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Islamic Agenda Versus your Civil Agenda and the Divine Agenda by Uwemedimo Ekaette

Without knowing a thing about this guy, I post this internationally, because although it is a direct piece of writing addressing a geography in a current period, it is packed with general principles for the rest of the Body to glean from.
I am heartened by the fact that Doug M Alexander is a mutual friend, but just as the BBC wholeheartedly accepted Jimmy Saville for some 40 years for peak time viewing, I could be wrong. I don't think so, and wholeheartedly recommend this:

‎Uwemedimo Ekaette‎ to KingdomConversations
26 January ·

My my political ideologies and membership in any political party is a social responsibility and that necessarily isn't the gospel nor is it the kingdom of God but the kingdom of man. We have the rights as a citizens to belong to any political party that we belive in its ideologies. But very importantly, we must understand that Politics however is not supposed in anyway to alter or make us compromise our testimony as believers in God and followers of Jesus Christ. God has a position that is fixed and eternal. There is a divine intent that is eternal and cannot be aborted. Politics, governance, economics and religion orbit around the divine intent but is not the divine intent. The divine intent is God's end. What was in God's mind when He created the heavens and earth and all that was in it? What was in God's mind when he created man and placed him in the habitable part of the earth? Then what was God's intend to send Jesus Christ into the world to die for our sins? What was in God's mind when He sent the Holy Spirit to indwell those who believe in the redemption that is by Christ Jesus? There was something in God's mind. It is just one thing. Every other thing revolves around that one thing. All of God's energies are released to achieve that one thing. We must know it and be fully apprehended by it. That which God seeks to accomplish, He will accomplish. The zeal of the Lord will perform it. We must align to that one thing and not allow politics and governance distract us. That one thing has been revealed in the scriptures and it runs of Genesis through revelation. Oh my! It is obviously not the secret rapture, neither is it the beast and the dragon. It is not the mark of the beast either nor is it heaven and hell. What then is it? If you lay hold of this one thing and never be distracted, you have laid hold of life, eternal life, the God-kind of life. That one thing is so important that God suffered Jesus Christ to be crucified on the cross as a thief. However, by God's tremendous power, after that sin was judged in Christ who was made to be sin, He Jesus Christ was raised from the dead according to the gospels for our justification. Now Paul in Romans 8 told us that "...those whom He justified, He also glorified." The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ therefore is intended to bring many SONS into GLORY.

That's all that God seeks to achieve. To have a glorified specie of humans upon the earth and not the Adamic specie that is bound to decay and corruption. So in Genesis, God said, "let Us make man in our own image and likeness..."

You would have done yourself a great disservice if at the end of these whole matter, you are not found in His Image and likeness or put in other words, you are not glorified. Don't get distracted with or by politics and governance. Play safe. Don't soil your garment. Fulfil your social responsibility to the state. Vote and be voted for but in all, be sure that you do not stand against the eternal purpose at any given time. Understanding the time is a prerequisite to responding to the divine intent. With patience and humility, it gets brighter and brighter and that's how we progressively come into it through revelation knowledge.

Now back to the current situation in the country. It is good to understand the divine intent and align ourselves thus. If God ever allowed Buhari to rule Nigeria at this time, let it be known to you, it is not and can never be because he is righteous or better than the rest. If he is a scourge it is because, we deserve God's corrective chastening. Nebuchadnezer of Babylon, the Medes and Persia, the Romans, Assyria and all the nations God used in punishing Israel did not become righteous because God used them to achieve a purpose. In fact, if you read the books of the prophets, especially Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Isaiah, you would have noticed the end of those kings and their kingdoms by God's judgment. Let us have understanding before we are too quick to say that PMB is the "will" of God. Yes God allowed him to come into power but we must understand WHY it was so. I think PMB is scourge in the hand of the Lord and like the emperors of old whom God used to punish Israel, except the Lord shows mercy to him, his end is already determined. Islam is judged already. When our obedience is perfect or complete in the matters in which God demands from His Church, it is evident that we shall see the fall of Islam. Islam shall be buried in Nigeria and the collapse of Islam in Nigeria will have a contagious and ripple effect to the eventual collapse of Islam in the world.

Rev 13:10 "He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints."

