Sunday 5 April 2015

Happy Waving of The Sheaf Day

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Chris writes on Facebook:

Easter or better said the waving of the Sheaf festival directly after Passover is the hinge around which the universe turns. But some of you may have noticed that the tomb leaving bit was only marked by two main parties. Jesus mum and one of the most thoroughly converted at this point. Mary.

The waving of the sheaf of resurrection life by the Jews at that precise moment in the Temple festival just about summed up what Passover is......the bare beginnings of a leaven that will fill the universe. If not even the disciples were there to witness it and Jesus had to hunt them down later and encourage them all later in start to realise wherever you currently are in your journey with Jesus......if the thing relied on you you would be pretty much stuck wherever you are now. But Jesus comes to us. He does the lifting. He does all the sharing about all He accomplished. Today is about waving one sheaf before the Enemy to say......Ok the first one is out of your clutches of Death. But now in our own Passover Pentecost and Feast of Tabernacles ( the three almost unknown feasts among gentiles) the sheaf moves on to become 12 bread loaves at Pentecost to one huge loaf at the Day of Atonement in the third Feast. And you can't know these things until Jesus resurrection is first known inside you. Without the sheafwaving there can be no loaves and without the individual tribal loaves there is nothing to meld into the BIG thing which was what Jesus described as the Kingdom leaven filling the earth. But beware the leaven of the scribes and the Pharisees. They have a different father.

How many of you were teenagers or twenty year olds and your life was a hopeless mess.?Nobody looking would ever think you would ever believe in God? In fact you cursed Him continually...........
So WORLD.....sometimes SONSHIP REALITY comes by way of LAWLESSNESS and 
a Proverbs 1 - type crash.
Don't give up on the world just yet.....they have chosen to live the Illuminati Crash Land version.....but however it looks SONSHIP IS ON ITS WAY ,do not be fooled.

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