Monday 26 September 2011

Why You Should read "Revise Us Again" by Frank Viola

If you are not quite at the point of accepting the material on this blog, or perhaps you don't quite understand it, or for all those who DO get a lot from this blog, but would appreciate another angle on things,this could be quite the BOOK for you.

You see the actual running script, to use a computer or production phraseology, behind a lot of how we do church, or do our Christian plain wrong. But only a handful of voices are forensically examining why.
Other authors may be Darin Hufford "The Misunderstood God"
Or Steve Mc Vey's writings and seminars.
Or Paul Anderson Walsh in his "Bonsai Conspiracy"
Or Andrew Farley  "God without Religion"

....and quite a handful of others.

In Frank  Viola's 10 chapter book, Revise Us Again,
  • Learn the Three major ways God addresses His people
  • What's REALLY often behind the phrase "God told me to do it"
  • What " Let me pray about it" REALLY means
  • A whole breakdown of the different Spiritual Conversational Styles and what huge barriers these relatively obvious, yet hardly discussed formats erect right across the Body of Christ
  • Our message itself needs completely revisiting. These elements are almost universally forgotten or hardly mentioned :  The Indwelling Christ, The Breadth and Greatness of this Christ in other words, He will NOT be bound by a narrow stream or view,God's Purpose Far transcends the question of sin,Christ is the GLORY of our humanity, Everything "other" than Christ quickly wears thin.
  • The Felt-Presence of God is a real humdinger. This chapter explores EVERYTHING the Bible means by the Presence of God. This one chapter could bring most of the World Church together to at least being able to talk to each other
  • Have you noticed that spiritual history demonstrates quite clearly that we can be "CAPTURED by the SAME SPIRIT WE OPPOSE." How many churches and moves could this one chapter have saved.....
  • The major Principle at work in the phrase : He takes away the First to Establish the Second. Perhaps you are still "stuck with the first", when God has long moved on to the second. Understanding,also the phrase, "And there was evening and there was morning - the FIRST DAY"
  • Learn how church is being stripped back to CHRIST ALONE. A lot of the add-ons are just crumbling into dust.
  • Finally learn how our actual "image of Christ" is FAR too small. We settle for a tiny bit of Him, and He moves on. Learn God's failsafe METHOD for moving us on into FULNESS : Living Community
 AS AN AFTERWORD,learn about the THREE GOSPELS, two of which are wrong and one is right, and see examples laid out clearly from the New Testament letters of how the gospel is TAUGHT in the light of the very challenges that faced the Early Church. Behaviour comes out of "inner working knowledge" of WHO WE NOW ARE.

Frank Viola has recently made available his message podcast Epic Jesus which moved some to tears.You can download it here

His main website can be found here with links to his blog and bookstore

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