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What is next, Edie Chill asks me ?

While you have the light, believe in the light, so that you may become sons of light.” When Jesus said these things, he went away and hid himself from them."John 12:36 prompted by Daniel Yordy's letter this week The Seventh Trumpet.
While you have the light....Why ever not we ask, is it on a time delay? Is it like the Mission Impossible Series where the tape selfdestructs 10 seconds after it has been played? (see 4 m 50 seconds)

 Manna in the wilderness had its own self destruct mechanism if you tried to keep it for more than a day.
We're used to leftbrain books and manuals where if we don't read them one day we can pick them up the next. Many people treat the Bible like this. Patrick Bwayo calls this reading the Bible like the Old Covenant Bible. Jesus phrase to his own brothers in Jn 7:6  was "your time is always here."

In schools they teach comparative religion. Every religion is presented in leftbrain format which if we applied the same to the study of wine, would be like giving A level students the labels off say 100 different bottles, and telling them to write essays on that. You can't know anything about wine except by drinking it. You can't know anything about religion save by worshipping. And to be fair, they DO give students the opportunity to visit places of worship.

BUT CHRISTIANITY is not found in the intellectual study of Biblical words, and to be truthful, it isn't really found in most churches.   A lot of churches once had light, but now they contain the shadows of that light, the external forms cast by that light. Catholicism above all really is that, for around the fourth century the church that existed became systematised, and floods of people fled into the deserts to try and maintain what they once had, far away from the structured heirarchies. Anglicanism is really only a slightly warmed over Catholicism, with an understanding that, at least intellectually ,  salvation is by faith in the sacrifice of Christ, but apart from High Anglicanism which maintains the idea of Transubstantiation...that the Bread and wine change physically into the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ when someone rings a bell, most of the more modern denominations broke away because they genuinely had received a bit more light.

You can actually track the historical progress in terms of the items listed in the Heavenly Tabernacle, of which Moses Tabernacle was a copy. Even Methodism is an early attempt to mimic the idea of making disciples, be it only in some kind of home study situation. Nevertheless the reproductive quality of this cell like structure was so powerful that  the Kabbalist Jews copied it when they began Communism.

In actuality though, different individuals and small groups were pressing into a relationship with the Living God, and God was granting more and more light into the running of His Kingdom.

But Light is different from intellectual knowledge.
It has the actual SEED of DIVINE LIFE in it.
You don't receive light in the intellectual part of your brain. It may percolate there. It may begin there as doctrine until the Holy Spirit illumine it as Light, but once it is in Light form it literally illumines all your ways. Nothing about you is hidden from it.   "In His Light we see light".

So YES in answer to the phrase in the introduction, LIGHT IS IN FACT on a time delay.
Unlike a doctrine, or fact, which is an outer form, LIGHT is dynamic. It is the LIVING portion  of Christ/ of Christ's bread that you need PRECISELY in the spot and time that you now find yourself, that will provide the programming, the grace enablement for you to get you in the direction of Christ manifesting the Incarnation of Himself through your Body and Soul, whereby great fruit will be produced by which others too may come to know the Lord.

Imagine a comparison, if you will with  SatNav. Your satnav is programmed to find where you are now, then out of all the possible choices of road find the shortest or cheapest or quickest sequence of roads for you to arrive at your destination.  In the UK, Portsmouth goes via Guildford and Kingston to London. If you are in Southampton, which is west of Portsmouth, it is really annoying to be told that you have to go back to Portmouth to get to London, because YOU DON'T. The Satnav would then tell you to use another motorway, the M3 via Basingstoke.  Methodists have their way of doing things. Anglicans theirs. Baptists theirs. And it's all atrociously longwinded and vague and none of it is current light.

Current light says believe in Galations 2:20....non stop...in and out of Christian meetings and gatherings. At work. At leisure. At sport. The old idea of having endless meetings and endless teachings and endless prayer sessions and endless worship gatherings is now irrelevant IF YOU DON'T GRAB the current light

which is

Jesus Christ is YOUR LIFE lived as you....out of your very spirit through your soul, out via your body.
It is now:
As HE IS so are we in the world.
What is Jesus Christ doing in you now?
Or as Jesus put it describing His Father's life....I can only do what I see My Father doing.

