Tuesday 4 October 2016

Misusing Malachi

The use of Malachi as a proof text for.continuing to live in the Old Covenant is as insane as reading of Moses flight out of Egypt and insisting everybody lives in the desert for.many years......even though of course, God.May arrange equivalence.....but THATS JUST IT.....HE ARRANGES IT.
Quoting Malachi as a behavioural text is like quoting Noah and commanding boatbuilding. Or more.relevant still reading Kings and building a Temple. Which of course the Masonic sects of Catholicism and Anglicanism do.of course.
It's like reading about Abraham and telling everybody to be circumcised.
Let's see what the New Testament says
It says repent. Be completely dunked in water and be filled with the Holy Spirit.
It says gather together regularly where each one exercises gifting by the Holy Spirit.
Leaders facilitate the running of meetings in the Spirit and give sound teachings on all aspects.of Jesus who is in you, living His life out through you.
It says you hold everyone in high honour and agape, caring for.each other's needs and especially to the household of.faith......those with no earthly means.of.support. Nowhere does it specify a tithe or a twentieth or 100%.
What e New Covenant DOES.DO is begin downloading the radically new principle.of.living. And this is determined only by the measure of.somebody's inner seeing. By whatever measure a person sees by that measure he will give.
We have different gifts and abilities. What for.somebody is a huge hurdle.for.somebody else is a breeze in the park. And vice versa. There simply is no law as the Bible states over and over save to love each other, and ADD to our faith.
There not one passage that speaks about buildings
and with persecution this was not possible. The point is the New principle of.faith is give and it will be given unto you......pressed down running over. Money is a part of the picture. Romans 12.1 is the whole context. None of this is possible outside the realm of the Holy Spirit in the New Covenant. For.anything to really really work as it is meant the Spirit has to bed us in the New reality of Galatians 2.20 and Romans 8 living......and that as a community.......something we have not yet seen anywhere on earth.
But adding anything to the gospel in terms of works is not the gospel of Jesus . And the tithing instruction is a fafalsehood that we address in the strongest manner in the Spirit.

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