Wednesday 30 September 2009

What about Christmas? Facebook Question

Pic: In these days where they are trying to get us to say "Winter festival", Is the whole idea of Christmas not really valid anyway? Hint: Do not ask this question anywhere near Jamie Weeks.
Elaine Waterfield
what I would like to know is, am I that nuts to not believe in Christmas. Since becoming a Christian in my spirit I have just felt less and less fond of this time and when I read about it its all based on pagan festivals,, Jesus wasnt even born at Ch...ristmas. Nor was there a scripture in the bible to do this, I also think that its a bit of an insult to celebrate the King of Kings birhday on the wrong day...I remember his birth and death every day and when I see all the debt people get themselves into I just wonder whats behind Christmas anyway. I am very much more for celebrating shabbatt, whats your opinions?Read more
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Chris Welch
This is the deal. Christmas is a spinoff. A good idea. A culture thing that is not necessarily bad for that. Like any church or nation that is around long enough experiences perhaps events that are meaningful enough to keep remembering together. For the States its Independence day and Thanksgiving day. It's of that order. And yes,Christmas now has veered right off into debt directions, when in actual fact the way we all used to celebrate it when we were growing up was a family time when all else was put aside to come together. This however is not the same as the Jewish festivals which are of a titanically different order, but also gather the families and people together in a lovely way. The Jewish feasts are a revelation from God, upon which the whole of history rests. Prophetically they are the hinge points of God's manifestation of Himself through flesh. They are the first, second and third levels of how He gets to live His life through the same way that Jesus learned to live God the Father's life through Him. So what does that mean for you? Well many Christian groups do not celebrate Christmas. And many Christians do. You are right to question it all. What drives me nuts with English Christians and the Anglican church more specifically is they do away with the true revelation of the Bible, in order to focus on the invented myth of Christmas. ...Not entirely true though, since over the years they have sought to bring people back to a remembrance of Christ's incarnational arrival here, and for that we must bless them.

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Jamie said...


I admit I love every single bit of the Holiday Season but the secret to understanding my JOY at Christmas is understanding that I celebrate God's invasion of Earth every moment of every day! God INCARNATE! The Eternal made Flesh! Emmanuel:God With Us! And then, through a rip in His humanity on the cross, He BIRTHED US! The Eternal invaded OUR EARTH! Oh, YES, I am in AWE of GOD THINGS!!!

So, do I love 10 foot trees, and stockings, and Christmas breakfast with the Christmas china & crystal, and caroling, and SANTA??? OH, YES! But those are just outward indications of my inward celebration. :)