Thursday 4 September 2008

Can You handle a Body of Christ with Rob Rufus and Buddy Cobb in?

Today's post, which is the last for a few days, was inspired by feedback to this site.Can you handle being in the same Body of Christ as Rob Rufus and Buddy Cobb of the International Ministry Association? From a left-brain dilemma point of view that is "saved forever" versus "work out your salvation with fear and trembling". (Interestingly enough this site has both NewFrontiers preaching and Buddy Cobb .) Can you handle your insides being stripped right down to the bare essentials of "Do you actually know the Father's love for you?" ...which is Mark Stibbe and the launch of his associated ministry not only of impartation into the Body of Christ but also towards orphans and orphanages. Can you handle Brad Jersak, possibly even more on the Mother Theresa , Rolland and Heidi Baker side of the Anointing? Can you handle the Christians in Liss, Hampshire. They are actually all your brethren, even while throwing mud at each other for each standing on the Wesley or Whitfield sides of the line...that is Armenianism versus Calvinism. Every single one of the above are standing on very real scriptures.

Many of you are in your late 20s,30s,40s and 50s and are grappling with these things. Can you imagine what it was like as a 16 year old boy to become a nun for 2 weeks over at the Sisterhood of Mary (actually Lutheran) with Mother Basilea Schlink whilst having Maurice Smith's "Amazing Grace" sticking out of my back pocket ?

Yet it's all in the Bible. How can we handle all this? Do you know what? WE DON'T! That Bible teaching that you have crammed into your the parable of the Cave says in another context, was never meant to be carried in the fresh Ox-cart of your left-brain like that.
It does not mean you can't humbly reason things out, learn better to articulate God's Life....but the left-brain is quite a small appendage with severe limitations...for example it cannot even learn to drive a do that with your spatial how in God's Name are you ever going to hold the deep wells of over 1000 pages of scripture in the little shrivelled up balloon of your left-brain? The only designated and God-designed slot for His Truth is your spirit, whereby bits of bubbled up articulations emerge now and then , via your left-brain to begin to share with others what are the depths and heights of the glories Jesus plunged us into when He died.

Here's a clue though. Jesus' Divine Life that God has blessed us with has these two aspects simultaneously: though secured for eternity, because what can ever permanently touch the Life of Christ? has been to hell and back after all....never once sat on its laurels but was heard for its loud crying...calling out to God to fulfil His Will in the Earth. The Divine Life "works out its salvation in the fear of God"with fear and trembling" while also writing confidently through Paul "We are not of those who shrink back?" How does Paul know that? How can Paul be so confident with the spiritual state of so many folk? Does he think "ah I know Aristarchus, he's a really good fella...he'll make it? Saphira Lemera, she always helps old people...she'll succeed! "

No, no. He knows that the same Jesus Christ who lives in him, and who doesn't shrink back , that's Jesus' trade description, is the same Jesus Christ growing in the saints he is writing to.
That's the trick! That's how you can listen to Rob Rufus, and Buddy Cobb in one sitting and not explode. Or Mother Basilea and Maurice Smith.

I just thought this post would be good for your personal health and your family, who would have to clear up the mess of your exploded body.


Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

You are right on target. Wonderful thoughts; profound Truth.