Friday 12 September 2008

Sometimes I think I'll leave it to others!!!!

What they write is so brilliant. So RJW
had a comment from Ursula Kuba in Australia, (who writes about Wes Sumner who I cannot find.....................)
Awakening the Burning Ones
I found this poem on a website quite a long time ago, by a guy called Wes Summer. Not sure who he is...and I can't remember which website I found it on...but I think its awesome... I read it again and it just stirred me up. Here it is:
For centuries, an army has been longed for...
For centuries, a force so humbly powerful has only been dreamt of...
For centuries, this army has laid dormant...thirsty and hungry...
For centuries, passionate individuals have cried out for God's Fire to fall...
For centuries, God has heard their cries and has smiled, thinking of what is to come...
For centuries, the earth has patiently awaited the arrival of the Burning Ones...
A siren sounds in Heaven
The appointed time has come
A single spark is seen shooting from the throne room
It lands in the midst of sleeping babes
An explosion of Holy Fire awakens the children
Instantly transformed, they are children no longer...
They are refined into the army long awaited
An army purified through prayers of ancient believers
Sustained only by the Fire of God...
They are God's chosen.The Burning Ones.

This poem impacted me on various levels, its right on for the season we are currently in. It reminds me of a vision I had in April when I went to heaven and saw dancers in the streets, and they were singing, "All of heaven dances, all of heaven dances, because we have heard that what we prayed for for centuries is coming to pass, all of heaven dances, because we have heard revival comes to the earth". These saints who contended for this years and years before...are seeing the fruition of their prayers, and they have front row seats in heaven...!I asked Jesus once, "Won't You show me Your heart? More of You?" and told me the following: "To know My heart you need to have your head on my Chest Ursula. My heart is for My bride...of which you are a part. My heart overflows with love for the lost and the hurting. My heart is to see My bride whole." I'll never forget the intense look in His eyes, as if He was looking somewhere and seeing something I could not see, and He said to me, "My heart is to see My bride restored and laughing and dancing in the streets of Heaven. To have her with me in Heaven. My heart is for the church to awaken and rise up! To GO out into the world a whole, healed church, and show My love to the world, to catch My passion for My bride."Saints of old have prayed for the time we live in. And God is shaking the sleeping church awake. She has slept for too long, covered in chains and dust and cobwebs and He is shaking her awake and shaking off the chains that hold her! He is cleaning off the dust and the cobwebs. He is doing a massive work within her and putting her through the fire of purification and cleansing. To the degree to which she walks in the fire is the degree to which she will walk in purity. He is equipping her. She will be ready when the time for the final harvest comes. It is beginning already. First revival will come within the church and ministries...and then it will flow out onto the streets. This is the best and most exciting time to live. What a privilege we have!!!
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ursula continues:
Visions of a world wide revival
I'm convinced...totally convinced that today is the best day to be alive. That these times are the most exciting. That the revival that has been prophesyed for generations is about to come to pass. Can you feel the mist of the wave about to crash on us? Can you feel the excitement? All of heaven is watching. The bride is getting readied for her crowning hour....the marriage to her King!Why does it seem that now is the time that the most attack is hitting the body of Christ? That things seem hardest and driest in the countries we just KNOW are going to experience revival first. Why does it seem that opposition is at its highest? Because these are the days of the forerunners. This is the time for the prophetic forerunners to run...unceasingly, without fear, totally abandoned with love and courage...knowing the time is now! The call has gone out, the trumpet has is the time to run over the hills, across the desert, over the oceans, through the rainforest's and herald in the coming revival. The season for decree has come. It is time for the intercessors to meet with their King in the secret place and do war as never before. To pick up their sword. This is the moment. This is the time. This is the season when their prayers will avail much more than they ever dreamed. Its the pivotal time. Now is the time for the prophets and evangelists to pick up their batons, and in the spirit. Now is the time to hold the banner of revival, run on strong legs, run swiftly, unceasingly, with much love, rooted in Him. Run with your eyes on Jesus...only on Jesus. As you run, sound the trumpet for the hungry to come and gather around the banner of Jesus.Now is the time, for nations to turn their eyes to their King, to seek out His face, for it is His eyes that hold everything needed to run well. It is in seeking His face, that mantles will be placed on people. That giftings will be revealed. That character will be chiseled. That strength and wisdom will be placed on His people. It is in this season when the true sons and daughters will be revealed. We live in the most critical time in the history of this world...the forerunners are released, the hungry cry out, and their King answers. The wave is about to crash right over us, prepare the Bride, her King comes!


Jamie said...

I am soooo glad you posted this! Isn't it wonderful? My spirit leapt within me, literally, at both the poem and Ursula's response. :)

Ursula said...

So glad it blessed both of you! also glad you posted Wes' response! I'm sure he won't mind....I tracked him down...

And yeah...feel free to use it...and thanks for letting me know!

Drop by my blog any time!

Blessings on you both