Wednesday 23 August 2017

Past the Foliage

Santo Calarco
2 hrs ·
Let's get real.
The absurdity of religion.
1. 15-year-old girl repeatedly raped.
2. Rapist sentenced to prison.
3. Soon after girl goes to a Bible camp and shes asked to repeat the sinners prayer to be saved.
She refuses… She is emotionally and spiritually damaged from the rape ... She Can't believe in this God who allowed her to be repeatedly raped!
4. She leaves the Bible camp gets hit by a bus and dies… She goes straight to hell for all eternity!
5. The rapist however says The sinners prayer in prison… He dies and goes to heaven.
This is what western religion believes!
What's my comment?
Yeah right!!!
The father of Jesus would restore both relationally and individually after death.
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Michael Albert Cuypers
Michael Albert Cuypers Hah@
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Paul Myers
Paul Myers The ♥️ of it all.. this thing called life..
The universe is a confusing place. No one asked to exist in the first place, but here we find ourselves in these bodies, going through much suffering, trying to find some meaning, and finally ending in wearing out and dying. While we can put our faith in a theory of the meaning of all this, there is no one who actually knows what the right theory is. All of us have different ideas of what God is like, or if there is a God at all. If we are honest, it's all up for debate. People don't reject the gospel because they know it's true and just don't want the truth. They are just sincerely convinced of something else, or perhaps they were presented a bad version of the gospel. Existence is perplexing. Meaningless suffering and injustice happen. We didn't ask for any of this. God remains invisible and debatable.
What's my point? The idea of a God who is angry with the human race is absurd. It cannot be stressed enough how absurd the idea of eternal torment is. Given our situation, that is the most absurd and unjust thing anyone could ever possibly think of. The idea is unfathomably asinine that there is a hidden God who is so angry at us little creatures for not getting him right when we are all just confused and indoctrinated into our particular cultural worldview. The fact that anyone ever believed in such is a testament to how gullible fear makes humans.
I absolutely believe in God, if you want to call it that. A personality and presence breathing through existence who gives reason to being and is summoning all things to a revelation of love. When this whole thing is consummated it's going to be bigger and better and more happy than any of us could have ever imagined. Meanwhile, we are in the middle of a cosmic drama and we have a part to play to awaken to the beauty of love and help awaken others, to ease suffering, and liberate captives, to be the face of God to each other.
~ Jacob M. Wright
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Michael Albert Cuypers
Michael Albert Cuypers Amen Jacob
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Dave Windhorn
Dave Windhorn In the end they will both love Jesus and each other because that's what it's all about!!
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Rodney Spencer Davis
Rodney Spencer Davis Alrighty then!!
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch The mists and the fogs are NOT about torment....
The mists and the fogs are about people who will press through
their own figleaves
will press through everybody else's foliage
will press through the Adamic to find the lifegiving Spirit.
Romans 12.2 as announced by Richard Wurmbrand simply talks straight to some of what Paul Myers just said....

Romans 12 .2 says we are on a proof mission....not that we as flesh can prove anything...
But as Job my flesh I will see God....
Or as the apostles put it
This life that we have touched tasted and handled we now pass on to you.
God is Spirit thats the first hurdle when we a in the West are almost totally leftbrain.....
There's what Blaise Pascale calls "Le Pari" or Norman Grubb calls the risk of faith, the "freefall of faith".

But to say "While we can put our faith in a theory of the meaning of all this, there is no one who actually knows what the right theory is. " is absolutely not true at all. What is better to say is that LIFE presses us through into knowing bits of Christ.....not intellectually only...but as our very fabric, our flesh our substance.

In Ephesians 4 it says when each joint is working properly it supplies that particualr part of Christ certainty and Christ knowhow to build the rest of the Body.

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