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Revelation 2 : Careful ,Soul of being bought ! Bonnie Morris

Bonnie and John Morris
   Revelation is written to and about the overcomer. In chapter 1, John saw the beginning and the end of the transformation of the soul.  The rest of the book is a picture of everything in between.
   When the seed of Christ in you begins to sprout, your soul is fragmented; not whole. The work of the Holy Spirit in chapters 2 and 3 is to instruct and correct, beginning the work; to transform your soul into a sound mind: HIS! 
   If you are in this company of sons/servants, you may have made the comment at some point in your life, that you feel you have been through every church mentioned in Chapters 2 and 3.  You may have felt perplexed by this, not understanding at the time, that this is the exact journey planned for your soul.
  To assist in this reading, it is important to understand that, in the biblical sense, death is not cessation of life, but separation of one thing from another.  Also, the number 10 is a “sign word” meaning Divine Order.
  We pointed out that the word “angels” in chapter 1 had reference to the spirit of man.  This word is used to describe man, or Lord, or a supernatural class of beings.  It has to do with one who brings a message.  In the first chapter, as in the second, it is speaking of man or “you”... (enlightened by the Spirit of God).  Remember David said, Oh my soul, why are you disquieted within me.  Your spirit man is the messenger of all things received from the Spirit of God to your soul.  Remember, this is not a translation, but an interpretation that goes to the HEART OF THE MEANING of the revelation of Jesus Christ in you!
   Let the journey of bringing your fragmented soul, together, begin.
Chapter 2
1. My son... I, John (but not me, it is the Spirit), write concerning your soul! 
   It is Me, the I AM that is in charge! I live in the midst of you and have some things I want to say to you.
2.  (In expressing the growth of your soul),
I see what I’ve accomplished in you.  You have patiently endured grief and sorrow, as you have not been blindly obedient to any one person.  But rather, you correctly judged those in leadership who commend themselves to be fulfilling a position I did not call them to.
3. Through my nature you have endured patiently and at this point, you have not grown weary.
4. This is good, but there is something going on in your soul that is not good.  Our love relationship is no longer growing.  You have permitted your soul man to go back to the carnal works of the flesh.  “Do this, do that... busy, busy, busy,” and you keep everyone’s vineyard but your own. 
5. You knew in the beginning that you could not work for my approval. Repent now and let’s enjoy our communion again.  If you don’t, your soul will lose what little light it has and become darkened.
6. But, like I said, you are to be commended that you do not allow any other person to control what you think. 
7. Overcomers, hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says!  When you return to me, we shall again have sweet communion in My Spirit that is within you.
8. (Again, expressing the growth of your soul), 
My son... I, John (but not me, it is the Spirit), write concerning your soul! 
   It is Me again; the One who always lives. 
9. I see what I’ve accomplished in you.  I understand the tremendous pressure you are under and the scarcity of material goods you are experiencing, but you are rich when you suffer persecution for righteousness sake.  I know the blasphemer that comes through your carnal mind, posing as Me, and makes accusations about you that are simply not true.
10. Do not fear, for it is necessary that you overcome these horrible thoughts.  Look overcomers, these false accusers can seem to be terrible chains of bondage but this pressure is Divine Order, trying what’s in you.  If you love not your life unto death, you will reign with Me, having my perfect mind and thoughts that bring only life.   
11. Overcomers, hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says! The actual death of the Adamic man will not be painful.
12. (Again, expressing the growth of your soul), 
My son... I, John (but not me, it is the Spirit), write concerning your soul! 
   It’s Me again; this time I AM showing My quick, and powerful side.  I AM He who judges your thoughts and motives.  All things are exposed to My eyes. 
13. I see what you are doing and how you live out from the highest realm of your carnal thinking, even your pride.  Yet you claim to have my nature and to believe in Jesus.  Everything in your soul that is contrary to the Father, must come to the cross of my faithful witness. 
14. These are the things that are causing error.  You believe fleshly religious teaching.  This is a snare in your soul.  Religion will teach you to be unfaithful to the man you are married to; even the Lord.  It will stir up your affections for Adam, your first husband, but you must know for certain that he is dead.  Flee from this error.
15. In the same way, you believe those religious racketeers who demand they are to protect and control what you think.  This doctrine is a detestable heresy.
16. Don’t believe these things anymore.  If you keep on believing these things, I will have to war against these carnal religious beliefs with the swiftness of my sword and it will cut deeply.
17. Overcomers, hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says!  Conquer these obstacles and you can feast on the mysteries of God, you will know Jesus in purity and righteousness, and in Him you will have a new nature which no mere man experiences; only those who receive it. 
18. (Again, expressing the growth of your soul), 
My son... I, John (but not me, it is the Spirit), write concerning your soul! 
    It’s Me again!  The visionary Holy One!  My burning passion is towards you.  I AM the One who travelled this path you are on and overcame what you are now going through. 
19. I see what I’ve accomplished in you but the works of your soul far outweigh the things I lead you to do.
20. But in spite of the Godly things we’ve accomplished, I want to talk to you about some things going on in your soul that are not Godly.  You are submitting your thoughts to enticing words that draw you away from pure devotion to Me and My thoughts, unto another who passes herself off as My servant but is, in reality, the mother of harlots. These flattering enticements make you offer sacrifices born of your flesh. ie: (Must give, should give, have to give!”) This thinking controls and manipulates you.  It causes you to be double minded and creates spiritual perversion.  
21. I’ve been telling you this for awhile and you have not been listening.
22. If you don’t get it, this whore’s children will gang up on you and you will go through the worse battle of your life.  Up until now you have not been afflicted by the keen edge of My Sword. But to produce life in this area of your soul, I will use it.  
23. Every child this mother produces will have to die.  Every thought and every outward work she produces, must die.  They are only bastards, born out of fleshly desires.  This woman will have to keep silent.  Then you will understand that I AM HE that judged and cleansed that which is poisonous to your soul from that which is Godly. 
24. But, here is what I want you to know, the rest of what you have learned is not affected by this; so work with Me on this for now. 
25. And what you have now, claim, until nothing is left but Me.
26. If you’ll do as I say, this beast will be brought to its’ end and you will be given rule over all the fleshly (nations) desires of your soul.
27. And there will be no compromise left in you, as those nations have been thoroughly crushed by the same power source that is in Me. 
28. And you will be given hope of what lies just over the horizon, the Sun of Righteousness, even the fullness found in Me. 
29. Overcomers, hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says!    
Glossary:  #10 means Divine Order
1. Balaam: Religious Devourer
2. Children: Thoughts and Works of Mother of Harlots
3. Crown of life: Perfect mind
4. Devil: Evil thoughts: Perpetrated by Satan
5. Hidden Manna: Mysteries of God
6. Hold fast: Claim
7. Jezebel: Mother of Harlots – Whore
8. Martyr: Witness
9. Morning Star – Jesus
10. Name: Nature
11. Nations: Flesh driven desires
12. Nicolation: Control of laity
13. Paradise of God: Man/You
14. Prison: Chains
15. Satan’s Seat: Highest realm of carnal thinking
16. Second death: Death of body and fire judgment
17. Tree of Life: Jesus
18. Tried: Judged
19. White Stone: Purity and righteousness of Christ

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