Monday 26 April 2010

Hudson Taylor's Holy Spirit lineage-Part Five:A Contemporary Response

This post is all about AUDIO! You should have 8 audio players showing down the page.And they were all working at 10.30 am GMT 29th April on Internet Explorer. But none of them appeared in Firefox on my father's laptop.Nor on my friends Mac. Please keep me informed.Be blessed!I'll provide the source link anyway as a backup. Between Audio 7 and Audio8 there is a Youtube clip if you click the photo!

This is Part One of An Introduction To Third Level Christianity : Recorded Live Before a Future Audience July 1989 by A. Christopher Welch and copied by cassette by Kingsway Communications Eastbourne. Split into 8 for this blogpost. Thought Cloud:Wheels within Wheels,"Another Sound",Going Up In Secret,Ed Miller,Go into your Inner Room,The Law of Faith,John7:10,Song Of Solomon to "U2's Streets With No Name",Level 42-"Heaven in my hands". ( if all else fails Backup Sourcelink = SL)

Part Two of an Introduction to Third Level Christianity
Thought Cloud:Satan tries to buy you out with a lie,Steve Taylor,Indoctrinated Not to Believe,The spirit of our minds,we see light in His light,the plumbline,the Law of Faith-the secret becomes manifest,Hope,the nature of Holy Spirit Life,Paul McCartney-Rough Ride,Steven Spielberg fim "The Colour Purple". SL

Part Three of an Introduction to Third Level Christianity

Thought Cloud:Different Aspects of Growth and Stages of Growth,Unity,Ask/seek/knock,Egypt/Wilderness/Land,Stalk,Tabernacle and Feasts,Ortiz,Jews,Purity of supernatural life,Worship,Healing,Bread,Love,Two winds, the anaesthetic. SL

Part Four of an Introduction to Third Level Christianity

Thought cloud:

Moses. Joseph.The Narrow Way which opens up to "You have brought me out into a wide place" Paul McCartney "Motor of Love"
Circumcision of the heart. The Place of real Worship. SL

Part Five of an Introduction to Third Level Christianity

Thought Cloud:Seeking The Lord,Violent Men ,The Law is a schoolmaster
Level 42 Man,Circumcision/setting apart.Snake in the wilderness.Job A light to overturn the world SL

Part Six of an Introduction To Third Level Christianity
Thought Cloud:No Independent Self.The One Life in the Universe.Self For Others Spirit.Example of Jacob. Jacob song Live illustration on piano,Genesis 3 SL

Part 7 of an Introduction To Third Level Christianity
Thought Cloud:The Purpose of the Wilderness.The Holy Spirit is NOT just a Helper alongside.Showing up the serpent lie delusion.The effects on our lifestyle and relationships.Lazarus's exterior bindings.Christians are perhaps worse than the Jews. What is the work of God? Dreams become realisable.The leap of Faith. SL

Before Part 8 below click here for Chris Tomlin and Zefirelli's Raising Lazarus sequence

Part Eight of an Introduction to Third Level Christianity (Final) Thought Cloud:Until the Master is satisfied.How Intercession Works.What happened at the Cross
Gideon's Army ,International Results. We become Other Lovers.Paul McCartney :Ou est le Soleil? SL

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Anonymous said...

Was that all said and done in 1989 Chris? Interesting that I'd just emerged from Roffey Bible College in 1988. Gone there with a longing to see Level 2 lived out in reality. But it turned out to be a God-trap. I though I knew why I was there but Someone else really knew. Somewhere along the line a few years before Roffey I'd read Watchman Nee's explanation of Rom 6. And I knew I didn't 'know it', understand it. Mine was a Rom 1-5 and Rom 8 church with gifts of the Spirit on top. I couldn't get it. Just couldn't and what was taught at church I knew wasn't quite 'it'. One day, whilst at Roffey it just went ping and then Gal 2v20 followed suit and a host of other log-jammed verses.
It was like being born-again again.
Living out the crucified with Christ, Christ is my life life? Let's just say that it's dangerous having Joseph-type dreams. Only God can bring people to submit to you as you seek to serve them with all that God has given you. But He will. Be prepared though for the Full Monty Joseph experience if you want the Full Monty fruit. Obscurity, prison, restrictions, allegations, exile. It really doesn't matter. One way or another we will learn the 2 Cor truth that death working in us brings life to you. Joseph tried to escape, (even Jesus cried out Take this cup away from Me, yet...) tried to alleviate the pressure, afterall it was unfair, unjust; but God stripped everything away (to keep the FM analogy alive). All that was left was a person through whom He could save a nation or two.
I react just the same even if I claim to understand something of the process. I'm quick to cry out far less poetically, I don't like this please don't make me go that way...but God, my God will have it no other way. He's writing His story which is us, His letter to mankind. So, thanks Chris for re-releasing your 1989 album!! Good music.