Saturday 9 January 2021

Some of the Adventures since 1972


Chris Welch tuning for a Theatrical Recording at Chichester Festival Theatre

I'm not saying this in the flesh to try to impress you . Just to encourage you that this stuff works.
1972 Jesus Move and revival in my school. Head boy even converted.
1973 Graham Pulkingham and the Fisherfolk hold one of the only school evangelism weeks they ever did in our little Grammar school
1973 1973-5 Housechurch Move London culminating in Albert Hall
1974 was around for when Basilea Schlink turned Chairman Mao back from swooping with his army on Europe . Next thing Kissinger is having tea with Mao and Nixon They put things off until now
1976 -8 the Major Bible weeks with angelic goings on reported in the Press
1977 Plonked in West Germany in just about the only town having a revival in a theological Catholic seminary of all places. Skipping down Paderborn High Street with a newly converted nun Julie Andrews style
!977-8 saw some goings on in our halls of residence in Exeter University
1978 Plonked in Northern France with a family commissioned by Oral Roberts to form a Ville de refuge /city of refuge there
Nov 1978 Plonked in Emsworth church community the very week that Jim Jones massacre occurred. My Mum went berserk with worry. Emsworth was in fact where some amazing apostles were based or were passing through. Just about the only people on the planet in those days with a Biblical Vision of Church as Jesus describes it Himself in Revelation 12. Including the guy that triggered the national Argentina revival in Peron's years.
1985 Helped be a part of establishing a French Church in Paris.
1978-87 Crashed through a version of Romans 7, and was brought through into the start of the thirdlevel , before anybody seemed to know what it was.
1988 Crashed into a group that new what the thirdlevel was, and taught it. They had learned off Norman Grubb who'd spent 60 years seeking God how to articulate it.
1988-84 various intercessions including that God would raise up Christian media in Britain after the House of Lords shut down UCB's main AM station given by Moscow to them when USSR fell. 1984 God brought Wendy and Rory Alec of God Channel to my little house. 6 months before they even knew they were doing God Channel.
2002-12 Began the tricky task of teaching thirdlevel stuff to secondlevel churches and started learning some of their evasive tactics.
2008 Began the first thirdlevel blog to incorporate both the Galatian 2.20 teachings and the teachings about Shekinah anointing....because they BOTH are sombined in the Holiest place Church as we see in Acts 2 but everybody in the world has forgotten
2009 came on Facebook and part of a Move on here that's been a bit like Adullam's Cave ready for this nutty Lockdown period when whole churches have all gone on the internet after laughing at us for years. In 1973-5 all the housechurches saw us transition from firstlevel churches to secondlevel churches, via travelling all the way to Billy Richards Slough, or Emsworth, or South Chard, to meeting in front rooms to fullfledged churches in hired halls then buying places.
 The thirdlevel church is about to roll out in the same way right across the church. All the Bible churches had guys who understood the 1 John 1 and 1 John 2 protocols. Nobody today has a clue anywhere and still builds pyramid ministries around their own names and titels because they dont yet know how real Jesus is. Luckily we are about to learn. The sharper ones will notice I missed Toronto , Pensacola, and Brownsville. But I did watch Lakeland Florida, and our church members went. so basically if God says something , you can take it to the Bank.

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