Wednesday 6 January 2021

An Inconvenient History - Youtuber Probably Alexandra


Here's the good thing. This is the quickest run down of all the history they never taught you in school. If you want more quick run downs read Juri Lina : Architects of Deception. Eric Jon Phelps Vatican Assassins. And if you want a quick run down on the last decades Read Shaun Attwood Book Four on CIA and global drugs especially South America. And Fritz Springmeier's books. This leads you into the history behind the two autobiographies of modern mindcontrol "Thanks For the Memories by Susan Ford and Trance Formation of America by Cathy O Brien . Now here's the thing. This scrapes the surface of the esoteric , but it's mainly exoteric in nature. It tries to catch the enigma of "Lo here is a spiritual dimension". Well Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven is not Lo here, nor is the kingdom of Darkness....except that when people gather in the Name of Jesus and begin to LIVE Galatians are going to find some pretty "Lo Here " stuff going on, not least in the persecution either!!! The same with Satanic gatherings invoking the devil....that gets pretty lo here except it isn't pretty. If living from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil was the way we ran the Kingdom of God we could handle doctrines about Jesus coming again , make a list of points, a bit like rabbis expecting Jesus....and then miss it all completely like they did... Jesus DID get born in Ramah or Bethlehem, Jesus did have to get whisked to Egypt, and Jesus did get brought up in the hills around Galilee. And He was too young to have a checklist to mark them off. Jesus coming in us is NEITHER the devil's version of that doctrine, where he doesnt specify the christ or the anointing and where it's coming from, nor is the doctrine the American Schofield doctrine where everybody sits on a deckchair waiting for Jesus to come back and do it all. As usual , God messes the whole thing up by a "right dividing of the Word." And guess how we get hold of it? We take up our Cross and follow Him. We take the truth that Jesus slew us inside Himself at the Cross, read Romans 6, and we receive that fact by faith and we carry that victory through every inch of our life. And so when we speak people know that we have been with Jesus. Proverbs says a proverb in the mouth of a fool is like a man with no legs. In other words spiritually it don't walk. All of us begin like this. Indeed the only thing in the West that we are used to is mental facts. So we have to learn that just because they all come out as English words, they aren't actually the same. As we believe the Word and confess it we get the inner confirmation of being born again. But every revelation like this comes through the Spirit. The gospel is Power. We can ask God to baptise us in the Holy Spirit. Every revelation of God is power. It's the power of life. It's a power we can impart. And that's why real churches are powerful places. Nobody runs churches like the Bible tells us to, or else there would be loads of elders and ministries in one church , and Jesus would be manifestly the Head. This is what 1 Corinthians 12 is saying. This is what Ephesians 4 is saying. Jesus is coming in His Body . He is the wedding Feast in our soul. And like Peter ,James and John and the Transfiguration....when enough of us can handle calling Jesus back, like it says in Revelation 22....the Spirit and the Bride will say Come and Come quickly. But if we haven't got used to Him coming to us daily , and properly in meetings the rest is just a pipe dream. Jesus moved from 8 words in a synagogue, through many miracles through waiting 4 days before even turning up to his friend's death , to resurrecting Lazarus, then He had the faith to speak the Word over His own clay pot body. We go from faith to faith. Not from pipedream to pipe dream.

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