Sunday 22 March 2009

Ship Propulsion Unit Vision and The original Word as a suspended Orb vision

Re-issued in Facebook: Prophetic Voice - last week.

I am not sure how to respond about the recent news of Todd Bentley regarding his 2nd marriage.I do pray that he be restored...but on a very deep level. I just pray we're not into quick fixes in order to "preserve some face" with the world. What is interesting is that God allowed the release of a word in the last Key of David meeting in Havant. And last night Jose encouraged me to share it here. It came originally 9months ago while I was at an HMS Sultan open day while Florida was still ongoing - 21st June last year. Like a lot of things that came during the Florida Outpouring they began life in Dan Bowen's Life On Wings blog. see is how it appeared
Ship's Propulsion Unit
I've just returned from a day at HMS Sultan.Great time with my son Ben who is 8.There's always plenty of stuff going on. but , uncharacteristic for me, not being too engineery, we stopped off to look at just one stripped down frigate propulsion unit. (There can be 4,6 or 8 on one vessel)A sailor took us right through how it worked. When we got to the burners I noticed they were a group of cylinder type things, about 12 or 20 or something positioned in a circle. Then at the side of all this were 2 small ignition burners on the left and on the right. Don't switch off artist types- or non engineery girlies!!!I asked how often did they have to be stripped down for maintenance? He said after around 600 hours all the cylinder burners were completely changed. all that? This is what God said. All that we have seen up until now...from John G Lake, Smith Wigglesworth through the one man pioneers of the 50s through to Morris Cerullo Rheinhardt Bonnke...(maybe Todd Bentley)far from being the main show...were just ignition burners for the Kingdom. The real Kingdom ministry as pioneered by John Wimber and later Toronto and hopefully Florida is a faceless affair. Its the whole Body moving into overdrive. Men like the aforementioned were called men, ahead of the game, but now in secret,all over the world,the Body has been growing. So i felt God say that many would be used as simultaneous burners at full throttle, but then they would be put aside for another set of burners. In the navy example the burners are thrown away...but in God's Kingdom,people are not discarded after use, they experience a reassignment!! So imagine...if what we look up to now are just the ignition burners, the fire starters, what does the Kingdom look like when all the rings of 12 or 20 burners come on working simultaneously and in parallel??????Only to be replaced immediately by another set, then another set.And one ship can have 4 or 8 of these propulsion units!!!!To a world fed on church comedy like the 60s "All Gas and Gaiters" through to the 90s "Father Ted" and "Vicar of Dibley" they won't know what has hit them. "Where did they come from?"21 June, 2008 20:45
I would now only add to this further confirmation that what I am saying is accurate. Here are some obvious examples of "rings of burners" rather than one man shows. On the day of Acts "Peter stood up with the other 11!!!"The pattern was seen immediately on the day the church was born.In 1974 some incredibly significant London meetings were held by another set of ring burners...that for a few months held it together. They were Gerald Coates, Dave Mansell,Maurice Smith,John Noble,John McLauchlin,and a handful of others...including at one point the Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr. I was in that one age 16, and it was a fantastic move forward for the UK. Sadly this was so shortlived.In the early 70s up to the Dales Bible Weeks the UK was affected by another set of "ringburners". They grouped around Fort Lauderdale. They were Don Basham, Derek Prince, Bob Mumford, Ern Baxter and a few others. For a brief instant while under the anointing...the stuff they were bringing was in the Holy Spirit...and actually fathered the birth of nearly all our churches...indirectly or directly. This too did not last.The point of my blog ( )is to say that in order to get longer burn from sets of "ringburner ministries"...more like the initial 12 apostles in duration....(though this period admittedly itself was cut short by persecution and death...not by adultery and leaders falling out!!!)leaders need to be of the same mettle as the apostles. St John calls this the "Father" stage of growth...what I am calling the 3rd Level. It is absolutely distinctive in the Holy Spirit and often comes after amazing high profile failures. See St Peter. So maybe Todd is in with a chance!The Key of David meeting did not emphasize leadership. The Holy Spirit was particularly emphasizing churches of faceless people all moving in their giftings, and that collectively something greater than the sum of all the parts is produced in terms of anointing and power.
Suspended Orb Vision (original)- relayed in email to John Stevens Sep 07
My latest revelation goes something like this. Truth as we know is many sided, like a brilliant cut diamond. But this is what I have seen...only I cannot describe it exactly...something like this. Imagine in a science lab, some sort of orb, suspended electromagnetically in space, say surrounded by electromagnets.
Well imagine turning off the electrics, and yes, you still have the orb, now come to rest on a bench, just sitting there.Now, a lot of Christians think they have the Truth, because they have the Bible words, but in reality they have an orb on a bench.
The Truth, the real truth is a Person, the Living Jesus, expressing Himself here and now through the lovely Person of the Holy Spirit.Now, in the Old Testament, they were instructed to build the Holiest Place exactly as instructed, which included The Ark and the two golden Cherubim above it.When everything was done exactly as instructed, then God humbled Himself to come and dwell above the Ark between the cherubim.His real presence suspended (like the orb) between the cherubim, needing nothing of man for support...He is who He is, and we can like it or lump it.
So when we act on the Word, which contains the extremes of:

