Friday 7 October 2016

God's Norm for the Church

Understand we have limited doctrinal understanding but Life mercilessly sorts through us at levels so far untracked by any communities. If you searched out those in the Romford community 40 years on, like all communities everywhere you will find a handful that maybe have joined each other again and are more or less on the same wavelength but most will have been subject to the Life winnowing principle of " one is taken the other left" Sometimes as I said two weeks ago.... It is the community that has short circuited and stagnated.... Sometimes as Paul wrote.... It is genuinely a case of" but they went out from us and are no longer walking with us." Mostly we see a Moses or a Paul or the Desert Fathers being taken off somewhere for their " finishing" school. Emphasis on finishing. But Gods norm is Revelation 12..... That one generation of Spirit Church.....Woman.... Overshadow and bring forth the next ManChild, ready for the next wine skin.
The Church is like Araldite..... It's a two part system at all times.... It is simultaneously the Woman that gives birth and also the Jesus being brought forth . It's crazy talk humanly but in the Spirit this just is so. For other heavenly pictures of Spirit operations read the vision books of Ed Millers daughter Annie Miller.

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