Saturday 4 March 2017

The right Quantum Foundations

I have never been able to articulate before even to myself why John Castlemans.spirit.drove me so nuts. Literally white hot incandescent. The same.with the Beerepoorts who everybody appreciate so much. Obviously the parallels and the parables that both parties draw out of scripture are.fantastic. Those that care can see this too. Then suddenly they will emulate most on Facebook and say.....of course none is true.......but we learn from the stories as stories and it helps us in our lives.
It's like living in a polythene bag. It's a bit like.8 year olds being told that Santa isn't true.....oh and of course Jesus isn't either.
You stupid stupid Facebook people. You will.let the devil rape you like that. You will actually glorify the polythene bag that you let the devil put you in.
The Mitigating circumstances are that you have been raised by Rockefeller and Rothschild. You are their children. You believe in evolution. Nearly none of you have ever lived in Christ community raised up by the Spirit from nowhere. Many of you have never lived inside a God event like Revival. Or have never seen the manifestation of something in God that you hoped dreamed.and prayed for, and you are still in that spirit that the New Testament warns about......"everything continues just the same since the beginning."
Here's The truth.
Nearly nothing is the same, exactly the same. We will.come to the other truth in a minute
The truth of the Pillar of fire and the cloud is that we follow the now God.....the I am......the Rhema Word. Day to day pours forth speech.ps19
Behold I do a new thing will you not perceive it?
You are in the purpose of God. It is not qualified. You are not in a polythene bag experiencing God and Life. Right now the that was in all the saints is in you. God is writing the same.fantastic life and.covenant in you that He wrote in Abraham, Moses, David, the prophets. If you let him. If you don't let the devil rape you, tear.from you your confession.
If the Word.that is in your mouth is His Word.....without qualification ( without watering it down).....but instead you are tying yourself.down to the specificity of God's Life in you. God will write every bit as incredible story through you as in any of the Bible characters. To say they are not actually true has quantum.effects on your own life. You are not fully owning the purposes of God....You are living in a polythene bag. It looks like life.....but somehow it's one.remove. Our job as ministries is to tear that polythene bag off you so you engage directly with Life. We.circumcise you with His Word.
The other truth is.sort of.opposite.....but it is the other way Facebook people have allowed themselves to be raped by the devil. By saying the Word is not true and getting caught endless.fussy details.of.why it can't be true you have allowed yourselves to be drawn into the of.linear and.meaningless events.
Instead, had you been.listening to the Spirit you would.have been learning the opposite truth from above.....
That indeed spiritual.Can be compared to.spiritual. The mature,says Paul, can see this. is ever quite the same
BUT.....JUST AS.EVERYTHING.FROM QUARKS TO GALAXIES ARE DANCES OF.CIRCLES.....there are comparisons to be drawn. If you had been caught up.with these instead you would have learned this:
There is something similar to
Abraham Isaac.and Jacob and the name.change and.definition of.Peniel
to Moses coming down from a revelation from the mountain with the tablets
to Nehemiah having instructed the rebuilding of all.12 Gates and walls, then calling a gathering in the square for the reading of the Law in chapter 8
To Jesus finally gathering the 12 at the last Passover meal and laying out from John 13 to 17 all the facets of the thirdlevel church.....and the second level baby church hadn't even formed.yet......
And so it is now, after years of.Pentecostals and.the charismatic and the rebuilding again of the walls of the heavenly city......there is a Gate 10 or Miphkad Gate......the judgment Gate......a calling to order in the Spirit about what this all.means.for the thirdlevel church.
You this now. Almost whether you accept it or not it is happening around you and God doesn't even ask your.decision about
it. You are.not living in a polythene bag with vague concepts of Old.Testament parables......rather God is precisely upping the ante and writing the proper improved version of all the previous shadows and types, but this time in a Galatians2.20 people who know.Christ is living their life as them.
EVERYTHING else about John Castleman and Beerepoorts I love by the way.

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