Sunday 23 June 2013

Sell-Outers by Norman Grubb

NB As it soon becomes clear, this is not the usual modern usage of the phrase to sell out.
Nowadays this means just the opposite. That you have gone against conscience and acted against
your innermost beliefs. Here , sellouters are ones who sell their complete stall to live from His resources.

Excerpts from a letter of Norman Grubb' to a fellow Wec-er (Worldwide Evangelization Crusade)
The key to our onward marchings has been our sell-out basis. No half measures. Jesus faced that when offered the world by Satan in the Mount of Temptation and he called out, "Get thee behind me, Satan." And results? Death on the Cross and a vast eternal harvest of billions of whom by grace we are part. Paul "sold out," and the result—execution and the vast, vast harvest of the Gentile church. Bamabas turned back and is lost to history. There IS a Rubicon we cross or don't!
C.T. Studd sold out. Others would not "sell out" to the total with C.T.S, and when the fire burned, turned back in the day of battle, even some of his beloved co-workers, and where are they today? I came near the edge, when C.T. sent me home with a DCD "blast" for the criticizing Committee. But Pauline, my Pauline, 'saved' me, as wives so often do when faithful at any price. I was wavering on that return journey and thought of joining another man who much attracted me. Pauline said, "Norman, you must be faithful. Father sent you home as his ambassador. You can only now turn against him if you first GO BACK and face him. Then do what you like." I went back, and en route the Spirit `zapped' me once for all, and told me to go back, and join fire with fire, and LEARN from the central furnace. I did and thus later out came a WEC/CLC of today MARCHING ONWARD on our four pillars of. Sacrifice, Faith, Holiness and Fellowship, with now about 2000 in 50 fields. How thankful I am for faithful Pauline, who stood with God against her husband!
Moses did that; Aaron did after one big wavering over the golden calves; Caleb gloriously did; Joshua did after his wavering over the twelve spies. Thank God, and the result? Israel and then Jesus!
WEC has some real ones still with no strings attached, though some still have the dangerous weakness of 'holding on' to having a 'responsible' independent self. That HUGE LIE which Paul exposed and I have opened up recently in my Romans 6-8 pamphlet as "Paul's Key to the Liberated Life." No, no independent self there, but SOLELY created as vessels, branches, servants, wives, temples, body-members, but NEVER, NEVER SELF-ACTING OR SELF-RELYING, AND THE ONLY RESPONSIBILITY is being gloriously DRIVEN by the Deity Spirit owning us. Formerly Satan expressing his selffor-self nature as us, and now thru Calvary Christ in His Self-for-others nature and WHERE, WHERE independent self??? I put it: FORMERLY SATAN-I, NOW THROUGH CALVARY CHRIST-I, AND NEVER WAS SUCH A THING AS JUST I-P!
We have had just the same experience in my present "absorption" in what we call our Zerubbabel ministry with our Intercessor magazine with the 60 acres now purchased in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and plans
for what I call our "Fire-Center." This what I call TOTAL TRUTH revelation, as I've said mainly through Paul, is also on a sell-out-basis, for you see nothing is left of SELF, except glorious immersion in all-out expression of that Mighty Spirit of Truth operating us. So we have surely had secessions en route as C.T. did. These, alas, have turned back and not joined fire with fire. There IS a choice! But on we have gone far more fiery and totally clear on our God-given message since then in our Intercessor magazine, manned by us sell-outers!
Zerubbabel and those of us with them are TOTAL SELL-OUTERS, not a stitch left behind, including our reputations. As with C.T., often the going seems at first rougher with sell-outers, and not many cushy save-yourself spots.
But watch, and we surely see that what the Sprit does by ruthless sellouters fits in with John's saying that they who do the will of God live forever and "their works do follow them." Those who in the final issue take a lower path than the "total," in the end are like a river which ends up in the sands, compared to a Colorado River with all its rapids and dangers flows out back to its ocean.
So it just came to me, dear, to 'expand' my personal letter to you by thoughts, and I believe Spirit-insights which I like to leave behind me when my glory-call comes, and I believe with some eternal Spirit-principles embedded in them.
Ever with my love, Rubi/Norman

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