Friday 27 March 2009

Build up to Maelstrom Power

I won't copy the entire post...and if you want to see Dan's gaming video example it's all here anyway
Boy this rang bells so I did a reply on Dan's post today. I bet many of you who have experienced God's power working through you will identify with his post.
Dan writes:I was playing Scott's Wii and my favourite new game; "Starwars -Force Unleased" (yes I'm a nerd!). Essentially you are a character who has the ability to do different things to defeat your enemies. And one of the more powerful abilities is called a "Maelstrom". I was using it to defeat a crowd of enemies and I felt God begin to speak to me. Here's a video I took demonstrating the two different ways. You can gather energy for a short small burst or you can take longer to build up power and then release it in a blast that scatters the room.
Here's the essence of what He said to me;"That while it was and is My will that you went to Hong Kong and indeed receive everything possible from every portal of glory - I can and will work this together for good. If you had gone to Hong Kong then you would have had the glorious experiences of letting loose everything that has been burning in your spirit for the last few months or so. But now you will find that everything that has been burning in your spirit will continue to burn and grow to a greater degree and a greater dimension than you had even realised was physically possible.
In My economy I have designed encounters with Me as high points and they are to be loved and appreciated, but to miss one is not the end of the world. For I have many others planned and in store and in mind to surprise you with. For it is My delight to see you desperate to draw close to Me. And there is no Old Covenant dictate that you must draw close to Me and only then will I draw close to you. No! Rather the New Covenant glory is that it is by My proximity, My closeness, My passion that you feel the longing to reciprocate and open your heart up to Me and encounter Me.
So continue to allow this passion and desire to grow! Let it circle you, you fear it will drive you mad for longing - but that is love! My heart burns as I see desire for Me! And then ... when the time comes there will be a loosing of that desire in a powerful rush of glory that will demonstrate to all that I am not merely a God of the intellect, a God of the cerebral. Rather a God who delights to verify His Word with signs and wonders and miracles!".

Must be something in the airwaves about all this. First in the natural....then in the spiritual etc. I heard today that various amendments to Formula 1 mean that cars are being used with KURL...which is the controlled build-up of a power boost so that once a lap drivers can press a boost button for a release of extra power to pass an opponent....sort of similar isn't it. The stuff of Need For Speed Computer Games anyway.
Here's my reply:
Your blog is outstanding. Which is why it's had so many hits. I was just reading the Star Wars bits with Ben and Christine.Ben said..."What!! God talks to people when they are playing computer games." "Yes Ben. God can say things when you are doing anything!!" %%%%%%%%%%%%%I think you've hit on a motherlode there by the way. That relates so much to the build up I had when I went on that amazing French trip when I was 19. It's something to do with this 3rd level concept of birthing the miracles first! This as you stated so well is NOT A WORKS THING. It is Christ in you Himself incubating the miracles within you.So when God said to me "Do not put your name down for the usual student posts in France...but write to Rue de Musset church instead..." having obeyed...I simply had to trust and believe that I'd done what He told me. And then the pressure came on when nothing happened. And I had to go with that peace within and just stay with it.....The summer holidays came. Nothing. Rather dejectedly I thought...well I could do my parents' large hedge.Interesting. It was while I did that hedge...with all hope completely lost...That the Nugues phone me...said they used to be in rue de Musset...said come over tomorrow!! And I had 2 weeks of the wackiest, powerfilled revelation filled weeks of my life...beginning with that first breakfast when Mrs Nugues got zapped by the power of God and was instantly and permanently healed from epilepsy.So what the power build up thing describes is actually incredibly awesome. It's believing that you are in the right place,obediently doing what you feel called to do...and doing it by faith...until you feel called to do something else. It is a fulfilment of that verse " A Body thou hast prepared for me".It's a mad way of living because things happen like when Lazarus died, Jesus felt to stay longer in that other place. And every human being on Earth knows that when your closest friend is dying and close to death...the first law of human compassion is that you drop everything and go to be with them.So this power build-up thing...this"body you have prepared for Me" thing...has ramifications that make you want to scream!!! This is inhuman!!But it is itself the intercession- the incubation- the cooking time - for an absolutely awesome release of power far beyond what we could ever expect.It is this sort of process that happens when we fast.But loads of charismatics fast. Fasting is scriptural. But the fast God desires is on a whole different level. He says I want to live my life through You...give me a body. " " What my body. I was just going to give you a stomach!""I've had enough of stomachs.That was for the charismatics. This is the 3rd level. In this day I'm looking for bodies. Now give me a body."" But I was rather planning to do things with my life. I'm an intellectual. I'm a musician you know.Did you know God, that I've got a song in the Songs of Fellowship songbook!" " Yes I know. And that doesn't impress Me. Now give me your body."etc etc get the gist anyway.Have we any idea...back to the Star Wars game...what will be the power build up as we patiently do the simple things we are called to do as a Body? Imagine a 100 people like Rob Rufus in a room.
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