Wednesday 15 April 2015

Which Christianity shall you choose?

Christians have to decide which gospel they want.  The two layer gospel that Rob Rufus,Bill Johnson,Rick Joyner,the God Channel,Andre Wommak, Stan Warren of Emsworth preaches which is the day One command on every Christian....
Repent and be filled with Spirit.

Or the three fold message in the whole of scriptures
which is all three members...Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
which is all three experiences....The Way to the Truth to the Life 
which is all three stages of 1 John 2  children , young men fathers
which is unless a seed falls into the ground, and dies, it will not be raised a fruitbearing plant with much fruit
which is  you either fall upon the Rock and build upon Him...or later find that same Rock coming into contact with you, and unprepared you are crushed by it
which is ALL the chapters of Romans and not just 3 to 5....and then declaring Romans 7 randomly to be about non-Christians again

Entirely up to you at this point? Which Christianity you choose. One produces an endless cycle of revolving door Christianity with thousands coming in the front walking straight on through and out the back

the other produces fruitbearing seed that goes off building exponentially.

The choice as they say according to the yours.

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