Thursday 16 March 2017

Beware: The Invitation is in the small print

In the west we are instructed that there are no demons. The clever thing is that the Luciferian community dynasties actually rule the planet.... or think they do. I think I will always remember my Facebook friends book which talks about witches completely dying out by the 1700s the same week somebody contacts me on Facebook for emergency help from Darmstadt. He had been sold as a sex slave by his Icelandic -Canadian dynasty witch parents to a 70 year old woman and had escaped and now all of them were after him because of the amount of money in the deal.

The absolute truth is that fallen angels are immensely powerful but here is the good news. The earth is out of bounds. And as that great bastion of Hollywood Truth: ghostbusters showed..... the only inroad they have to the planet is via human beings complicity. So each black square of the chequerboard has to be sold as "white". 80s kids were sold the talent of Madonna and Michael Jackson and their songwriting is amazing.....but what we got was making holding your crotch in public kind of errrr normal.
That actually wasn't in the bargain that humans struck .... but IT WAS IN THE DEMONIC SMALLPRINT.
All you signed up for with your girlfriend was a kiss and a caress in the car.... the demonic smallprint was the conception of a baby and a vacuum pump destroying that life in an abortion.
You signed up to be a bit moody but in the demons smallprint was that sudden phrase set on fire by hell which for the rest of your life lost you your best friend.
What the atheist Jew in the Isle of Wight dabbling with the paranormal signed up to was astral projection. After a couple of good experiences what was in the small print was demons blocking his way back into his body. Just as he was about to die, he did the last thing a Jew ever does.... called on the Name of Jesus Christ.... who in the nick of time grabbed him and put him back in his body. He then became Christian but the struggles out of demonic strongholds were fierce.
Another long term witch signed up for power and respect among his witch and human friends. The actual small print included this final episode at Great Mandeville hospital. He experienced the horror of demons coming for him at his death. He called out. Nurses came to his room. The doors were firmly locked. After the man died the doors mysteriously unlocked and the nurses were able to enter normally, but they could see how the man died still etched on his face.

But ordinarily this is Not their realm. It's our planet. The earth is given to the sons of men. Submit to God says the Bible, then resist the devil and he will flee. He has to. It's not his place. Only if we are conned to invite him.

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