Wednesday 5 June 2013

Science and the Free World !!!????

Liz Bonnin, Brian Cox (notice Richard Dawkins/Brian Eno/Philip Pullman weren't pretty enough) Dara O' Briain,Marcus DuSautoy all spearhead the UK TV media version of an atheist world view. So while spouting facts they are presented as if there could never be a God...which in the case of marcus Du Sautoy was one of this millennium's most accomplished wrangles, because while calculating all the mathematical statistics of all the main forces and physical circumstances (being like the three bears story "Just right") for life on earth, just about everyone else who reads his book instantly converts, like the famous atheist Cambridge professor who had taught students atheism for 6 decades. The Royal Society contains 3% Christians, which in a society that still claims approximate 70% belief in God, either says we are all inferior, scientists are another species, or the Royal Society is one big joke of "rigging". You see, secular science CANNOT have it both ways, as they greedily hog the show at present. You can't begin to espouse New Quantum Physics Science and then hold onto your enlightenment "dead in the water "world views.  It's a very temporary phenomenon anyway. The founder of the Royal Society was the Christian Sir Isaac Newton, who according to scientists became mentally deranged and started looking into Bible prophecies and the study of the Body of Christ. This is a similar posit to a leftbrain goldfish deciding that a frog has just gone mad because he's left the bowl to walk about a bit on land. You see non Christians don't realise yet that the manifestation of the Body of Christ on earth IS EVERYTHING. (Paul said its function and admistration is only suitable to the FULNESS OF THE TIMES.) And this ofcourse is because scientists are leftbrain only and can only see the present version of what is called church and don't realise that for 2000 years something totally different from the streetcorner barbershops (known as churches....I think my rightbrain was doing something there to do with a regular shortback and sides to do with weekly transgressions of the Old Covenant)...has been steadily building and transferring by true preaching of Word all the time!!! So while building on Newton's limited scientific views, for three hundred years scientists have  first relegated God to a backroom, (Voltaire and Diderot...the East India Company Deists) and then fine tuned us to a godless universe through Pullman and Dawkin's " God Delusion. "But Quantum physics has everything to do with the FAITH inside us AFFECTING THE OUTER UNIVERSE.
No doubt in their usual manner atheists will try and hijack this and put some New age secular spin on it, but it is the secular people doing the twisting. When something doesn't fit their leftbrain they call everyone else mad.
So Buddhism is mad.
Newton's later life was mad.
Today's Christians are mad.
The co-developer of Robert Moog's synthesiser, the Christian inventor David van Koevering is mad...and ofcourse by definition cannot ever be invited to Royal Society membership.

Above all it's good to live in a free Western world isn't it!!!!
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