Or as Rich Novek puts it ....we see ONLY GOD...ONLY NOW.
His is the ONLY LIFE in the Universe....what Caribbeans loosely call flow....as in "that's really flowing man".  or "That's really happening"....or "That's REAL man." Or "Keep it real".

Norman Grubb called it the Spontaneous YOU.  Which comes as a shock to British people, who ruled by a piece of them that was never given any status to rule...but only to be a servant or butler....namely the mind...they are known the world over to come across slightly stilted, because their minds are forever cutting in and processing what is essentially an ever running fountain called life.


It's a bit like when Paul said others have come to spy out our freedom.

WE LIVE SPONTANOUSLY  and out from that everything flows.
Everything that we attempted before like worship, prayer, Bible teaching and learning, fellowshipping...
ALL THIS is now spontaneous, in or out of meetings.  As Norman Grubb said...I am Israel. or I am the Church.

By this he meant if we are practiced in believing on the Christ living our life...then as truly as He is the centre of all these spiritual activities, then He is that through us. People get just as offended when we say these things as they got with Jesus when He kept saying
One Greater than Solomon is here
One greater than Jonah is here
One greater than the Temple is here

Ofcourse the PROOF is in the believing...signs follow after.
If we are really living from the One Jesus Christ then it should flow with somebody else also living from the One Jesus Christ. Ofcourse it often doesn't quite....and we rub up against another person's wrong seeing or them against my wrong seeing....BUT HEY....this is nothing other than the normal mechanism of
a devious mechanism of God known more commonly as


So NO...WHILE YOU HAVE THE LIGHT....while God gives you the LIMITED WINDOW of opportunity that He shines with His Lasar Light which, going right through the centre of your being, has the capacity to take you ALL the way from wherever you precisely are NOW all the way to ZION...HIS HOLY HILL....you have to believe it....believe ON IT....trust it...Let it become your main hunch....base certain things you would have done, but are now not doing on it....and base things that you WILL DO NOW, and wouldn't have done on it.

What if I'm wrong and it is only a hunch. My hunch, but nothing more?

Well you have to believe that God's Divine Sat Nav of His grace WILL LET YOU KNOW in no uncertain terms if you are barking up the complete wrong tree. AND HE DOES.

This is called training our senses according to righteousness. You also get to know when others are telling you wrong. Their words have a jarring empty effect. And ofcourse when you stop even quicker in your tracks instead of doing what they want you to, they get even angrier. Because you "look rebellious". But they ofcourse can't hear yet how weird their words sound in the Spirit.

You want some real example?
The gospels are full of them. Compulsions and pressures to do things that just aren't God going on.
Martha getting all frustrated because her sister wasn't doing a blind thing for "all these guests" in their house.
Jesus just talks straight at her and says..."Mary is fine...she is doing exactly what she's supposed to be doing."
See, God only gives a limited portion of light. He doesn't endlessly pour forth that same light. If Martha doesn't at some time quieten herself down enough to listen while Jesus is speaking that light, how will she ever get from where she is spiritually now, all the way to Zion? It will be an impossibility. She will have no substance to believe herself there...no conveyor belt of grace.
She will then get rattled with Mary as Mary apparently sales on past her in life, exhibiting graces of God and gifts of God, and experiencing fabulous moments in God.....and like Cain with Abel...she could begin to get very angry with her sister. But her sister has simply "bought the ticket" that is going to take her there. The ticket of hearing by faith or hearing with faith. Letting that Word enter her, for it says the "Entrance of your word gives Light".

Many have access to Word but they don't let it enter....so it never GIVES LIGHT. And without LIGHT you don't have direction...and without direction you never end up being drawn pulled and tugged...almost despite yourself...towards Zion.

This was part of the prompt behind this post.
The charismatic movement was the training ground of the Melchizedek Order. Learning to do what the Spirit said in His timing without any man pulling strings so that this Order would rise 24/7. The charismatic shell cracked around 30 years ago while the chicks have been hatching. Soon the movement will be nothing but Ichabod with strings pulled entirely by man.
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  • Karen Murphy Mclain Now you're being"cynical" lol
  • Edie Chill What's next Chris?
  • Chris Welch I am being exact, and what is next is the third level church which is an incarnation of Gideon's 300.
  • Chris Welch The "I am being exact phrase" response to" Now you're being cynical", is said boldly because of my experience in 1981, when I (although not the pastor) somehow was handed the key from the last remaining member of the congregation in Emsworth which had been opened by Smith Wigglesworth about 50 years earlier. So I know firsthand what an empty Spirit shell looks like....old,sad and very grey and infirm.

