Wednesday 8 April 2015

Brian Christian's Testimony

So, I will try and compress my very long testimony to one page. I did not grow up in a christian home. Parents divorced when I was 5, met my step dad when I was 6.

 My step dad smoked marijauna, so I started smoking at 6yrs old. While other children got candy and toys in their stocking at Christmas, I got drugs in mine. I started dealing drugs by age 8, and this was before the "Say No to Drugs" campaign. So I was one of the first to get drugs into the schools.

 I turned to the occult at age 6 as well, having witchcraft in my family for 3 generations on my mom's side of the family. We didnt show a lot of affection in my family due to all the abuse. There was verbal and physical abuse from as early as I can remember. I will spare the details of that.

 At the age of 16 I went to a church to curse it and had an open vision of Jesus. I ran to the front and gave my life to the Lord. This is where it gets good.

There was no moving of God in this church, the pastor left his wife 2 weeks after my conversion and he became an Elvis Presley impersonator. I started having encounters with angels, as well as clouds of glory from day one of being saved. I also would have terrible demonic attacks constantly. Now, this was in 1986 that I was saved, so the condition of the church then was way different then now. They did not believe in deliverance, personal prophecy, and defintely not having encounters with God. This was an Assemblies of God Church that believed in the gifts of the Spirit.

When I went to my church and told people of my encounters, I was not welcome there anymore. This wounded me deeply because all I ever wanted was to have a family that loved one another. So I left the church and went to another, then another, then another. Everywhere I went, looking for a spiritual father, I was pushed aside and rejected.

 Well, its just you and me God, I said.
 The problem was that I was taught that if bad things happened to you, it was because you were in sin. Because of the brokeness of the churches and the lack of a father, I saw God as always angry at me. Demanding that I measure up! When I would fail, something bad would happen, and the enemy would whisper, see, He is mad at you!

Because of my isolation and pain of rejection, I finally found a deliverance ministry. I was then taken through a lot of deliverance. Some of it was good, but a lot of it was not God.

Now everything was a demon, and so I began my so called deliverance ministry. I started a church, and had great miracles happening, the problem was, I had rejection issues. So I would serve God out of performance and condemnation. So after a while everything would be destroyed.

Long story short, my life got worse as a christian then before I was saved.
Every relationship was destroyed because I believed everyone had a demon. This is the dangers of extreme deliverance ministry. Went through marriages and divorces, death of a child, and loss of others.

 By this time I had decided God had not called me after all.
 Pastors gathered together and told me I could not be saved. I was asaulted by one pastor and was told I should end my life. I won't name the ministry, but they are well known and highly respected.

So I attempted to kill my self. Thank God the rope broke and the Lord had mercy on my life. I tried to run from God, only to find myself back with Him. Each time my life would be destroyed I would come back with more anointing then before. The veil began to tear from my vision a little at a time.

I ended up meeting someone from Mike Bickles ministry that had moved to my area in Sacramento California. He ministered inner healing on me over a period of several months. This was when my cycles broke. I asked the Lord why He took so long. I said, Lord, my ministry is destroyed, no one will receive me anymore because I failed so much! It was then in 2004, that He spoke to me and said, Son, I called you to reconcile my broken bride. I called you to be a grace bearer that would never judge those who have been judged and condemned by religion. I walked you through their pain so you will see them with My heart. Where you have been rejected, I give you my heart to accept them, where you have failed, I give you my power to bring victory, where you have been oppressed, I will liberate My bride through your life.

In 2007, a woman named Shauna came to a church I was pastoring. Long story short, God supernaturally confirmed our marriage in July 2008. This is my soul mate and the woman that taught me to love. I have never met a woman who radiated Jesus like Shauna does. We have walked through many trials in ministry, but never have we had walls or mistrust between us. Never have we had to work on our marriage. In the last 6 yrs together we have seen hundreds of peoples lives changed and healed. We have also seen much resistance. I have been beaten for my faith, kicked in the face, falsely accused, thrown into prison, I was fully vindicated! I saw police officers prophecy, inmates touched and healed, and spiritual sons raised up behind bars for 17 months. I have had christians plot to kill me, pastors slander me, and many betrayals. This is the price I have paid for the glory of God upon my life.

I have nothing to prove, nothing to boast in, and nothing to gain. My life is His and I carry His love and His glory to the broken and the fatherless. The Lord spoke to me several years ago and said, son, I don't regret your past, why do you? The results of my failures, my sins, and all my junk is now covered in glory! I was born for a generation that has been performance driven and condemned. If God can do this in me, then He can do it for anyone! Am I qualified to be a minister? Not by my works! He qualified me, and the fruit is obvious.

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