Tuesday 31 March 2009

Christine's Hanging Basket example

So the Godliness post showed us that we need to be stacked out with God's Word

Not to impress friends
Not to pass RE exams
Not to walk around religiously quoting stuff to the guy at the fish and chips shop
Not to pass Bible College finals

We need to know the Word sdrawkcab forewards upside down(google doesn't do this)
Because this is how life works

Because when we know it ,it can begin to move from left-brain to right-brain
and become us...and not just something in our restricted "spout-zone"...the mouth region.

While this is happening there are some "direct lines of attack"

Swift right-brain or more importantly spirit insertion tools

(Cut -out the middle man...the gobby bit of you!)

The gifts of the spirit both for the user and the recipient are all geared for this.
The gift of tongues is one of the best for this.

Praise and worship. Praise literally waits for God. Literally is a reception foyer! Why do you think all Billy Graham crusades began with Cliff Barrows. And all Morris Cerullo events begin with Black African praise...(cos the English praisers are too cerebral and cannot be trusted to bring the real Presence of God)

Fire tunnels
This lovely technique is the Body in action. Instead of being prayed for by one anointed person,you go through a tunnel of a gazillion anointed people.

Fire Tunnels in the UK. I'm not an expert. But I do know we use them here at the May Conferences in Havant.

Larger tunnels - but anointing isn't always size right!!!- can be found here:

RiverCamp August Bank Holiday Weekend

We have a secret weapon in our church like Ursula...she is over 60 and should know better..well actually she shouldn't know better...she's called Sylvia. One of our Mums in Zion. A prayer warrior. Anyhoo at the last River Camp Fire Tunnel she could be seen staggering about...well that's far too mobile a word...more crawling and collapsing...then using her finger in the shape of a pistol...to shoot God's blessing on people.

She's high up in the local social services you know!!! No, I mean she is employed as a skilled worker! Not high up the register!!

River Camp, by the way is not some quaint Anglican come Scoutcamp by a river. There is no physical river in sight..or in site.... only the River of God.

In fact when I knew they did lots of "soaking" I imagined lots of girlies lying with their backs on cushions...doing some gentle Vineyard thing...thinking to myself...how on earth will Ben cope with that?

But it turns out it is an Elim Camp...but you'd never know...bit like Capel Bible Week that Ern Baxter preached at in 1976. Certainly no one from the inner core leadership of Elim in Britain ever shows up there...far too dignified!! Which is probably why it's OK.

The kids work is outstanding at every age level....often exceeding the adults meetings...which is saying something. The praise band is incredible. The presence of God almost floors you when you go onto the camp grounds because of decades of prayer and "healing rooms" (John G Lake-style)type activity there.

Last year we ran an "open caravan policy" for all the posh riff raff in our church who went and stayed in bed and breakfasts!!! They are not making that mistake twice. Many are staying on site this year.

Christine received special insight as a result of the last Fire Tunnel which ties in directly with these last posts about our spirits, and our spirits expressed through this so underdeveloped right-brain region of ours.
She was watering some hanging baskets during a dry spell after being away last summer. She noticed the first couple of waterings appeared to run straight off, because the soil was so dry.
She felt God say something about this regarding English left-brain people when confronted with the Holy Spirit . Those spiritual parts of us are so so so dry in England..
We're so used to living from, managing everything, doing everything from these little pea sized left-brain computers of ours...that when the water of the Holy Spirit is first applied...it cannot do anything. It almost runs straight off. We have to soak several times to even water those areas of us that eventually will have the capacity to recive God's Presence.

We have to do many repeated applications. We have to be like Naaman in the Old Testament and dip 7 times...both to humble our proud self-sufficient left-brains and also simply because our spirits need that to begin softening up and then be able to take the application!!
Our left-brains need humbling!!! Oh yes they do! They were never meant to be the foundation we live from. They are usurpers to the throne!! The truth is we are far bigger than that with far bigger capacities...to love, to laugh, to be filled with joy,
to praise, to receive wisdom - the supernatural, to fulfil the first and second commandments with ease...remember them??? Love God with all our heart and mind and soul and strength and love others as we love ourselves....and even greater love than this in the New Covenant.
Einstein never learned about relativity from his left-brain. His left-brain only came up with the maths afterwards as a proof. He was dreaming about a sunbeam at the time. His right brain got it first.
The truth is Britain is a creative place. But you'd never know it from the left-brain buttoned up manner in which we conduct ourselves. People need acouple of units of alcohol before they will even talk to each other. What a country!!Famously known for this in all the world. Actually only a few steps off autism. Living with Argentinians during the 1981 Argentinian war period...but over here in Emsworth, this became painfully apparent.
Well England this is not Kingdom! So as more and more come into the new life in the Spirit...you'd better get used to a bit of change. As people become less Dalek like...and come into the real world. For over 100 years the English have been saying to Pentecostal people ...you're not in the real world. No England, we're becoming normal! You are weird...ask any other nation.

The left-brain tends to only function like Richard Dawkins says...from what it can receive as definite input from the 5 senses. So when externals dry up in hard times, all the left-brain can do is come back with increasingly shrinking data about its straitened circumstances. God gave me a picture of this like a hamster wheel. Britons who are locked into their left-brains are like a hamster....they think they are doing something definite, but in reality they are moving paper around, they are just going round and round on a wheel! And then they develop an education system to teach other people how to live on a hamster wheel. And they take great pride in it.Instead of teaching the stuff that came over to this country 2000 years ago in the gospel...."Seek God and Live".

We need to learn familiarity with the River of God!

Good Word Christine! Britain are you listening?

picture taken from http://www.ambius.co.uk/showcase/catalogue/hanging-baskets.aspx?gclid=CKuB_s28z5kCFQETGgodgGcytw Their views may not be reflected in this post


Sheila Atchley said...

"Actually, only a few steps off autism"...Chris, this made me laugh out loud. You have such a perspective, and a way with words. Please tell Christine that her word picture is very, very good. I had never thought of it that way, but my hanging baskets have become the same way before...and she is right. You sometimes need to set them in a sink of water to "soak" for a long time...

And that Naaman example? REALLY great. I'm so glad I read that.

Blessings to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

"For over 100 years the English have been saying to Pentecostal people ...you're not in the real world. No England, we're becoming normal! You are weird...ask any other nation."

Awesome :) I reckon that sums up a true Kingdom view of the UK!

Here's to becoming more normal :)