Monday 22 September 2008

Hadron III - A Summary of February to September 2008

The Hadron Collider is currently sick. There has been some burn-out . Some fracturing of tubes means helium gas is leaking which means the likelihood of worse problems if that explodes. So they are working on it.
I had 2 or 3 prophetic sensations while Florida was ongoing. One concerned the ship's propulsion

unit that spoke to me of the Kingdom way of doing ministry...see 07000Intune 3rd postRings of burners and Ignitor burners.
But the 2nd main one referred to the 1978 directional prophecy which concerned what was going to be happening in the Body of Christ. Then I felt God apply this picture to the Florida Outpouring itself. This one is here, the 2nd post at 23:23 This one I find particularly interesting in the light of what happened by August. The fact that when we had sat together in that plane in 1978, for what seemed an age, while the pilot checked over every dial and function....then after all this, once he had revved up the engines to top speed....WE STILL SAT THERE!!! "Hold on Jesus! I thought the acceleration had begun! We're still sitting here!" Then after further fastidious checking, with the engines still revving at full further detail was added. One tiny, quickly accomplished detail. He let the brake off! And the little plane catapulted into the air. I so remember the weight of God's Presence on me at that time. And His exact words..."So shall it be with the Body of Christ ." Then to feel something about this staging process in this actual acceleration we are experiencing this year.
As the Hadron Collider shows.....everything has to be ready....because when we move at speed THERE ARE NO SMALL PROBLEMS!
That is why there is a third level. Even Moses' equivalent of a third level, his calling and ministry to shepherd hundreds of thousands, some say 1 or 2 million, out of Egypt towards the Promised land....hit a big problem. Once you are representing the Lord of the Universe, it is nolonger quite as simple as "the grace message", and just repenting and picking yourself up again. Moses was angry.Before the people. And the effect on Moses' life was permanent. It did not affect the plan of God for Israel. But Moses was never allowed to enter the land.

