Monday 19 April 2010

God Requires a Second Witness by Daniel Yordy

Daniel's Note:This letter is a continuation of my series "The Great Story of God." It continues as a circling around both Revelation 11 - the second witness of Christ and Revelation 12 - the climax of God's story. On Sunday, I sent an article that is essential to our understanding of what God is doing in the earth. It is in my heart, however, that this letter be an exalting of Christ inside of you. My purpose is to encourage you with all the courage of Christ. But the word God speaks through those whom He sends follows a pattern that is best seen in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 1 & 2. Notice how Paul goes back and forth between profound encouragement concerning the Word of Christ inside of precious believers versus the conflict between Christ and this world. He does not skip a beat, but flows back and forth, back and forth, from one to the other.The encouragement of Christ and the defeat of the folly of man upon this earth are two sides to the same thing. To Read this Article on the Internet: God Requires a Second Witness

God Requires a Second Witness

"And I will give unto My two witnesses, and they shall prophecy."God has placed His Word on display before the whole universe. God began by speaking, "Let there be Light." By doing so, He placed Christ above all things.But God also placed an accuser into the picture. The serpent was in the garden for God's purposes not his own. When the serpent said, "Did God indeed say," he spoke anti-Christ into the universe.Satan challenged the Word God speaks. He placed against that Word the contention that what God speaks might be fine in heaven, but it does not prevail in the earth or in man.
I watched a few minutes of a video recently in which a pastor was trying to argue that we do not "fight" the new world order because the Bible says that the kingdom does not come to earth until after Jesus "returns." He meant by that, not in this age and not in our lives.Now, the amazing thing is that the Bible says no such thing. This pastor was, in fact, joining his accusation against the Word God speaks with the accusation of the serpent.
You must always treat with great suspicion any claim that "the Bible says" this or that. I am amazed at how often when you hear those words, the New Testament says exactly the opposite of what the person claims.Here is how the Word God speaks works. Let's take a simple word from the New Testament."And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma." Ephesians 5:2Now, let's start with what this is not. This is not a nice idea; it is not a suggestion; it is not eloquence; it is not an ideal: it is neither an obligation nor a duty.It is one thing and one thing alone - Christ, the Word God speaks, coming forth out of the being of God into this earth, into this age, into our ears and hearts. It is the seed of God; inside this Word are the very genes of God. When we believe this Word with all our hearts, it has the capacity to reproduce the life that is in it inside of us. More than that, it is absolute. It is unsullied perfection. It is God, untainted and incorruptible.It is the Word God speaks spoken into you and into me. "'Let there be light,' and there was light."Now the pastor I mentioned, and orthodox Christianity, insists that this word is not Christ come again in us. They insist that it is not God's will for this word to be fulfilled in those of us upon this earth who hear it. They insist that it is not God's will that His will be done in this earth in the same way it is done in heaven. This accusation is part of the spirit of anti-Christ.God Himself brought into the picture, into His story, this accusation against Himself, against the word He speaks."By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established." 2 Corinthians 13: 1 - Deuteronomy 19: 15From the time that the serpent first introduced anti-Christ into the ears of man, God allotted 4000 years until the fullness of times, and then God sent His Word into the earth in the flesh.
Jesus was the first witness that the Word God speaks is true, that it is fulfilled in this age, in this earth, in human flesh. Jesus proved the will of God in His body, a body that was subject to all the weakness of death.But the witness Jesus provided did not squelch the accusation against God that His Word was fine in heaven, it just can't be fulfilled in the earth, in human flesh. In fact the opposite happened, and the spirit of anti-Christ rose to new levels of accusation against God.Now the serpent had a better place to occupy than he had before. Now, he could fill the church and Christian theology with his claim that the Word God speaks cannot be fulfilled in human flesh, not in this age and not in this world.John says in 1 John, that the spirit of anti-Christ is centered around the claim that Jesus, the word God speaks, is not revealed in human flesh.Now here is the incredible testimony that the church has raised against the witness of Christ that God sent into the world. They claim that the witness of Jesus DOES NOT COUNT. Why? Because, they say, "Jesus was God and not man only, therefore, since He was "different," God could easily reveal Himself in Jesus, but He still can't reveal Himself in you and in me."But this second accusation against God, that Jesus was "God" and therefore His witness does not count, was also inside of God's intention. That is why theologians go to such great effort with such convoluted arguments to "prove" that Jesus was God while He walked on the earth, even though the apostles and Jesus both argued from beginning to end that He was in fact, man, in whom God dwelt. "For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus." 1 Timothy 2: 5And that is why God wrote into His story, from before He ever began to tell it, the second witness of Christ.God intends to prove against all railing accusation that His Word, spoken out of His mouth, fulfills all that is in it in all completeness and perfection, inside the earth into which it was spoken and inside human flesh where it dwells.
God intends to prove this great triumph in you and in me.We are caught in the grip of His determination. And just as God allotted 4000 years until the first witness of Christ, so He has allotted 2000 years, 2 days, for the accusation of anti-Christ to come to its fullness in the church.This thing is not about us, about whether we are blessed or happy or whether we have hope or faith or a future, or anything about us. It is about God proving in us that the Word that He speaks, Christ Jesus, is fulfilled in all fullness in human flesh.The witness of Christ is not the testimony of most evangelism, which states that if you accept Christ, you will go to heaven someday. "Go to heaven someday" is an integral part of the accusation against God, an integral part of the spirit of anti-Christ. When I say that, I do not mean to bring any accusation against any dear believers who have their hope set in "heaven" as a "place" that answers all things and not in Christ inside of them. Jesus is the Savior and He does all things well.But the fact the Christianity has evolved the doctrine of "heaven" as a replacement for the Word God speaks being fulfilled in them does nothing to hinder or prevent the telling of the Great Story of God. In fact, that accusation against God is central to God's whole story.
