Saturday 25 April 2009

From The Mystery of Sin to the Mystery of Syn II - Diversity

(Click Diversity Pic to View Britain's Got talent exerpt)Because of the way things work we must expect lots of new things which mirror what is going on in the spirit. Some say"First in the Natural, so in the Spirit realm." Others like Morris Cerullo say "All truth is parallel". By that he means that the advancements in the natural realm are mirrored if not more gloriously in the Spirit. It really is no accident that this very year they hope to get the repaired Hadron Collider in Geneva to break down atoms into some of their constituent parts...if only for fractional amounts of time, to help explain the fabric of our universe, and thus how things work on the absolutely huge frame of the known Universe.

And if this be so, it really is no accident that the findings of Norman Grubb and Page Prewitt as to how we work as humans- tripartite beings- body soul spirit- and the consequences of the Fall in genesis really is no accident that these things are now coming out of the closet, to be discovered by Christians in all the world...affecting how we do life, how we do relationships, how we do church, how we move deep in the Power of the Spirit...and how we kick the devil off the face of God's Earth.

So right in the middle of this series of posts, I am watching TV with Ben. "Britain's Got Talent" which he loves and I secretly like quite a lot...but Christine hates. On come this odd street dance troupe. 3 groups of brothers and various friends. They are called Diversity. All ages. All types of, college ,work. One in I.T. The main choreography by someone studying Physics at Uni. Apart from their love of dance, they all have nothing in common. Some are tiny. Some really tall.

And I'm thinking Body of Christ. In all the Earth. Absolutely nothing in common apart from a mad love for our Saviour. All being galvanised into an amazing creative troupe to baffle , dazzle,surprise,shock and stun the world.

Three years ago I got this at one of our Conferences in Havant. And it fits in with the synergy message of this series as well as the acceleration theme of the Air Flight Picture of 1978 as well as the 2 winds prophecy which Peter read again in the Lift Up Your Heads O ye Gates message.

The Harlem Globetrotters 19th March 2006-03-19
From now on the Kingdom will be built more in the style of the Harlem Globetrotters.

This simple concept has the most extreme ramifications. Here’s how it works.

The Harlem Globetrotters would break into amazing routines (basketball) several times during a normal match. They would baffle the other team ,baffle the audience and to an extent even themselves , passing the ball at stunning speed, trickshots …even giving the ball to the other side which was so shocking and disturbing that the other team would lose the plot, lose the ball again while the Globetrotters snatch another basket.

God trusts His Son in us by the Holy Spirit, but outside of that He trusts us not one iota. He knows the devil too. He is not building the Church by an overall schedule.
He is building the Church simultaneously, in all continents at once, by that which each one in the Holy Spirit supplies. You may only know one tiny bit, but put your Holy Spirit led quirky, oddball act of obedience alongside millions of others, and you can see the speed and awesome baffling character of the Church.
The Devil has no idea what to do about it. Secular man hardly realises it is happening.
Leadership can facilitate this…but that’s about all. I don’t know what God’s going to do next, neither do you …whether leader, helper, teacher, carer, young or old spiritually, young or old naturally. The spotlight (or the ball) will suddenly be on you.
You will do something amazing. You of yourself can’t do it. But you hear it in your Spirit, act, and then stop and the ball is somewhere else, it’s someone else’s turn.
This morning we heard about the grace or redemptive gifts of Romans 12. And yes we
may predominate to one or other type….but as a slight corrective to that, I felt God say, even that may not mean so much any more. Any one of us may be called momentarily to practically anything. So the most baffled may be ourselves.
For example Moses had many sheep skills, but not too many piling up water in a heap skills….but what he had was meekness…ie God says I think I’ll have this and we’re just dumb enough to say “ OK “ and speak out “ We’re going to have this!!!” and suddenly we find we have water piling skills.
Related to this is the Acceleration Vision of 1978

Acceleration Vision August 1978
The background to this is probably too long…but concerns a testimony of a first ministry trip in France. It didn’t begin that way but the moment I arrived it turned into one. On the first morning my host’s wife was healed of epilepsy and it sort of went on from there.
Because of all we’d been involved with I was too late to go by train to the Dales Bible week, so we had to believe for a flight from Normandy. At the last moment someone cancelled and managed to get a flight. The vision/ experience/ inundation was in this context.

We were on the runway in this small 20 seater plane. And it was like this. The plane was sat there. Nothing appeared to be going on . Then the pilot checked all the dials, all the systems. It was an age. Then the engine props roared. Still nothing. We just sat there. Then……………the pilot releases the brakes……..and well you know the rest
we flew. Many know all about this. Except the Holy Spirit then spoke. With full force. The Church is about to go into a new level. Well since then I’ve learned about the third Level but more of that another time.

The Church would spend a long time appearing to do nothing. But every system would be checked. (Obviously this has to be understood spiritually. It does not mean manmade stuff). We are about to move at great speed. It is vital that things are in order, tight and shipshape. Then there would be a lot of energy, spiritual noise, then suddenly the brakes would be released .

This is ofcourse very similar to the 2 wind prophecy given through Derek Prince in the late eighties.


Sheila Atchley said...

Your posts are always such fun, Chris! I enjoyed this...

Is your show "Britain's Got Talent" sort of like our "American Idol" show?

We have good friends who love American Idol - Tim and I never watch it. I have recently been tee-totally sucked into the first season of the TV show "24". I never watched it when it was first running - we rented the DVD of season one last week, and I am hooked. It is embarassing. ACK!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Hi Sheila,It's always great to get a comment from you.Well...just lately...anyone!!!!

Yes that's right , Simon Cowell (behind American Idol)runs stuff almost continuously over here making loads a dosh...and this is part of the reason Christine feels like her Saturday free time is being hijacked. Ben loves it. I am saying nothing!!

lydia said...

OH MAN!!! WOW!! I love Diversity!! They were amazing! I have to say I am being blown away by this show "Britain's Got Talent" - yes they sure as hect do have talent. I love that it is just regular people that come up and just go for it, and manage to dazzle and amaze everyone. I do think this is prophetic for our time Chris. This is the dream for the church!!
And I must say, that this show is WAY better than our "American Idol" (imo, even though I have rarely watched it)

lydia said...

Okay, so I just watched it AGAIN, and I must say I am so moved by this group. Tears welled up both times at the end of the performance. WOW! And I realized it is such a beautiful thing to be a part of something like that, a team working together, unified for the cause. And I remember us talking about this awhile back, perhaps on my blog and others, just the beauty of unity and prayerfully that the Body of Christ will grow into more and more unity - it truly is beautiful to behold and very rewarding. But, it is a HUGE blessing to those who get to partake and behold it. I know that God wants to raise up His church, the Bride of Christ to dazzle the world and win their hearts. That's His plan!! Can't wait to see it unfold more and more!!

I just love how you see things Chris, you are a blessing and you are a unifier that is for sure!!!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Yes Lydia eyes welled up a bit. Christine gets a bit cynical because the editing and music is done in order to move people. But I truly believe I was seeing through the group to the things I wrote. Some of our meetings here are awesome. i just long for the day when millions can experience what we are regularly experiencing. Diversity is a beautiful group precisely because it absorbs the capacities of everyone from the small kids to the tall lanky college and work guys. And if anything they give more honour to the small guys!!! Which is just how the Body is...or should be.I was getting a slight bit discouraged at not hearing from all the regulars...when Sheila and you wrote something!