Thursday 29 May 2014

Things only started going wrong when.....

Things only started to go wrong with me, and the "secondlevel" churches up a mountain side in North Wales,1987. (Secondlevel churches are churches which believe in God and the Holy Spirit out there somewhere, and that we can get anointing by waiting on God, setting aside an appropriate amount of hours, and going to church enough, short, they are the equivalent to the Pool at Bethesda approach. Like Lourdes, they believe in "places", and "protocols", and "headship and submission" and strangely single apostle pyramids, but they haven't yet paid the price of Galatians 2:20 in their own lives) Psalm 120 decribes the needle we all feel when those who surround us are pushing us in directions we are not happy with. So up this mountain, I did the characteristic psalm 120 thing and yelled at God and blamed Him. Only I did it more religiously than that!! God replied..." What are the others to do with about you? Do you want to follow Me?"
So weighing things up...I said yes I did.
From then on I followed the Holy Spirit doggedly. And the more I did, the more it cut across protocols. Like , for instance, Emsworth apparently had some law about not going to pray for somebody's healing if it was out side their control "and covering".
In being specific here, they are ofcourse nothing out of the ordinary. All this type of thing is listed in the gospels as Jesus followed the Spirit. He also listed His own lists of observations as well which caused a lot of amusement. Lainee Waterfield just had the same thing this morning in Southampton.
If we still walk in Genesis 3 THESE are the FLESH/FIGLEAF/RELIGIOUS symptoms that MUST bleed through. I bet if I followed Canon Andrew White around he'd have the same rubbish. And if he followed me around like my wife does...he'd still find this rubbish still clinging onto me. Basically its squiffy seeing, where we are not moving from CHRIST AS ME. Or as Jesus put it " not ONLY DOING what we see Dad doing." The problem with secondlevel churches is this stuff is now made into protocols. All sorts of laws, hidden and open that are just what Jesus calls human tradition. The Leaven of the Pharisees. They CUT right across the anointing. And they cut right across people living Jesus as them. In fact in Samuel's case and Jesus case the Father got them cutting directly across. Samuel turned up late deliberately for the agreement he had made with Saul. Jesus in John 7 said to his brothers...NOPE...I am NOT going up to the Feast....then DID.
He also, when He heard about Lazarus dying...HE DELIBERATELY STAYED LONGER where He was. WOW.
So are you starting to get it?
One of the functions of thirdlevellers is to OBEY GOD SO CLOSELY we start to expose secondlevellers to themselves. They then have a choice.
To call US NAMES....or to call themselves names!!!! LOL
So apparently one of the names I'm being called at the moment around Havant is "depressed". I'll give them depressed!!!. Once the third level breaks out properly in all the churches according tp the law of Hebrews 13.13 living....we'll find out whose depressed.!!!!!
Psalm 126 says...when the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion we were like those who dream, our mouths are filled with laughter and our tongues with shouts of joy."
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