    So What's Next?

Unbeknown to us who have been too close to the White Cliffs of Dover to notice they are in fact cliffs and not white fog, God has been rewriting the entire I am the God of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob package in corporate form, but this time on a mega scale the whole world over.

Abraham represents the evangelical anointing, the faith anointing. The receiving of salvation by faith

Isaac represents the Quaker/Pentecostal/ charismatic relationship with the Holy Spirit, His gifts, 
power , and the experience of Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Opening wells of salvation.

Jacob begins as something like the Word of Faith movement, bedding himself into believing for wealth success and supply.

But in 1972 God addressed His people as a generation and called them to seek His face (Psalm 24)
to raise up a highway of holiness  in the desert

to raise up the former devastations and restore the breach
to build signposts whereby others would follow
that He really was doing a new thing...BUT WOULD WE NOW PERCEIVE IT?
ofcourse we assumed He meant along the same lines as the Quakers Pentecostal and charismatic call to rediscover the power and gifts of the Spirit. He didn't mean this at all. That had been done. When He said NEW....He meant NEW.

In 1973 we were speaking the Word of faith over our towns and cities which were filled with old denominational churches that there would be new Spirit churches. We had no idea how to even achieve this, but we knew that was what the Spirit had spoken to us together with a rudimentary vision of His Church.  Within 3 years God had raised up ministries like Ern Baxter and unbeknown to me Sam Fife and other apostolic gifts to begin birthing this end time church. By the eighties through to the early years of this new millennium God had manifested this reproduction of His Church in towns and cities all round the earth.

By the mid eighties I was absolutely sure we were still missing something. I had also been blessed by brushing up against people of real stature like Pastor Wurmbrand,Mother Basilea Schlink, Ed Miller, Sam Fife,Jorge Pradas.
I was also receiving specific Spirit Words about my life through people that didn't know me at all.

Now for 5 years I have not felt to share any of these apart from with close friends, but today I feel to put this main one on my blog so that some of you can understand a bit more about why I do things the way I do.

Stephen Herzig is to this day a prophet who moves among the churches. He emerged out of the Abundant Life churches (in particular Maidstone Abundant Life Church UK where he and his wife Anita were pastors) established by Bob Weiner and Tony Fitzgerald, and these in turn had emerged out of YWAMMers who had begun to settle in towns and cities, marry and have families.
Just the other month I met someone from Haverford West Church who had equally had his life overturned by a Word coming through Steve. You should know that this Word had great authority about it, not least for two factors.
1. It was delivered at the START of  his preaching...he literally prophesied COLD before he began to even preach.
2.He didn't know me from Adam. I wasn't a leader. I was simply one of the many Bible House youth.

You should also know that after I had copied it by hand from the tape of the meeting, my then leadership instructed me to tear it up and throw it away, which I didn't do, because I knew it was God's voice to me.

14-9-86   Prophecy Through Stephen Herzig for Chris Welch

Before I start I have a word that I want to give to Chris, that I had laid on my heart while we were praying before the meeting began and I wanted it to be taped for him to be able to weigh it really and just have it ther so he can go over it in good time, so this is it, brother!

I really felt Chris from God that a time of preparation was ending in your life and that you'd walked with the protection and encouragement of men to stand by your side and stir you on and affirm the gifts God had placed in your life  (How accurate this was for in Emsworth they nurtured my prophetic gifting, my songleading and worshipping gifts,they had eagerly embraced many of my Spirit given songs and sung them in conferences and taken them abroad, they had let me write evangelistc drama and let me direct productions by my self and others like Jimmy and Carol Owen's Antshillvania, I'd been allowed to be part of the team spearheading the new Paris Church which had ended so disastrously).....but the time is now coming for you to take a step forward to lead in the things that are within your heart - to step forward into leadership in the things of God and I believe it will mean quite a significant change for you (and your family??? I wasn't married yet????) 

