Sunday 27 August 2017

Bilderberg, Chips and the Israeli army

It's not the fact that implanted chips are being rolled out in Sweden. Implanted pacemakers have been going for.some time as well as.many other surgeries.
I object to the fact that an unelected elite drawn from the Council of 300 gather together as the Bilderberg group and then without anybody else's discussions proceed to foist their decade-long plans a stage further into implementation.
If you search my Facebook timeline somewhere is a graphic of all the main 2014 Bilderberg determinations....or.Diktats.
Encourage the last few.businesses to cards bringing the monthly costs right down.
Rollout payment systems on phones
Begin chipping the world
And.doubtless the drive for.unisex, complete blurring of.the sexes.
I hadn't put two and two until recently , but everywhere you see the drive.for.unisex you see the same Elite groups at work.
Of 80% owned by Rothschild is going to be the first to and.women in their official army.....Israel. Traditionally men went into.war and allowed themselves to be psychologically tortured by it as frontline people. It does not help.a.nurturing society to.have the females all psychologically hardened and in many cases damaged then being the main ones.raising the next generation. It creates a.society that is detached and where the State itself acquires far too great an importance, as we Fascism and Communism.

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