Sunday 27 August 2017

Where administration becomes more than administration

Administration is administration. The elders in the gates.
But then Israel turned their back on the King who spoke through prophets.
We will have a king.
But they will tax you severely,.said the Lord.
Nevertheless we will have a king class, just like all the other people's.
And since that time it has been so. VAT now is taken upon a fifth of all transactions.
Just in our own lifetime this would have seemed ludicrous.
We have lived in a world of.the ruled over. And.barons have fought to reduce the kings powers.
In churches we are ruled over by priests,vicar and pastors and support them through an Old.Testament tithing system.
But basically it's all one reality, where we will not have God rule over us but choose the Oppressor in His stead. This must be the ultimate slap in the face for one who has provided us with all things and every spiritual blessing.
Now States are no longer administrations but oppressive in their own right, having failed to fight off oppressors, but instead are spiritually weak and are compromised by them.
Where weakness is ,spiritual compromise reigns.

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