Thursday 28 May 2009

Life in Three Dimensions

I'm excited about this because I really believe it is another parable clue to explaining what I am on about. I really think this could be from the Lord Himself...because He always was brilliant at parables.

Parables I realised recently are God's way of flicking us over from left-brain "meter" or "law-based" thinking if you will, to a more comprehensive "picture" or "creative" way of thinking usually associated with the right brain.

I've covered this material briefly here. But again I want to say this. In the 90s when this right brain /leftbrain stuff came out it was such a release for us artist/musical/prophetic types that we made the mistake of relating the right-brain to our spirits. On this blog I have been careful not to do this.
Spirit is spirit. It is NOT material. Brain is brain. It IS material. It is the electrical mechanics behind our thinking. And's our soul, but like spirit you can never pinpoint it...though materialist thinkers (using materialist in its original philosophical meaning) think the electrical signals is all there is to us.

Electrical readings show us we use parts of our brain for different skills...sometimes on their own ,sometimes together. They also show that in a healthy person we have some sort of telephone exchange system between the two sides of our brain.

Dyslexia,dyspraxia (poor physical co-ordination) autism, synesthesia......all show up as different ways of processing.

I was listening to Frank Viola today who again referenced our Western tendency to Aristotelian thinking. Tony Fitzgerald used to call it "Greek thinking" as opposed to Biblical "Hebrew"thinking.

Proverbs is Hebrew thinking...where knowledge is one thing....but wisdom is quite another.
There's a proverb which illustrates the difference. It says somewhere "A proverb in the mouth of a fool is like a man who hasn't the use of his legs."

When we speak wisdom from our spirits IT HAS LEGS. ("That'll walk!!!") It comes out of our lives. Out of the core of our existence.

When an Anglican Bishop who is not even born again speaks the word "God", to a born again person it sounds like an empty sound; it often sounds like his mouth is full of a large potato when he mouths the word. It has no legs, so to cover the reality of the situation, his mouth seems to go into overdrive to make up for the deficiency.

So you can't say Left-brain bad, right-brain good....because you need both to function.

What you cannot do is live from your left-brain alone. And Proverbs 3:5 highlights way too much dependance on our reasoning powers and practically no "trusting" going on in our heart. This has some amazing repercussions. I have covered some already but in future posts I want to cover "how prophets think", I want to cover the mad way Brits and Americans do politics.... and the fundamental differences between how different character types
process information. Here's a nugget to get you going. I lived for a year in France and getting enrolled as a self-employed tuner in their system was something else!!!
I learned this truth: Bureacracy is inversely proportional to the amount of Truth manifest in a nation. You think France is bad...just go to Italy. What does that say about Catholicism???

So back to this post.
What is the Third Level?
It isn't what you think it is.
Traditional left-brain Greek mentality thinking imagines a series of 3 steps going higher and higher. So ofcourse this is offensive because if you claim to be "on the third-level" you are putting yourself above someone else.

Surprisingly and gob-smackingly it is none of this. In a moment I'll give the parable picture. But now I will give some examples.
Ursula describes in her School of Prophecy post being caught up to heaven. So there you are with the Director of all directors, the One who has knowledge of the end from the beginning. You must surely be in for some deep spiritual revelation to confound all others. This surely is a Third-level meeting. Well it confounds others all right. Jesus whirrs you round in His arms. Hugs you. Looks full in your face. Beams with love!!! That's the third-level. I'm so sorry to disappoint the theologians!

Now if this was a freak one-off occurrence you could put this down to Ursula not being quite up to the deep things of God ,so this was Jesus humouring her. But no....

When Roberts Liardon went as a young boy, he was pretty impressed, because Jesus played splash with him in the River of Life. You know deep stuff like that.

When Jesse Duplantis went he described a carbon copy of many of the things Ursula saw, but Jesus was really keen to show him the house he'd had built for him. Jesus had rigged him up with a quadrangle with a fountain, and loads of 17th century type furniture, because he knew Jesse loves that stuff. Jesse said, "I can see you Jesus. I can see the Father. Um...I thought there were three of You? Where's......."
Jesus just looked at him. Jesus grinned. Jesse felt a bit embarrassed. "Oh ofcourse, He is on Earth, preparing the Bride!!!! What a nana I am? How could anyone be so stupid?"