Now in the book of Revelation 13, apart from being historic is also prophetic of the things that are and must shortly be. Therefore, let him that readeth, understand. The visioner saw two beasts. One came out from the sea and that is the political beast system of the Antichrist, otherwise known as "Political Babylon" then the second beast came out of the earth which the religious beast, otherwise known as "religious babylon." This is the mother of false religion. The first beast came out of the sea of humanity, of peoples, nations, tribes and tongues. The beast of human government who has recieved power from the Dragon, even that old serpent, Satan, the devil. That beast is in control of the governments of the world. But the time of her judgment has come. Every government that will not serve the interest of God, of course, they would not serve God's interest, therfore they will be judged in the "lake of fire." The lake of fire is company of people also known as the molten sea of glass, a people that no guile is found in them. They are transparent as it were. They are producing the fruits of the kingdom. They are trees of righteousness and the planting of God. This is the Revelation 22 company, these are the Sons of God. Together with God, they have become a "lake of fire" a river of fire of Judgment. God is a consuming fire and He has made His ministers to equally become flames of fire. God told the prophet Jeremiah, "is not my word FIRE and the people stubble?" Therefore, it has been given to the Sons of God to judge the beasts, the false prophets, the dragon, death and hades. All these, will be cast into this "lake of fire," And none shall escape. Well! That's a teaching for another time. Judgment is imminent as the kingdom of God is set to be tangibly established upon the earth within a people and by a people through the length and breadth under the heavens.

Of the second beast, we know by the Spirit of prophecy that this is religious babylon because from the figure of what was seen as "having two horns like a lamb but speaketh as the dragron." This is that which supposedly is to be like the Lamb of God, having spiritual authority as pictured in the horn of the Lamb. For the Lamb, even Yeshua, is the HORN of my salvation. So we are face to face with something that looks like Christ, like his church. Don't you ever forget that the church is the lamb's company. Revelation 14:1-5 shows the Lamb on Mount Zion and they that are with Him. Mount Zion is the church of the firstfruits, the principal barley and not the wheat. So, this beast has horns like the Lamb but speaks as the dragron. The dragon is the devil. The devil speaketh lies from the beginning. Lies is the devil's native language. He deceives, he beguiles. Lie is his weapon of deception. Falsehood is his craft. Any ministry or person who delibrately speaks, teach, promotes lies is speaking as the dragron. Such is an ally of the first beast and the dragron. Also, we can see that this beast out of the earth has power to perform miracles and even call down fire from heaven. A whole lot is locked up here but we will not dwell here. But a caution for miracle seekers. See to it that you are not swayed by miracles. He uses miracles to decieve the whole earth and that is already happening. We see false prophets with large followership because of miracles and lying wonders have decieved many. If it were possible, even the very elect would have been decieved. Thank God it is not possible. No matter how spectacular the miracles and the wonders they perform, the elect knows so well that this symbolically is THE BEAST HAVING TWO HORNS LIKE A LAMB BUT SPEAKING AS THE DRAGRON. Dont be decieved.

This beast is making people to worship the first beast (Political Babylon). The Roman Catholic Church fitted this allegory when the church came into marriage with the state and the emperors knew that their relevance will be drawn from the pontiff and his followers. Emperor Constantine was venerated as godly, godsent and the "faith" became the official religion of the state. You don't mix the two. Such mixtures is what babylon really is. It is confusion. Let's be careful not to fall into the same mistakes of saying a politician is godsent. I say this with caution. I read myriad of posts saying Trump of America is godsent, PMB of Nigeria is godsent. God has not sent anyone of them. God has only sent His son, even the corporate Son. What we are talking about is beyond the scope of politics. When the church refuses to take a stand for righteousness, God allows a wicked and the vilest of men to rule over them but when the "righteous" are in power, oh glory!
The righteous do not necessarily need a political seat because, by virtue of his connectedness to the THRONE IN HEAVEN, the Heavens bear rule over the earth. They shall decree a thing and it shall be established. This is where God wants the church to be.

The second beast forces you to recieve the mark of the first beast. The first beast is political Babylon. His mark is his nature and character. Many believers are already receiving the mark unknown to them. How do I know? Don't you see how political brethren have become? We even do politics in church. Oh this is sad. That is taking on the mark or identity of the beast.

The second beast, the religious beast that comes out of the earth of our soul, our will, our desires, our emotions and our mind is sensual and carnal. It says if you don't fight, you don't get. That's politics to say the least. Afterall, politics have been defined as, "who gets what, when and how." When it is our mind, our will, our desires that determines what we get, then know of a truth that we have recieved the mark of the beast.

The work of this religious beast is to force people to make an image of the beast. All you need to do is to make the image, the second beast or religion rightly put, has power to give life or essence to the image. Oh let every image of the beast fall! In Jesus name. Image speaks of resemblance. The image is in our mind. It's a figure a resemblance of things a statue of things that represents the beast and not Christ. It could be a religious form that is structured according to the mind of man and not according to God. It is religion and the religious spirits that pressurise and makes us make an image.

Nebuchadnezer made an image of himself and forced everyone in his kingdom and province to worship the image. Today we don't need to erect statute. The image which we erect is self. Our reputation like the political leaders do. Politicians have to maintain such reputation they have built for themselves and they want people to respect or "worship" it. Achievements, qualifications, just name it. These are things we want people to bow down to or bow down for. That is making an image in the resemblance of the beast.

