Friday 4 September 2009

Suicide Love Bombers

Note: I have added a bit to the end of this post - 6th September
What will it take to win the Muslim nations? Suicide Love Bombers!

The difference between the Muslim faith and true Spirit-filled Christianity is this.

Muslim extremists take literally some of the Quran passages which talk about establishing Shariah Law or some form of Quranic government all over the world. Their approach is terror. Destruction. They place little value on individual human life so long as the world can be forced to accept Muslim world government and honour Allah and his Prophet Mohammed.

Christianity however relies on the Divine Power in the Word alone. The folly of preaching and sharing "the foolishness" of the Cross makes no sense to a "by power and might alone" Muslim. Yet here is the irony. No country that has taken on board the freedoms enshrined in Christianity will of themselves want to accept a Muslim government. Britain may be seduced into this direction through devious schemes, but of themselves, as first cause, no British people would ordinarily take up the restrictions of the Muslim way. The only reason this might occur is if the dead form of Christianity...a Christianity that has fallen back into salvation by works, and thus little more than an unfeeling corpse to the Living Holy Spirit, if this form of Christianity was so predominant that people hardly know the difference between one law book religion and another, they slide easily into the Muslim faith by default.

However a living Christianity that moves and has its being in the Living Lord Jesus through the power of His agent on Earth, the Holy Spirit....well there is no comparison. The thought of adhering to 5 pillars of obedience when you can have the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit moving to reverse accursed situations, when you can have this same Jesus Christ living His Life and fulfilling His standards in you and through you...why would you ever go back to a "struggle with all your human might, man-powered religion?"

With this in mind , together with the recent reference to suicide on Dan Bowen's site,I read these excerpts today from "The New Mystics" by John Crowder with extreme interest. Somewhere else I talked of the Third Level principle that St Paul discovered, of becoming a selfless suicide "Love Bomber", where the only one who gets hurt is the 3rd Leveller...but who detonates release for the many by his actions.
John Crowder: Chapter entitled "The Forerunners"
Martyr's blood is a powerful seed. Their blood has a voice, and the Lord will not allow a single drop of it to pass away. While we may have seen a few salvations here and there as a result of their deaths, we have yet to see the full impact of the death of the martyrs in the earth.
....All that has been stolen in the earth will be repaid all at once in one massive decree of God's justice.....
...I was shown shortly after the terrorist attack of Sept.11,2001 that the Lord is going to be releasing His "suicide preachers" into the Islamic world. Even as terrorist suicide bombers give their lives just to impact a street corner, a tour bus, or a restaurant with a few explosives on their bodies- so will the Lord begin to send His own missionaries into the Muslim world. Not with bombs but with the Word of God. These will usually be young single radical men with nothing to lose in this world, who will freely volunteer their lives. They will go into street corners and market places of Islamic cities, stand up, and begin to preach the gospel in the open air. Their words may only reach the immediate listeners around them, and a few people close by will be saved. (...crowds will beat and stone them to death in an instant). This will have a heavy impact for the Kingdom. It will blow every church growth strategy out of the water. This is going to be a movement in the church. Breaking open new realms always takes sacrifice.
.....more often than not, the crowds will actually stop and listen to these preachers, because people are hungry for the truth- especially when they are walking in signs and wonders. Muslim people take miracles very seriously......
We cannot expect the Muslim world to be won without the shedding of martyr's blood. No major new ground has ever been taken in the world without it. Tertullian said,"Afflict us, torment us, crucify us- in proportion as we are mowed down, we increase, the blood of Christians is the seed of the church."
There is a young company on the rise that is so desperate for something of substance, that they will pay that price. It is no surprise that many in this current generation now struggle with issues of suicide. Theirs is a generation built and called for such purpose and destiny, that they are geared to sacrifice it all for something of purpose. Without that higher purpose, that inner drive pushes them to self-destruction........
This is a generation that can turn either toward extreme depression and self-hate, or extreme reckless love of God to the point of joyful sacrifice. We are entering an age of extremes. "Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends"(John 15:13)
6th September
I do not wish to take away from anything John Crowder has written. I want to add a parameter.
One of the reasons this generation is so beat up....and reaching out for an extraordinary sense of purpose is that the main vehicle that identity and purpose comes through has been robbed them.
Ephesians tells us that every earthly family pattern finds its root in heaven. From God the Father.Ephesians 3:14-15 the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name/identity/pattern/nature
Even so on earth, a large part of where we get our identities is from our fathers as we are growing up.
Negative fatherhood has repercussions for how we relate to God. No fatherhood has repercussions also.
I would hate to think of a whole bunch of unmarried singles seeking the spectacular death of a martyr for God's cause, just because a part of their inward makeup just simply has never known the personal love of a father and more particularly The Father.
But if, as a result of being rooted and grounded in the Love and Fire of the Eternal God, people then feel a call to take back the earth for God, and specifically the no no territory presently covered by Islam, that is another matter.
Two books on this matter are "Orphans and Heirs" by Mark Stibbe, and "Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship" by Jack Frost.
Here is an excerpt about Derek Prince from the latter in the chapter "Orphan Heart":
"Derek Prince was arguably one of the greatest Christian leaders and evangelists of the 20th Century.....Yet, by his own admission Derek Prince himself battled demonic oppression every day of his life until he was 80 years old. Millions were set free under his ministry, yet he himself could not find freedom from the oppression that dogged him on a daily basis. It took nothing less than a powerful personal experiential revelation of Father God's love to set him free once and for all. (It is described in more detail in the book).....Derek says"..from that morning it became competely natural for me to now address God as Father, or my Father. I now have a personal relationship not just a theological position. I've been enjoying this relationship for about two years."

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Dan Bowen said...

This, I think, is the awesome antithesis to human suicide. I've always had this wondering that God can actually redeem someone who is so low and cares so little, and release them to such utter daring acts of faith that they literally are human glory suicide bombers!!

Love it.