Wednesday 12 June 2013

Consider your airbed,how it is filled......

Only as you trawl through histories can you begin to really appreciate what God is building. Did you know around the 1600-1700s it was common place for people thirsty for God to pray, plead and fast before God for days and weeks just to get assurance of salvation? Assurance was not that commonplace at all. Then from around 1850 until the real Pentecostal outpouring in the 1900s people did the same to experience the Baptism in the Spirit, which leads into a "Holy Place" understanding of God's heavenly house. But even after this outpouring, really only the narrow sect of Pentecostals were affected until the charismatic move of the 50s and 60s, when the hitherto unpenetrable denominations started to be also. Slowly, the first pentecostal waves were breaking into the Third level. Early thirdlevel or Holiest Place teachings started to appear, at least as a recognisable move from 1950s onwards. But it isn't until Facebook and blogs that so many hundreds and thousands are now freely talking about it. Do you see then, up until now our churches resemble barely filled airbeds? The Pneuma of God is still entering His church. So few KNOW God in anything like a Father level form described in 1 John 2. Our airbeds are loose and floppy and still not really fit for use. Before the world can really have a rest on them they need to be full and firm with "pneuma"....a whole heavenly Tabernacles worth of filling so that people can bounce on them and rest on them quite happily without sagging!!! To paraphrase Jesus and the Tower...He said be careful how you fill your airbed, because if it isn't blown up properly people are going to look at the saggy mess and fall around the floor laughing. Make sure before filling, you've got enough puff! Because a badly filled airbed is only fit for stomping around underfoot and not fit for laying on.

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