Tuesday 14 April 2009

The Third Level is about Union

The first two levels although distinct from each other...compared to the third level are but a foyer, a vestibule,or reception hall. They are where you take your hat and coat off. You are greeted respectfully and in a welcoming way. The conversation is shallow. Because this area is not for staying in. It's sole purpose is to receive you, then usher you through to the main area.

I wrote to Julie on Facebook about Kelanie Gloeckler and what an inspiration her CD "Bending to Hear" has been. (Jamie sent me a copy for Christmas)Then I was pretty forthright about the 80s Hosanna Series as a comparison. I've been thinking about that all day. Did I mean what I said? And I've come to the conclusion I did.

Many of the 80s songs still live on today. They were inspired. But what happened was we loved the songs...singing the songs...more than connecting with our Jesus. This can be compared to self-gratification instead of love-making. The object of our love is to be Jesus. The Living One. Praise is to connect us to this Living One. No matter what He may want to say or do with us or through us. Praise that stays in the foyer....enjoying praise because it feels good....ultimately leads nowhere.
When we go through into the chamber where Jesus is. When we hear Him. Then when we act by faith and obedience on His words....we grow. To be more precise we grow into Him.

The third Level is all about Union. This is the bit that gets tough for those who think Christianity is not about union. Who try and make out the first two levels are all there is...or worse still that the first two levels are the same as the third level.

Jesus did not spring it on His disciples in the Upper Room. Bill Johnson reminded us here in the UK at Maidenhead that Jesus first presented this when He said the words
Unless you eat of the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His Blood then you will not have life within yourselves. And a ton left that day saying "This is a hard saying".

Then in the Upper Room John records in Chapters 13-17 a discourse made up more or less totally of 3rd level material. About Union. Union between the Father,the Son,the Holy Spirit, and you...and me. Of moving us from disciples...and servants....to friends.

Whether we all call it the 3rd level or not.....some call it maturity...some other expressions. But I am going to give you 3 examples of how ministries are changing. I am saying 3rd level ministries are proliferating. They are everywhere. These are people God Himself is raising up.

(The Bride,The Church)....is Christ in another form, for she was taken out of Him...Frank Viola From Eternity To Here Chapter 5, A Close-Up of the Second Eve.

I did not come to camp outside and view you through a haze,I've got to look into Your eyes in the Holy Place.....I did not come to bow down and give in to fear of man.....the blaze in Your gaze is drawing me into You, I'm being chased by the very One that I pursue.

Your searching eyes are desiring those who dare to move closer.Relationship,"Come up here...."We'll wrestle You 'til You bless us,We are not letting go now,The broken ones move in power...
I wanna worship until You are satisfied. Selected passages from many of the songs on Kelanie Gloeckler's CD "Bending To Hear"

Jesus speaking to Mack ..."Seriously, my life was not meant to be an example for you to copy. Being My follower is not "trying to be like Jesus" it means for your independence to be killed.I came to give you life,real life,My life.We will come and live our life inside of you, so that you may begin to see with our eyes, and hear with our ears,and touch with our hands and think like we do.But we will never force that union on you. If you want to do your thing,have at it. Time is on our side." from Chapter 10 Wade in the Water - in The Shack by William P Young.

In a later post I may go into this "Going Up In Secret "theme. People are deluded by the fact that the 3rd Level is not "thrust upon them"....and everything else in life bar marriage...just about...is. School. Manners.Life skills. Social skills. Taxes.

But the 3rd level seems to operate by stealth. Until suddenly, the curtain is pulled back and people gasp..."Where did Corrie ten Boom come from? i thought she was one of those pitiable concentration camp victims." "Where did Mother Theresa come from? I thought she was a feeble nun in a Romanian convent!" " Where did that Nazareth carpenter learn all those things...and those signs and wonders!!"

The first commandment is a commandment...but have you noticed God is not standing over you with a hammer to make you fulfil
loving Him with all your heart and mind and soul and will and strength...

Yet if you happen to...He leads you into a wonderful 3rd level world
where the things you speak happen
where the dreams in your heart spring into being
where all your friends are amazed or angered....
but the thing is...you went up in secret.....they did not even know it was possible to do so...they had their eyes fixed only on what somebody was forcing them to learn, think, act......You heard Your beloved's voice say,"Come Up".


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