with no Organisation, no Mission, no Charity to support me I borrowed the equivalent of £600,000 from a bank to pay for it, I was definitely out of control! And especially in 1994 when I announced that I would take 400 people to the far side of Siberia for 3 months of evangelism in the chaos following the collapse of the Soviet Union - I was dangerously irresponsible - I had no money to even pay for their tickets, nothing for equipment or support for this army of evangelists! But God...!!!
Yet every one of those things proved to be the precise time in history - a pre-ordained plan from God - fulfilled exactly as God had told me - always exceeding abundantly above anything I could have dreamed possible. All through my life, when God has spoken, He has never failed and always done exactly what He
_saU The-story told in-my book, 'Why Siberia', is exactly the same--- a-crisis, I pray specifically, God a-n&wR_rs_ and tells me what to do, I had to obey exactly, He then for 3 months did exactly what He had said to me! Every Christian should read this book. For over 65 years God has given explicit instructions - I must obey - He then fulfils exactly what He tells me He will do!
This year will be my breakthrough. - Kiev, another even more powerful National Day of Prayer May 271h , now supported by the Ukrainian Government. May 13 th, 'Concert' broadcast live to the whole of Israel from Jerusalem. September, a repeat of last year's 'Caesarea Concert' in a larger venue, this time probably 5- , 6,000 Russian Jews. Also in September, the largest Evangelism ever - held nationally in Ukraine, supported by every Evangelical Church Organisation. October 28t', a National Day of Prayer in Lithuania, supported from all the Baltic Nations.
I also want to organise a meeting in London –'Back to the Bible' – a challenge to bring a new Reformation to bring the Church in Britain – back to the Word of God! The real Reformation 500 years ago was not just Luther's proclamation, but came when the Bible, translated into English, was read by the people. -- 40,000 gathered at St Paul's Cathedral in 1496 to hear! They discovered that there was no relation between the tradition of the Church and the New Testament! The challenge, only one can be correct – either the Bible or Church tradition! We are faced with the same issue today, so that only another Reformation can save the Church and the Nation from God's Judgment. I hear so many say the message of the Church is 'love' – but I say that the message of the Bible is repentance – and forgiveness – and judgment!
I went to the mountains in January asking God, "What is the programme for this year?" God has answered me so clearly that I see it written by the Hand of God in stone! This is why in Britain – we must hold the next Prayer Conference in Gatwick – May 6-7 – which must become the powerhouse to make all this happen. Only God can do this, if not, when Christ returns (which is sooner than any of you realise), will He condemn the Church in the same way He accused the Jewish religious leaders of His day? Why should YOU come with me to Gatwick in May? Because I will be as specific with you and with God as I was last September in Caesarea when in Jesus' Name I commanded the storm to cease and instantly it did!! And I will only allow 150 to attend this Conference in Gatwick!!
Time is short. – The Rapture must take place before the collapse of the EU (Daniel 2:44) – before we are controlled by A.I. (artificial intelligence) – before we establish colonies in space – maybe also before Islam Rapes Europe and Putin attacks Israel, although I am not, certain whether Jesus returns before or after this. But Jesus spoke clearly when He prophesied two things – the Gospel will only be preached to the Gentiles until the 'end of the times of the Gentiles and then all Israel will be saved' (Matt 24:14, Lk 21:24, Rms 11:25-26) – and before He comes there will be a darkness, 'when no man can evangelise!' (Jn 9:4).
Only God can accomplish the task He Has set me – and the cost is out of this world – only God can supply the finance necessary to actually do the job – but remember, God has to work through us to accomplish His purposes! Now like Moses – my previous 80 years were only the training ground for what I am just beginning.
Since my prayer time in January, I have had a powerful time in Lithuania – they will organise their National Day of Prayer on October 28th. We need to pay for it – their churches are poor – the largest church I preached in, with hundreds attending and where 40 men repented, is a rented hall above a dingy public bar and no lights on the stairs! This National Day of Prayer will include all three Baltic States, they are afraid of Russia – but their leaders saw live on TV what happened in our Day of Prayer in Kiev last year!
– At the beginning of March I am in Norway speaking to a Men's Conference. National Day of Prayer in Kiev (May) and Lithuania (October). Israel in May, broadcast live from Jerusalem to the whole nation – then by the Grace of God and your support – a repeat of Caesarea in September – in April I will meet with Orthodox Jews – to organise a National Day of Prayer in Israel – between Jews and Christians! It needs the support of the Chief Rabbi and Netanyahu. Why do you think these things are impossible? – If God is with me – who can be against me?!! I will be a 'fool for Christ's sake' (1 Cor 1:10).
Please stand together with me – I need your support more than ever – this year is the turning point in my life – this year I will see the purposes of God fulfilled – PRAY without ceasing!

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