Tuesday 17 March 2009

Praying for all of you - but this is the first report

I found the following quite encouraging following our weekend of just about non-stop prayer at Havant Church.....(shared out between us)....So I wrote to Julie about it:

Hey Julie,I have been praying for all the people that I link to and (for those who have )commented on my site...during our church's Prayer 24/7 weekend.... well 5 days actually.

When I came to (Praying for)you I was led to pray about hotel accommodation in Hong Kong. I thought ..how weird is that...cos I was thinking every hotel in Hong Kong would be pretty swish anyway...seemed like a waste of prayer!!!

Wow wow wow!!!truly we are all in one Body!!!!

This is what she has written in today's 1st Hong Kong post:
I am seriously behind on keeping the blog up to date on relevant news. I have a few rather big announcements actually, and one is that I'll be attending the Glory and Grace conference '09 in Hong Kong! I'm actually already here and the conference starts tomorrow, I'll be meeting Lydia at the airport tonight and we'll be staying together in our somewhat flashy hostel, which God graciously allowed our room to be upgraded (believe me, this is a big blessing, I should have taken a picture of the room I stayed in the first night!).


lydia said...

thanks Chris!

lydia said...

oops it's really me Julie using Lydia's computer...