Monday 20 April 2009

A cuckoo leaves its eggs...

in other bird's nests and lets them grow.

Which is my way of saying that this is a kind of non-post, and that instead of cutting and pasting as per usual I actually want you to visit the pages that I have been laying eggs in.

Firstly, I wanted to try and encourage Ursula along the line of my recent posts, trying to explain what a hard job "visual" people have in our left-brain culture.
This is a link to her superb walk-in experience in heaven and my comment. It is a key to understanding Ursula, the revelation of grace, and to how tomorrow's church is a bit different to today's.

This is a link to a comment I dared to place on "the Dave and Dale Garratt site"
but I want you to read the entire post because it is so in line with some of the stuff I've been writing and the reference to Madame Guyon lately. This also needs to be read in the context of Ursula's latest blog on her reply to Jesus asking her how much she wanted....

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