Tuesday 28 April 2009

From the Mystery of Sin to the Mystery of Syn IV - Spain

Whether we talk about John Noble ministering into Spain, or Salt and Light groups ministering into the Continent, or Rob Rufus ministering with teams into mainland China, or as here Peter and Mariette Stott over in Spain... there has been a change of style in ministering to other countries. And pretty much needed too!
Now it is going to a place and being open to what the Holy Spirit is doing -incubating-building in that place...and unique to that place. You are midwives.

In the 80s God spoke to me regarding future ministry using the example of Joseph,Mary's husband.. I shared it with a pastor of a young church in High Wycombe. Jesus said there are some who are born eunuchs, some who become eunuchs and some who make themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of God.

One of the things this means is that you become those who care for the building of God's family...but there's nothing in it for you. No lineage. No personal seed. Like Joseph , you have all the negatives of taking "the shame " of the Kingdom (at least in the world's view) as your own. Joseph took the shame of wedding an unmarried mother. But although later on, he had children by Mary....he had no part in engendering the conception of Jesus. He just had to look on, cover, and support Mary.To his own hurt.

SO IT IS when we are pastors. The relationship God has with each believer is personal and private. Many denominations have practised the very opposite of this pattern...stating you have to go through a priest or minister before you can get anywhere near God. When God's true servants are to be like Joseph, taking the shame,bearing the burdens, seeing the Kingdom built, without a single plus point for themselves...other than knowing they have been honorable to do what God has given them to do.

SO IT IS when we go to other lands in these days to be a part of what God is raising up there. We can teach principles. We can help lead people into the Presence of God...

But all this Network stuff with brand Names and quirky ways of doing things which may be natural in one country...but totally unsuitable in another nation....all this isn't on anymore.Sorry to upset all the youngsters presently in ministry training who can't wait to get out there and build there own little empires!!The Kingdom of God actually only has One Name. And He is a Person. Rather tentatively then I just share this email from last week. The writers probably would not like this. But it illustrates this new "syn" way of doing things. Where the Body builds of itself...and we are there to encourage, input, or simply look on and watch.

Thank you again for praying ....... on a general note first........

It is becoming more and more clear that the "season" is changing in Spain. Since our early excursions into Burgos in the mid 80's, things have distinctly changed, and the freedom of the Spirit and maturity of the churches is more and more evident. Maybe 25, or so, years is a reasonable span of time over which to assess real transition. Our last two trips out - to Seville and Navalcarnero (Madrid) have been really encouraging and in evidence of this.

In the Seville report, sent last week, we testified to the Lord moving in healing and in Madrid it was in salvation and healing. On the Saturday night, the Holy Spirit was moving powerfully over the church and there was a release a of refreshing and of joy - in the midst of His moving two people came to salvation. On the Sunday morning the joy increased and a number of folk responded to words of knowledge for healing - one lady testifying to being healed straight away.

The public teaching and ministry focused on receiving forgiveness (and a release of shame) and an emphasis on forgiving ourselves for past sins etc. It was wonderful to see a lot of people setting themselves free in this way, with many tears and much joy. (This aspect of people using their Spiritual authority to release themselves is a powerful revelation - both amongst our home church and as we travel - it is a key.)

Over many years, it has been a "dream" to see the Lord healing / delivering / saving just by exposure to His wonderful love and presence. It is now, twenty years on, that we see this is beginning. Over the past twelve months, now, in numerous situations He has moved in this way. It is with the minimum of human intervention - our part is to make time / space / and opportunity for His Spirit - for us, worship has always been a key to this .... it is sovereignly the Lord and no one can "own" it!

Thank you for praying - the leaders team meeting of one of the other Madrid churches on Friday afternoon was calm and we were able to face some difficult issues together. It is ongoing business, so there is need for prayer to continue. On the wider level in the Buenas Noticias network there is a noticeable release in the ministry of women - in fact, at the national conference next weekend there is a female speaker from their own ranks for the first time.

We are hugely grateful to Jose, whose participation in the flow of the Spirit and times of tireless translation were really amazing.

Somewhere in all of this, we are learning more and more about time and process in the unfolding of a vision...... we still await the fullness of the promise ....... but are pressing in for it ......

This is our last trip outside UK until after the "Crowned with Glory" Conference (it will be to Santander at the end of May)

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