We are finally ready, now, to venture into Revelation Chapter 11 more directly. I have been circling around it all this time because the approach to Revelation and to the story God is telling as it is found in Christianity stands together with the serpent in accusation against God and until we can get out of that accusation and into the knowledge of Christ - the Word God speaks fulfilled in our human flesh, we cannot have any idea of what Revelation 11 is about.But let me conclude this letter by stating what the two witnesses are not and then by sharing my present understanding of what they are.
It is a hideous accusation against the Lord Jesus Christ to claim that these two witnesses are literally Enoch or Moses or Elijah sent back to earth to do in the earth what Christ in us has failed to do. God says clearly in Hebrews 8 that He found fault with the Old Covenant and set it aside. But He says of Christ, "This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!"To claim that God would then, at the end of the age of human folly, reject the Son of His bosom and revert back to the law which was never kept by anyone in order to "prove" Himself in the earth is the depths of anti-Christ nonsense."God, You did it back then, but you sure as hell can't do it in me, not here and not now."Forgive my choice of words, but this accusation against the Lord Jesus in us is so insidiously evil that we must have it clear in our hearts and minds how obnoxious it really is.But more than that, we must understand that John, in describing the two witnesses, is not describing an elite, above-human, aberration in the human experience. He is describing the normal Christian life. There is nothing about these two witnesses that is not true inside everyone in whom Christ dwells.We are His witnesses. Jesus said we are.
But then, we must look more specifically at this moment in the unfolding of the Great Story of God.We are right now well into the transition between the age of human folly and the age that is to come. I cannot comprehend those who are now trying to argue that we are not, after all, at the end of the present age. They have their eyes closed tightly shut and their head buried in the ground. Just Monsanto alone is enough to show us that it's over with as far as the life humans have known on this earth for 6000 years. Genetically engineered plants are the greatest scourge the earth has ever known, and the evil they are and will produce cannot be slowed down or reversed by any present knowledge of man. And the evil men who run Monsanto know this fully. Their intentions are right out of the belly of Satan. Frankenstein's monster has been loosed in earnest. And that is just one of the many present evils that did not exist when most of us were born. If you think I want my children to live their lives in the humanly irreversible nightmare that is being created right now on this earth by wicked man, you've got it wrong. I may be a weak and tired man, but I am filled with all the fullness of God.But God's jealousy in me for the end of the age of human folly is another topic.The key word of the book of Revelation is, of course, "revelation," or "apokalupsis," meaning the unveiling of Jesus Christ. But a close second, and essential for that unveiling is the word "martureo" or "martyr." The modern English word "martyr" has picked up its own slightly different meaning, but the Greek word that is better translated as "witness" or "testimony" is second in the plan and purpose of God only to the "unveiling" of Jesus Christ.Revelation 11 is the witness, the proof, that the Word God speaks, Christ, is fulfilled in human flesh, in this age and on this earth. Revelation 12 is the unveiling of Jesus Christ.These are two sides of the same thing. Both Revelation 11: 3 and Revelation 12: 5 are speaking of the same thing - Christ in us - the normal Christian life in all that God meant it to be.So what am I saying?In the culmination of His story, as the final proof that the Word that comes out of His mouth prevails in the place into which it was spoken, God will have a people, you and me, humans, redeemed from sin and rebellion against God, whose hearts are filled with the love of Jesus, who will walk upon this earth, in these dying bodies, in just the same way that Jesus walked, revealing all the fullness of God through them upon this earth in all perfection, exactly as Jesus walked.Christians can disbelieve such a thing all they want, but they cannot prevent it from happening. They cannot, with all of their arguments, prove God to be a liar. They cannot stop Him from doing what He says through those who believe Him.
But look at me; I am nothing more than Daniel Yordy. Many people know me very well, I lived in a glass house - Christian community - for many years. They know my shortcomings and my downfallings. How is it that I dare to believe that I, also, am part of that fulfillment of the Word God speaks?I want to be with Him. When He PROVES Himself in the earth, I want, with all of my heart, for Him to prove Himself in me. To be anywhere else, to be found incomplete and wanting, when God shows Himself through His own, this is inconceivable to me, it cannot be looked at.Yet I am weak; I fail so many times. Myself, I can do nothing - except one thing.I can say to Jesus, "I belong to You. Let it be to me according to all that You speak."
And so I have no choice, I must declare with all confidence and boasting:Christ is my life; I have no other life.
Be blessed in the Lord,


Jamie said...

By Golly, THAT'S IT!!!!!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I saw this when you first left the comment but had no time to respond. Thx so much for expressing your great comment. I think it falls much more in line with what God is doing!!God bless you Jamie.

rkyobo said...

Sorry, but I take the book of Revelation literally unless the words "like" or "as" are used. There are literally two witnesses who will come down to earth, and we believe it will be Enoch and Elijah, since those two never died - and they were both great prophets of God.

Mark said...

So. Many. Lies. Speaking. In. God's. Name^ They. Would not know. Christ^
They. Would. Tell. Him. What to. Do
Same as. The first time
Claim to. Be. Born of God Yet. Are. Of there. Father. The Devil
As it. Was written. Will I. Find faith. On earth He knows the heart
As. In. Noah's Day only 8 souls saved