Things we learn from the Florida Outpouring: (and hopefully from Dudley as it is being televised on God TV)
1. It is a totally new order of operation.
2. Like the Feast of Trumpets in the Feast of was a worldwide warning system!
Get ready Church.
3. As I wrote to Sheila referring to Psalm 92:12 The appearance of the Kingdom,(which has a dammed up reservoir of 2000 years of praying "Thy Kingdom Come" behind it) will manifest like a palm tree. A palm tree flourishes at the very top, with nothing but barren looking palm trunk below it, stretching up for what seems like ever...skywards. A green explosion of life where there appeared to be nothing.
4. Like all revivals , Florida was a shock! Like the Melchizedek order, Florida appeared to come from nowhere.
5. Florida is a picture of how the Kingdom works. Birthed in secret in prayer, each component part is pre-honed like the stones in the Temple. Unlike the Temple, the Melchizedek order seems to operate with everybody totally unaware what the other is preparing. Then in a flourish, all these unknown elements are put together in one place, seamlessly, fitting together perfectly. Totally miraculous. (Actually - on a local scale - when you consider what each church member has to pass through each and every week...isn't that also true of every Sunday meeting that is conducted in the Spirit? How God uses the experiences of each member to construct a theme each week. "Every one hath a...."1 Cor14:26KJV
6. Worship was taken to a new level. Prophetic songs became almost the norm, the default. People were unhurried. God was given time. If worship was the only agenda in a meeting,that was fine. The irony is, that many,many were healed, born again, baptised in the Spirit,learned about waiting on God asPsalm 123:2 - all during these times.
7. The Presence of God descended tangibly at times.
8.A sense of the Unlimited Might and Power of our God. Expectancy back in the Church. Boldness to step out for new levels of the raising people from the dead.
9.Todd Bentley,though with faults, is a godly example of how fast we can move if we are willing.Some would cite his reaching a million souls in his first 10 years. I would cite the fact that he is starting to run 3rd Level meetings after only 14 years of knowing Jesus. I'm not sure which is the most impossible...considering our low-level sense of vision in the Body of Christ in recent years.
10.The Baptism of the Holy Spirit was placed in context. Power to get people saved! And not just in meetings. Spilling out into the streets and restaurants. Evangelism teaching. Exactly the same pattern that people put together in 1972, when a whole roomful of us youngsters, first had teaching and training in evangelism, then were prayed for to be filled with the Spirit. The same pattern as both Morris Cerullo and Rheinhardt Bonnke use, in sessions with hundreds or thousands.
11.Some 24 years ago Psalm 45:16 Instead of Your fathers shall be Your sons, whom You will make princes in all the land....and may be another verse...something like "you shall be known by the name of your offspring" (anyone help me?) - these leapt out at me...and surely that was the pattern in Florida. The major thrust was coming from men and women in their early 30s. When Dan began his blog, he was 30 or so. Todd was this age. Ryan was this age. Roy Field was this age. When George Warnock wrote "the Feast of Tabernacles " in the 1950's(see links)he was 31 or so. ( He is now 90 or so. In a way, virtually unused for 60 years.America, you foolish, foolish ,foolish nation! How you have loved your hype and missed the 3rd Level under your very nose!!!May you repent deeply at this time, and grow up in your Head,King Jesus))When I recorded the message "Third Level Christianity"in 1989, I was 31. (Since February 2008 I have been allowed to share it for the first time.)Ed Miller was in his 30s when he sought God in Argentina...and found these truths.
12. A kind of forerunner version of the vision of the propulsion unit mentioned above...that is a ring of main burners....maybe 12 or 20, all operating together....was the pattern we began to see emerge in Florida. All major Kingdom advances have come from Mighty igniter ministries, but in recent times we have seen rings of Covenantally joined ministries operating together. It was this pattern in Acts 2 that launched the Church. It was a group of such, moving with Graham Pulkingham, called the Fisherfolk, who birthed the vision of Living together as the Body of Christ. It was the London meetings, and the early 70s Bible weeks run by covenantally joined men that means that England has largely pioneered the independant churches of the last 30 years. The proliferation of apostolic hubs. It was John Wimber in the 80s, openly raising up this pattern of ministry. It was this pattern of ministry that evolved into Toronto and Pensacola, and Florida. My reserve as I mentioned before, is that the apostolic ministries coming in to Florida are used to establishing churches...even warehouse size the first 2 levels....but they are still very young in anything to do with the 3rd Level. And as I have been saying, there are many aspects to the 3rd Level. Running Church in the awesome manifest Presence of God, for one thing.Teaching people how you live in the 3rd the Christ Life works daily. The tricks of the trade. What this "Father"stage of 1 John really means.
So now there has been a kind of lull..................
I want to answer this , and also do a kind of summary of everything I have been saying since February( Feb-August on Life on Wings comments sections 07000INTUNE or Chris), thereafter here on this blog.
See....God is not phased by things going wrong. He is , as usual, just planning something better!He is giving us extra time to check all the dials!! (the aeroplane example).
Here is a list of things going wrong : The Devil's rebellion with the angels in heaven. Adam in the Garden. Moses coming down from the mountain and smashing the first 2 tablets of the Law.
The Law - fullstop!!! The Church falling and falling in stature, until it became acceptable to sell indulgences to foreshorten time spent in a mythical Purgatory, by Luther's time. These were all the downside!
Here is the foundation of the Upside.
A challenge resounds in heaven. God always wanted a people with whom to create an Eternal,loving,sharing Covenantal Community based on Agape love. Him pouring out for us. Us ,responding, pouring out ourselves for Him and for others. His first attempt went wrong. He gave the angels a free will, and a large number chose rebellion. Because of the nature of heaven, this was a permanent rebellion. A fixed position. Forever and ever. Necessitating a place of separation called hell.
So this is the challenge. Both a challenge for God personally. As well as a direct challenge to His Name and Glory and Wonderful Person, from the fist of the Devil himself. How can He safely give a second group of free-will beings the chance to safely and freely choose to be in His heart forever.....without them making a permanent choice in the manner of the angels, which might instantly lead to an eternity of hell?
