Tuesday 30 September 2008

Comment on Monday's post (Jamie)

This is Monday's post on Jamie's site.
This post is absolutely stunning.
If Jesus was building a religion, He'd have given us a normal instruction book for us to follow.

It shows that contrary to our previous ideas, what He is building in to us is Life.
All the disparate histories in the 66 Books of the Bible - NEVER tell us anything other than how God builds Life...uniquely...never repeated twice.... into all these historical(and present in heaven) brothers and sisters.

We enter The Way...which for each of us is different...but is Jesus'unique instruction to each of us.
In this suck it and see approach...we learn (hopefully not too eventually)
His anointing, His Love, the reality of His Presence,
and who we are NOT, but formerly thought we were.....
Lost individuals , making our way on our own way through life
Isolated, making a go of things and hoping for the best -

Nope....now Sons....learning how to operate in grace and glory
Loving others because we have ourselves been filled with His love
once lost , now having a Father
once trying to get to God, failing hopelessly..

As well as Jesus being the Way the Truth and the Life
He is Himself also The Way to The Truth to the Life

So as a traditional religious Book the Bible is a total frustration
Because it contains Life. it's built to be a Life container for the readers and hearers
not a how to manual for a lost generation to follow... a Life Book not a Law book


Sheila Atchley said...

What a great post! The Bible is, at heart, a narrative. It is a book of stories that are true-er than being merely factual - and they are factual. Each book, each story, contains such TRUTH.

Thanks for sharing this, Chris. I'm such a brain-burper, and cannot get enough of this sort of thing. :-)

Thanks, too, for bringing such BALANCE to my EXTREMES.


Jamie said...

Why do I have the strange feeling Sheila read the wrong post? ;)

Thanks Chris; I kinda liked that list, too.