  1. Fearing the Lord and respecting His codes of behaviour
    yet all the while acting with grace towards those who act and live otherwise
  2. Living and moving by the Word of faith on our lips yet still doing a good job of day to day stuff, towards our families and employers,
  3. Praying with believing for the sick yet all the time suffering and bearing with those for whom nothing at the moment is changing.

    After 35 years of living with the divided notions of Christians in this country, I am starting to have sufficient clarity in my spirit to begin to take people to task, but only because, I myself am such a failure, and Jesus has been building stuff in me, to give me more stability. God is not pleased that evangelicals remain unbaptized in the Spirit, or that baptized in the Spirit people so called, are not reaching out, both practically and in the gospel message.It just is not good enough that Anglicans are not taken to task, that Methodists are so blase about being born again in this country.
    So to recap...Watchman Nee said nothing less than the whole Bible makes a whole Christian.
    It seems, there is none among us who can naturally hold the whole of Truth, so our secular brains need to yield to the Spirit,
    who transforms us inwardly , the spirit of our mind changes, the whole of our insides stretch, to take in more of the extremes of His Word.
    When I came to Emsworth, David McCulloch senior prophesied Enlarge the place of your tent;Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not;Lengthen your cordsAnd strengthen your pegs.
    Each one of those pegs hurts our former way of viewing things.
    Somehow , as we submit to His Spirit doctrines , God humbles himself to stretch His Presence over us, like a covering.
    It is not good enough that some say, I like praise. Others say, I like prayer and intrcession. Others say I like those, but don't talk to me about giving money, and sowing seeds. Others say, I move in the anointing and the Word of faith, but I am not interested in the three stages of growth:1st level, 2nd level and third level.One brother has recently left us to devote himself to evangelism in a local very fast growing church, which is great,but I knew in my spirit that I could never talk with him at this stage about Christ living our life as us. So he will learn the hard way, as people come in the revolving door, and leave by the opposite one, because the very crunch point of how sin operates in our lives has never been addressed or communicated properly.
    But as we in the Spirit raise each one of these pillars (of Truth), we create a venue, that God delights to dwell in, like between the Cherubim.It's something like a series of electromagnets
    which holds His Presence like that orb, in tension between all the points.But those electromagnets are themselves God things, they are revelations of His Word.


The 1978 Aeroplane Take-off Vision

This has been one of two or three compasses for me giving overall direction for my life. This passage features first of all during the Lakeland Outpouring on Dan Bowen's site here in the comments section May 21st 2008 11:23pm

"Never before in history, have we had the technological means to literally stand together globally in a Psalm 133 setting of unity, to await a supernatural enduement from on high , to fulfil the calling in of the Gentiles in unimaginably large numbers.In 1978 I had a very strong Word come to me as I was in a 12 seater aeroplane waiting to lift off.Up until now I have only related it with the time period between then and now. Today I also related it with Florida itself. The pilot went through 3 prophetic phases before lift off. The first 2 seemed to take an age. Phase 1. He spent ages fastening himself in, checking and re-checking all the dials, switches and levers in the cockpit.You can see it all on a 12 seater. Phase 2. The engines are revved faster and faster and faster, but still nothing actually happens. Then, when you think nothing will ever happen, phase 3 is when he effortlessly removes the brake!!! And the plane feels like it is catapulted into the air. At which point the Body of Christ will fly like it has never flown...full of the very glory of God.


Cheryl Lowry said...

Chris, I was at the lakeland revival with Todd Bentley (live near by) It's was great to see God move in a most spectacular way...People say to me, "what do you think of Todd Bentley now"? My thoughts of Todd are of great expectation...I dare to say, Todd has prob. experienced the most liberating life since lakeland...When God removes the mask from our idenity people dont always see it as good but it is good because until our idenity is His idenity we never know who we are...We our self are mere men. love your articles.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

that's really interesting. My own story isn't too different except I never reached 1 million people in my first 10 Christian years. Many thanks...see you all on facebook.