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I did various blogs on this. The Red Arrows. Mother Basilea Schlink and Rees Howells and Norman Grubb.
It's true in Darkness as well. In fact Freemasonry and esoteric orders often fake their own deaths, which is why Elvis, and various others may just be around. Who knows?
What am I talking about?
My son Ben was talking about it to me today. The fact that yes there are particular skills that reach world top world football players. Formula 1 champions.
But what about Rally Champions? British Touring Cars?
Ben has brushed past some of the top skilled autochampions on earth at Goodwood. One was coming out of the toilets.
But some of the auto events are STILL off piste. They ARE on dedicated Sky auto channels....but outside this nobody, nobody at all has heard of them....but because Ben HAS....and before he acted in Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 as LEAD....he was socially he personally was far too STARSTRUCK to even ask for a signature.
As I wrote on my blog, who is going to ever recognise a RED ARROWS stunt pilot in Tescos or Wallmart as they push their trolleys?
What about in the Christian world?
Here's a weird weird thing. You can read more about it in the Visions of Annie Miller. (Ed Miller's daughter)
So here's the shocker!!!
Think of the most famous Christians currently hotly pursued on the Conference circuit?
Because I was effectively chucked out from these realms...unless I watch God TV, I actually don't know who they are so I tend to speak about the old names....Benny Hinn...Kenneth Copeland , Peter Wagner, Ayo Oritsejafor
Heidi Baker is interesting, because she is somwhere in transit between what I am talking about.
It's like soldiers and commanders...then the SAS
Here's the thing......the really big big ministries are only what St John calls YOUNG MAN Level.
because to become famous, you have to be appreciated....but to be appreciated you have to be understood....and because nobody "gets" the's off their wavelength.....
Possibly Heidi is on the way
Possibly Colin Urquart is on the way
THIRDLEVEL means powerful with God.
Kind of a hidden ministry that is hugely responsible for what really is going on.
Sadhu Sundhar Singh reported that he met a man called to interceed for the earth who was actually born in Africa in the late 1600s, and he was hidden away in the Tibetan mountains. When Singh met him he was 300. Some even say he went off to join him.
Rees Howells got brief mention in the newspapers when he announced the victory over Hitler about 2 years too soon. That's when Rees got the victory in the Spirit. Rees had a Welsh Bible College. He died young after the effort of the World War II intercession. But his college spawned 2 giants in the same bedroom. Bryn Jones, who was one of the main leaders behind the awesome Dales Bible Weeks and other Bible Weeks. Please....he did a lot more...but I was reflecting today what key Melchizedek events these were for our agegroup in the 70s.
Rees spawned Rheinhard Bonnke who with Cfan has led millions in Africa to Jesus Christ.
Anybody heard of Rees Howells? Only intercessors.
John Wimber was big in the 80s. But he speaks of an old farmer he used to go to. Bet you anything you like he was a thirdleveller.
When I arrived with other youth to spend time listening to Basilea Schlink...hopefully for a full month staying in their Darmstadt Sisterhood (and little brotherhood!!!!! The Nun's dresses didn't suit me!!! LOL) my disappointment and anger!!! was that Basilea had just upped and left to pray and interceed. I thought....hey hold on!!! This is my summer holiday. I gave up usual British stuff to hear Basilea and she had just upped and disappeared.
two or three weeks later (can't remember much...1974, I was 16)
she came back.
One of the greatest dangers at that time alluded to in Jung Chang's biography of Mao, was that having starved half his people, and saved and saved money he was now about amassing his troops on the borders ready to swoop on Europe. Basilea had somehow heard of this and went away to pray against it.
Ofcourse nobody else has ever heard of it. I am glad it is in Jung Chang's book. But literally as a one woman army, just like Rees Howells with the three wartime dictators, she went right before the Throne and paralysed Mao's operation. Next thing we know, Kissinger,Nixon and Mao are all having Freemason tea together....only that they were all in the same thing , ofcourse, wasn't known to us then.
Who has heard of Schlink? Only some Christians.
Now Jesus was amazing because He was able to move at the superficial multitude level
He was able to further instruct about 120
but ofcourse He was really working with 12 and particularly 3.
But you know what?
All the really thirdlevel stuff He was doing
The stuff behind the scenes on the Cross....
wouldn't even be known to us in scriptures but for the updates St Paul received from His heavenly encounters with Jesus Christ.
We wouldn't know HOW Jesus stripped powers and principalities
We wouldn't know how Jesus included us in His own death
We wouldn't know how intercession the |Philippians sense of a downward trail from glory to the Cross....and that this is indeed standard intercessory stuff, being made into the dung of the earth on behalf of others.....
a sequence St Paul then mastered for himself as he trailed a blaze across Asia Minor.....which the Illuminati are still trying to obliterate in this day 2000 years later.
THIRDLEVEL isn't just SAS powerful
THIRDLEVEL isn't just RED ARROWS powerful
The reason Jesus brothers couldn't begin to believe in Jesus is that His front cover was so so so normal. Isaiah says nothing about His outer form or activities stood out at all.
Jesus said Greater things than these shall you do.
And regularly you get bozos on Facebook saying since Jesus raised people from the dead, then the only thing greater is to get more resurrections.
NO NO NO NO you absolutle ignoramuses.
Jesus sad to us His followers
Whatsoever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven
Whatsoever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven
Who did the binding and loosing in the heavenlies???
Jesus. The Lamb slain.
Now He is going into action.
He the Head.
We the Body.
No No No...we're not going to be giving life to a few human bodies.
The Body Of Christ is going to BID all that will to COME and DRINK
Revelation 22
The Body of Christ is going to terminate the work of the devil in every nation on earth
The Body of Christ is going to be involved in a Psalm 24 Operation to Raise up and Lift up all the Ancient spiritual Doors and Boundaries and welcome the King of Gl;ory Back
A few dead bodies raised....NOTHING
Good job Jesus totally ignores the Facebook Christian BOZO school of human doctrines!!!!!
SHOUT AMEN SOMEBODY....even if it isn't very English behaviour !!!!

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