I believe it will mean quite a significant change possibly of location in your life ( well ...two minutes across Chichester harbour probably hardly counts...but when you sense things in the prophetic you feel things like a chill or a jolt and then you have to interpret them...and unless God gives you that specifically...you can faff around a bit....what in fact happened was greater than any geographical change....like a true Song of Solomon 5 moment everything I then was, all my friends, the entire church, my whole infrastructure, my name, and with it my music, my reputation, my gifting was torn away by the leadership at Emsworth, I was left surviving on my skills as a self employed piano tuner living on my own for another 10 years having lived practically all my Christian life in one form of community or another....until 1998 when I married Christine.....so yes....in the Spirit he was dead on - bullseye), here's the because.....

"because God wants to release you into a fresh field of ministry and authority and anointing in Him. For all the ingredients are within your life and He has been working to place each stone in place. He has been working in your heart to equip you with every single tool that is necessary for the future anointing and ministry which he has placed within the recesses of your spirit.

And He is saying the time is now to step forward to make preparation for that and NOT to allow yourself to be tied to anyone's ministry        (that didn't go down well in our apostolic pyramid)


For I am raising up people who will follow you and I have found and made a place for you to step forward with great confidence and with great boldness so that my Word can go forth.  (Hmmmph...well that was 1986....the blog didn't start until 2008 !!!! LOL so you can imagine I thought long and hard about that sentence!!!!)

And the music and the ministry and the anointing which I have placed in your life will explode forth, says the Lord and many will touch and be blessed....and a wide funnel - I see right at this point and it's like you've been living in the neck for some time but there'll be an explosion of ministry coming forth from your heart which will take you to many places and many situations which before you have not dreamed of sharing in or being in - and they've been kind of glimpses in your heart, but you've never really thought that they could possibly be for you - because you've seen other people walking out and taking it, but you've never really thought that God had it in His heart for you-
but says the Lord, my child, you have been faithful to My Word, you have served and honoured and lifted up others and I am now taking your life and lifting up you before others that they might serve and might release the gifts within your life says the Lord.   (Again the leadership did not like that sentence at all!!!)

My purpose here is not to go over ground that I have covered in this blog, but to share briefly that I had another direct encounter with the Lord in the Christmas of 1987 halfway up a mountain in Wales where in one sentence the Lord asked simply...forget (My relationship with all) the others, (that simply doesn't concern you,) DO YOU WANT ME?

By 1988 the Spirit had formulated this phrase in me. There is another LEVEL.Christianity has another whole level to it that the Church worldwide know nothing of. Later in   the year I had received the phrase the THIRD LEVEL. None of you can know what it felt like to read Chapter 31 of Norman Grubb's final book "Yes I am" which as clear as anything is titled : ON NOW TO THE THIRD LEVEL....here is a sample paragraph:

"Paul's Roman letter we all recognize as his fully developed, detailed, and authoritative statement of what he calls "my gospel." In this letter the three states are plain enough:

  • chapters 3 to 5 - justification (little children); 

  • 6 to 8 - unification (young men);

  • 9 to 15 - cooperation, co-saviorhood (fathers)." Norman Grubb

So , feeling totally validated by something that I had heard myself direct, even though to all appearances my life, (just as that of Daniel Yordy ,Rich Novek,Annalize Mouton and so many others that have walked this way)appeared such a disaster, I made the 1989 Introduction to the Third Level message tape in faith that one day it would get listened to. I even had it specially copied by ICC Eastbourne, but I could tell, even though it was a commercial order, they were profoundly embarrassed by it. 

I also made two other moves as a Word of faith that God was bringing in the Third level into His worldwide church. 

One was a Double CD Concept album which actually is a fulfilment of the Word given in Friends Meeting House Fountain Trust meeting in 1972....to set up signposts for others to follow. "Early Harvest" Double CD is like a series of "piles of stones" to mark the different Spirit foundations that God puts into the life of a believer. Watchman Nee had done a very similar work in his teaching series that were later published in book form. Norman Grubb produced what is really the capstone in his series of books culminating in "Yes I am", what he calls the Total Truth message. 