He created a safe Universe. A material creation which could be 2nd Death-Proof!!! Should we follow Him and heed His safety plan. And more than SO SUCCEED, that not only the 2nd Adam race swallow up the first failures of Adam and Eve....but to so rub the Devil's nose in it....that whereas he rebelled in the glory of heaven.....we learn to live this victorious life by concious choice and determination of our wills even here on this sin-infested globe called Earth.
This is the Glory of the Third Level. This is God's big thumb on His nose at the Devil. You see for centuries we looked at Jesus and we should...His sinlessness...His offering of Himself for us...and we took Communion in Churches, and just accepted that when we die we could go to heaven. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE POINT.
You see if Jesus wanted to, He could have come down and given us a glory show to marvel no other. He is God. Second Person of the Trinity. But the point is, He left it ALL aside.
Phillipians 2:5 There was not a shred of anointing until He was 30. So if He overcame until this point...IT WAS NOT through a baptism in the Spirit. It was as a Man. Hooked up in His spirit to the same way as it was in the beginning for Adam and Eve.
The thing is...this man Jesus, while still in heaven as God, had determined fixedly one thing. As it says "It says of Me in the book:I have Come to do Thy Will O God." And this DNA, which was worked out in the Earth for 33 years....was then poured out for us.
So in the 80s, when I'd been born again and baptised in the Spirit for way over a decade....but seemed hopelessly bound to ever repeatedly fall into the sin patterns I HEARTILY LOVED, but knew I should not....and in my desperation cried out to God in many stages......this is what I received...but could not for a long time articulate....
This Jesus who WILLED TO DO THE WILL OF HIS FATHER IN HEAVEN, allowed His very life pattern to be smashed into the grave, with my opposite will attached, taking it down with Him, then rising again,with me also bound with form in me a new will...a will that comes from His very Person. In this He became Christ in Chris form, to fulfil in me, and while I am still alive....all the things I could never do or be!!!! How absolutely,absolutely amazing is that? That if you haven't guessed the 3rd Level. Is the type of Church emerging right now. We are an absolute abomination to the devil. Because we disprove every theory that the devil has flung at the justice of God.
We are literally the feet of the Body of Christ, as described by Eldred Linden (IMA)Fishers Pond Conference 1979, who are the last to be born. The Head pops out first. Jesus. But we are those feet as described in Ephesians 6:15having shod YOUR FEET WITH THE PREPARATION OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE; There is a preparation. But we are the people who will walk this thing out. Not just in meetings. But the same sense of flow and intimacy with Christ that we have in meetings, will now work for us all the days of our life.
So against this backdrop of the challenge of the Devil, we have this prayer. Our Father, our Daddy Abba God...right there we've got a relationship the devil never had......Who Art in heaven....Lord make Your Name holy.This name that since before time began has been sullied, trampled through the dust by the devil. Lord ,now, now at the end of this age....make your Name holy. See it's not just about little us. It's about His Name. His Glory! Who He is!
Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be done. You come and be my King. When it came to the crunch Adam did not want your Kingship. But Lord let me, let this generation rise, with this Willing Christ, who now lives within us...changing us, empowering us so we can now really pray this prayer...maybe for the first time truly corporately...ever!!!! Psalm 110.
And this is the gist of Peter Stott's door opening Word this May Conference about Psalm 24 " Lift Up Your heads o ye gates and let the King of Glory Now Come In." Those ancient doors clanked shut in Genesis 3:5 when Adam and Eve made their decision.....and now it is to be this 3rd Level Church who open the doors...the Ancient doors.
The prophecies like Maurice Smith's (my comment)
The prophetic words of Ern Baxter
even the whole vision to do with discipleship as delivered by Juan Carlos Ortiz
these all become realizable. See , you can't do discipleship with 2nd level leadership. You will destroy people. You've got to have 3rd level people ...Fathers of 1 John father.
Finally,over the past months,I have called into the witness box:
-The International Ministry Association on the prophetic fulfilment of the Feasts
-Zerubbabel who propagate Norman Grubb's findings
-Ed Miller who describes his own personal history and takes churches in deep with God
-Exchanged Life Ministries
-Maurice Smith book " 20th Century Pilgrim"
-Juan Carlos Ortiz "In the future everyone will be born again in the experience
of the Holy of Holies(Third Level)
-The pattern of Jesus life
-The disciple's growth stages
-The threefold Revelation of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob,
-Paul's findings in Roman's, his corporate vision in Ephesians
-The Growth levels of 1John 2
-My own testimony of conversion,Spirit baptism,utter despair, then revelation of the solution,
-The three stages of Moses Life
-The development of Joseph's life in Egypt
-Ern Baxter's corporate message Going Into the Land, featuring Egypt,Wilderness,The Land.
-Mother Basilea Schlink 2 messages heard live in 1974 "Going the Way of the Lamb is a Way of Great Power" and "Seek the face of the God of Jacob as at Peniel"
-Many,many threefold patterns in scripture describing different aspects of growth:
-stalk,ear of corn,full ear of corn
-the Three Feasts of the Lord
-the Three areas of the Tabernacle
-verses such as "Ask,Seek ,Knock"
-When I recorded my double CD( in readiness for the 3rd level message) called "Early Harvest" I saw "They overcame him with 1.the Blood 2.Their testimony 3.Laying their lives down even unto death.
-This year in prophecy I was twice given the Revelation verse as 3 stages "Behold,I stand at the door and Knock,...1.he who opens the door 2.I will come in to him and eat with him3.And he with Me. And this year God has been labouring that now we are to do the third thing,come round His house and eat with Him at His place. This is very much the message of Mark Stibbe and Peter Stott currently.
I would like to now leave this foundation stage. I hope that you are starting to see we are in something more amazing than we ever realised. I hope there are enough witnesses to give you more confidence that I am not just a lone shooter here. I will do my utmost to prepare a list of books and messages that have brought me to these conclusions. And I want also to properly catalogue the subjects covered in the vaults of Dan's blog since February.
Every blessing. Let's move on.