Today we see the craze for religious titles. It's alarming. Some preachers will not answer you if you don't address them with all their titles an achievements. Where did we learnt this from? It is the image of the beast in us. Religion gives it life or expression. Be careful not to be found in such places where the system allows and teach the people to make images of resemblance of the beast that came out of the sea of humanity. Let us throw away all the things we are borrowing from the world which is Antichrist.

Lastly on the second beast, we see this beast ensures that people must recieve the mark of the first beast on their forehead and right hand. The forehead speaks of the mind. The right hand speaks of ministry. When the devil gets your mind to think like the beast, you will certainly without doubt begin to act like one. It will show in the work of your hands. It will show in your ministry, in your vocation.

We have seen brethren who want people to worship them because of their knowledge, achievements or gifts or position in church or the society. That is the mark of the beast on their forehead and evidently expressed in their calling and vocation.

The condition is, if you do not recieve the mark of the beast, you will not be allowed to buy and sell. A lot is also locked up here but we can't really go into that now. To give and and recieve ministry as it were may imply buying and selling. If you don't have this mark of having a high reputation among brethren, maybe rich, eloquent, having status in society, you will not be able to "buy and sell." Oh that God will help us not to be found in such gatherings where this is the order of things.

Let him that have understanding know that, the mark of the beast is the number of man. 666! It is the "trinity" of the Adamic man, the soul is man without an oita of the life of God. All that is God is gone and replaced with man's ideologies and philosophies and principles and activities. What a terrible and miserable state. The end is the "lake of fire." Because all those whose names were not found in the LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE, we're cast into the lake of fire and this is the second death. Selah!


To think that there's no Islamic agenda in place which this present administration has a hand in it is blindness. But the church too is not in a vantage position at the moment to avert the overrun of Islam except she repents. Don't ever think that Buhari is the solution to Nigerian's problem. No! That's error! That's blindness! But that God has allowed him to rule at this time is a correct perception of the divine intent, so that the church can sit up. Salvation is not in a political system. Every economic revolution in history has at its back, the spiritual undertone of the revival that took place at that time. Put in other words, the economic revolutions of nations are as the fruits of the revival that took place at that time. So the church holds the key and not political parties and political leaders. The church has powers to overthrow and enthroned governments. In the book of Daniel. It took the decrees of the watchers and holy ones to pull down Nebuchadnezer. But a church that is in rebellion and apostasy will make empty decrees which will never be established. Hence the need for repentance. When our obedience is complete then we shall be able to avenge all disobedience.

So, the church can pray for leaders to lead us peaceably and to establish laws that promotes the rights of its citizens and not that which favour a sect, (religious, political or ethnic) above the others. When that is done, it's a crack in the wall that may lead to an eventual collapse of that nation. So the church is to stand upon the watch tower day and night and pray and make decrees of what things should be. For He says, "whatever you decree upon the earth, shall be established in the heavens...and whatsoever two or three of you shall bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." The word bind in the Greek means "to agree" and loose means "to disallow." But the conditionalities is a people in right relationship with God and the divine intent as well as in right relationship of unity or agreement with each other. Scriptures cannot be controverted.

My dear, it's not about GEJ or PMB or any political aspirant, but about the Divine intent. God has a plan for Nigeria. There are a lot of prophecies to this effect and the church is the agency by which God will actualise this purpose upon our nation Nigeria, then Africa and the world at large. It was Pa Elton who observed in a vision which the Lord showed to him over 3 decades ago how Nigeria fits geographically as a "trigger" in the map of Africa, whose reflective image is like a gun when turned downwards. Look at it and you'll agree. But more than that, there are several prophecies pointing to Africa as the theatre or stage of the move of God at this close of the age and the spotlight is on Nigeria. It is therefore not surprising that all he'll is loosed against Nigeria to stop it. But it cannot work. The gates of hades cannot prevail over God's church, God's agenda. Hallelujah!

In every place, preach repentance. Repentance from dead works, idolatry and mammon, repentance from pride, iniquity and all the wickedness done in the church collectively as a people whom have caused the name of the Lord to be blasphemed among the nations. But God will yet stir Himself up and arise as a mighty man in battle. The name of the Lord shall be hallowed once again from the ends of the earth, even His name which was profaned by his people. The Lord said clearly to me by a very strong impression upon my Spirit that he will cause His great name to be feared in all the earth and that this will be as a result of the recovery of the Lord's testimony upon the earth. The Lord's testimony is not a doctrine or message. It is a people, it is the very life of the message that God seeks to recover upon the earth. Oh that we may be counted worthy to be a part of the Lord's recovery. Amen! Remain blessed!

Your own Brother,

Uwem Ekaette.

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