Wednesday 18 March 2009

Blogs are in real time!

Books you can construct over quite a time period. You can finesse them. You can get people you rate to check them over. And've got to collect the money together...or be shackled to a publishing order for them to see the light of day.

Blogs is us! In real time!
Jamie's silence. Sheila barricaded in with some Word!
Dan off working at his job.
Me restoring a piano in Kegworth. Half of us disappeared off to Hong Kong!

But I wonder if people are beginning to get it??!!!

Ephesians 1:9He (Y)made known to us the mystery of His will, (Z)according to His kind intention which He (AA)purposed in Him
10with a view to an administration suitable to (AB)the fullness of the times, that is, (AC)the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things on the earth.

With each advance of the the church....there is a change of administration.
A hundred years ago saw incredible Keswick Convention Bible Conventions.
Then 30-40 years ago there was another fresh wave of the Holy Spirit and we began....began mind get a vision of the Body of Christ...and a fresh conference style and wineskin began.
Then Christian media took off. People still argue over the 80's presentation of prosperity...abundance....our man ministries on the receiving end...

But take heart! This was one step out of slavery. There are clearer, more concise steps to come...and a lot of the 80s prototype will become clearer. But in a Kingdom context.

Others say"'re saying Kenneth Copeland.....Morris Cerullo...weren't Kingdom!"
No,I'm not saying that! I'm saying they were pioneers. And just as a seed doesn't look that pretty compared with a fullgrown flower....I'm saying the Kingdom is Ezekiel 37 with clothes on !!! It's beautiful and attractive. And it's the corporate full grown. Not one man putting his neck on the line and announcing it. Christian TV has been talking heads. Florida was one better. Miracles and Kingdom worship in real time over the airwaves into every home.
If first and second level wineskins had a certain glory about can bet that as we press into the 3rd level a greater, more glorious thing is emerging.

And part of it is things we've never had before.......
like Rory and Wendy - God TV....if they can stay the course and adapt to the new things!
The internet - Facebook- Blogs. And goodness what will follow. This is all the stuff of an international Body of Christ knowing no boundaries of race, colour,denomination,non-denomination....

and more than's lived in real time.
The first and secondlevels were not experienced in real time. They were meetings.Evangelical meetings. Then Spirit-filled meetings.
The 3rd level is about you learning Christ as you
In real time
Alongside a gazillion others all round the world
simultaneously. It's a faith walk. It's a grace walk. It's an exploration of Christianity with the guilt and manipulative techniques stripped out. Where the only thing that makes it work is you experiencing Jesus for yourself. Because if you don't...then nothing happens.

And to actually allow that.
Instead of faking things....just to fill the gaps. Which is what happens in 1st and 2nd level churches. Helping God along! Why is that ultimately destructive?
Because if you allow Isaac to actually be born.....he is more than enough to fulfil God's plan. And nothing else will do.

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Dan Bowen said...

That is one AWESOME revelation Chris, and really explains something that's been exciting me for ages and I haven't been able to figure out why!! Yes God is TOTALLY accelerating the advance of His Kingdom and if the Church won't do it through vigorous church planting, signs, wonders, miracles then He'll use TV, internet to speed up the spread of His Word and His glory!!