Finally, I regathered all my Exeter University accomodation hall friends who met as a group 1987-88  into a self catering house in Emsworth in 1990 and presented these new found truths, though most were unable to follow any of it. One of those number, eight years later became my wife. Renting Europe's premier self catering house and finding the money to record all the CD including the later tracks in Chichester cathedral and River Studios London were a real test of God's supply, and  also of Him organising the means each step of the way....I mean how do you set about this stuff singlehanded....I'd been used to doing everything together with other Body members....where the shared load meant things happened really quickly. 

Up until 2008, that had been my main Word of faith, that God would bring forth the third level within His worldwide church...BUT and here was my uniqueness... NOT excluding any of the enormous wealth of revealed knowledge of the last 40 years concerning Holy Spirit power, 
namely including the Vision of the Church, the Vision of Praise and Worship and learning the protocols of the Melchizedek order as a New Covenant priesthood. In thisI  felt totally isolated from Norman's actual organisation, Zerubbabel. 

It was as though Norman had got the individual message, the mssage of how God gets his man, like Jacob at Peniel, but was wheeling the message out on a new cart, rather than the Spirit raised up means of local bodies of Christ, within the vision of the Church itself. 

Meanwhile in 1990 I was so disgusted by the House of Lords ruling against UCB radio which had been broadcasting the length and breadth of UK for the first time with a radio frequency that had been donated by the newly liberated Moscow, that as a result the Spirit completely arrested me on this for the next few years. 

I held some local meetings and even set up a small video lending library, but as a now solitary cavedweller!!!! The whole thing seemed futile....until the fruit of the intercession became apparent, but in an extremely odd way as neither party knew what on earth was happening.

 God brought Rory and Wendy Alec of God TV virtually direct from South Africa to my doorstep ( well via a few weeks in South Bromley church)....but ofcourse they were totally unknown and neither I nor they at that point knew why they had been specifically brought to the UK....but they had been brought in response to Christians' cry that God would break through in the media here. 

But,as for me, now having learned more about the Masonic and Luciferian subterfuges that the Illuminati get up to, I now wonder if the TV evangelists were targeted...
either to discover their weakpoints, 
or that they had already sold out to the control of the Illuminati...
or that prostitutes were paid to bring down Swaggart and  Bakker, and already poised in London were the relevant masons to put in place the draconean measures to prevent the UCB Radio from operating, or any others bold enough to try. However at no point has anything appeared to be "set up" and the men appeared to have been caught themselves.

God subverted this whole plan by as usual doing something immeasurably greater in inventing a whole new medium...international sattellite staions which weren't regulated in the same way as UK terrestial media. The new DAB medium was coming in at the same time as the world wide web. 

2008 saw a number of Christian bloggers beginning to appear, as well as a whole tide of men suddenly getting the subterranean urge to join the hitherto female domain of social networking or Facebook and then Twitter. In 2012 I went into hospital for an operation having tossed too many pianos around for 30 years. I gathered some friends together to cover me in prayer...except that 18 months on we are still chatting , praying, laughing, supporting one another in what couldbe said to be a prototype thirdlevel church. We are international. We talk and share round the clock from vastly different time zones. Many of us have come through the same type of things, some haven't been down the same road...but God has used entirely different means to get to the same result....the seeing of Christ as our only life and expressing Himself through us His Vine branches as described so well in John 15. 

 From the time of the Stephen Herzig prophecy which is but one of about 5 similar ones given to me personally I have seen no ministry with as wide a vision as I have personally....until I met Daniel Yordy. Daniel has filled in a lot of the fuzziness for me in my breadth, and in particular in the last 24 months. Rich Novek, I submit to because I see in Him an extremely practical outworking of the Christ as me message, whereas there is something a bit pernickety and Asbergers about Daniel and myself. Rich is just a whole lot better with people. And without people...guess what...there is no church...and no persons by which Christ can express His Life. 

So Edie, in that long reply I hope you can see that long before all of us knew anything, God has been weaving something manystranded, multinational, and very varied together to be able to start powerfully conveying this third room of the House to the rest of the Church. So at present the global Christian scene are currently looking at a small cloud the size of a man's hand, but we all know that it is destined to be a large large stormcloud of blessing yes, but with powerful authority to fit the bill that we have so long prayed for....namely IT IS THE ANSWER TO 2000 years of praying THY KINGDOM COME.

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Thanks for always sharing ALL God has for you to Us that stand with you in that dream. All things are NOW coming to be that God has told Us would happen.