Jamie said...

:)...Be careful, you might cause our heads to explode! :)

The fullness of God made manifest in man - Christ appearing in His Body...can you feel the stirring? "Awake, awake, oh, sleeper."

lydia said...

I think this was well spelled out Chris and every time you post I am following with you more clearly.....Thanks!! Exciting times we are in!!

"...See , you can't do discipleship with 2nd level leadership. You will destroy people. You've got to have 3rd level people ...Fathers of 1 John father."

this is so many leaders are really not qualified and truly are destroying people......this has been a hot topic in my home of late.....that is why we are finding it very hard to find a church to commit to....

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Lydia, Lydia, Lydia
I now believe that church life is dangerous....yup, dangerous...

1. Jesus Himself has wedded you to the church of His choosing.
2. Unbeknown to most believers, as soon as you involve yourself with a church , whether you are aware or not, like a marriage, you are entering into a covenantal history with a bunch of people...maybe briefly, maybe for years and years, it's up to Jesus. You have to respond truthfully with those people. If God has not joined you to those people, you are pouring your seed on the ground to be trampled.
3. From the word go, Christ is going to come out of you to love,cherish,bless what is going on, or conversely discipline,chasten and judge(in the Spirit) what is going on.You will either be receiving Light from others or giving out Light yourself.
4.In other words church is never neutral. A real history begins the moment you enter it.Even though many believers live in a dreamy haze as if church is are either bringing the Kingdom a bit more into a locality, or that Church is bringing you a bit more into Darkness and sleep.
5. 3rd Levellers are at the moment as rare as hen's teeth.But what really matters are that people are seeking the reality of God...if they are..without knowing it, they are actually moving deeper into the Melchizedek order(nearly nobody has a clue that Jesus is running the Church in this order,they think that is pie in the sky,but the truth is Jesus is running His Church while men run theirs, sometimes in the very same church)...and sooner or later they'll be wading deep into the 3rd Level...whatever they call it at the time.