Wednesday 1 April 2015

Mr Newman

Adam and Eve partook of a spirit primarily....the spirit of death....but it was sold and packaged as an idea which today is called.secularism.....then it was "be independent like a God in your own right." Why would the devil " give of his substance" so liberally? Does he love man? Man was given the rule of this planet. It's the rule of this planet that the transaction was about. Entities from another realm have to use man as their avatars to dominate this realm. Eventually through transhumanism they wish to do away with the even now they are a long way to their goal by eliminating spirituality and the recognition of spirit , while locking us into only 5 animal senses. They themselves seem to use somewhere around ten or 11 senses and so find dominating us easy. By selling us one positive reason for a development but hiding 6 reasons that favour their goals, they have managed to take over the Royal Society completely with Richard Dawkins and are implementing all their next steps. From creating dams to control the world' using Monsanto to control all the. World' All under the guise of positive developments.
Woman gives birth to Mr Newman

If Adam and Eve partook of a spirit primarily packaged as an idea, that brought death to can see how accepting Christ.....though the devil label this as another idea....isn't at all either. It actually is eternal Life and it takes us right out of the other realm of death. Revelation 12 shows that the true Church of all these new containers of Life is herself two things at once on earth. Just as the old Adam was.

Adam was a man.....but in fact out of him came a "womb man" that gave birth to the new race. The church is both too. She is a Womb man who gives birth to a Manchild but now things work in reverse since the New man is first and pre eminently heavenly and our forerunner is in heaven....King Jesus. So this Manchild when born has to hurriedly be caught up in the Spirit with God in the heavenlies where it's true life is. Ephesians 1 and 2 are almost entirely about this download of heavenly information that the new manchild needs. The devil is crouching right by the woman to pounce on the manchild. He drives the true Church off into a wilderness where the church puts on another wineskin to begin the whole birth cycle again. In its place is left something that is then haunted like.jackals.....a kind of counterfeit church of people who after a generation or so only see after their human eyes. They a church....but it is of course long since being the church of sons blown here and there by the Spirit.

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