Back on Earth now in revival. And that's what the third level's continuous revival. What do you find?
You find Evan Roberts face down on the podium around 1905 and 6. Only getting up to say something as directed. Quite often he said nothing. And he was the acknowledged leader of the meeting! This is third level!!!
Or you read of Mel Tari , 60 years later. Just going around with a load of friends, being led to do miracles. Without title.Without name. Just lifting up the Name of Jesus. Just loving Jesus with all your heart, soul and strength.Just enjoying the ride.
This is third level.

Third level is what John Stevens writes on his blog about thin places. The wall between the 3rd heaven and here on earth appears to be paper thin.

After Evan Roberts, the Pentecostal movement was born...then some pressed onward into Apostles and prophets, and the Apostolic movement was born. But really , it was like a retreat, back from 3rd level stuff into a more humanly comfortable 2nd level. They couldn't go back to the 1st level, because having tasted the heavenly gifts....well who would ever want to go back that far? But nevertheless....all the "man-directed" junk reappeared. The labels. ...the superintendents..... the heirarchies. And running meetings in the raw effusion of the order of Melchizedek... well the Presence of God wasn't enough anymore!

Here's another third-level truth.
On the way into the tabernacle there are no steps.
In Anglicanism there are steps. You start as a curate. You become a vicar. Then you become a Bishop. Your ermine gets thicker!!! Your penguin costumes get more and more elaborate. You'd better believe there are steps!!! Bishops and vicars have to then perform this mental juggling act between what is read out in the scriptures in a 2 yearly cycle or everything that Jesus says about becoming a servant etc.....has to be mentally squared up with the way Anglicanism is run! No wonder some of them have breakdowns! One of my friends has recently de-vicared!!!
Because the tabernacle has no steps...they are forbidden..."lest they show the shame of man's weakness"....the 3rd level or Holy of Holies is on the same level as anything else in the Tabernacle!!!

Here's another 3rdlevellism!!!
Every single human on Earth was taken into the bosom of the Father at the Cross - in Jesus.
The problem is ignorance. People don't know that!!

Every single Christian was born again in the 3rd Level...the Holy of Holies....when Jesus ascended into the heavenlies right into the Holiest Place. This is made clear in Ephesians 1 and 2.

But the god of this world has blinded our eyes. Now some have escaped into level 1. They know Jesus has forgiven them their sins. Some have escaped into level 2 and now manifest the spiritual gifts, lead people to Jesus, and build networks of 2nd levellers. But Juan Carlos Ortiz prophesied that there would come a time when everybody would be born again in the third level, the Holy of on earth. The New Covenant...when everyone would know the Lord from the least to the greatest.

And the foretaste of that was Florida last year!!! It wasn't just the Todd Bentley show. Nicholas and Pam were there. Peter Stott was there. Leaders from Southampton and Chichester were there. Basil De Souza came back so zapped...while he was preaching he looked at somebody in India and they were levitated to the ceiling in the glory, such was the Fire of God coming out from his eyes.
The doors of the 3rd level were ajar!!! It was the "Jesus in His worldwide Body" show as televised by God Channel!

But let me explain again what this blog is about.
Suppose the Father gives you a bike. And while enveloping you in His arms, you're sitting on the bike enjoying balancing. And each meeting He gets the bike out, and because He is there holding you very firmly, you are able to balance while the bike is stationary.

Well after several meetings would you not be saying to the Father..."I'm getting a bit frustrated, because you gave me this bike, and you are getting me on it every meeting...but when do I get to actually ride it myself and learn to balance on my own?"
"No. No son. This bike is only for Josh Mills meetings with the gold dust. It won't work out on the roads!!"

Well ofcourse that's silly. And that's the point of this blog. This blog is saying that 3rd level Christianity is precisely that. It's taking Christ in your form, as you...and living him out on the road. Learning to balance the bike yourself. And the glory of this Jesus life is that it works!!!
By faith. By His grace. Not of our own works. But it genuinely is Him living our life. And we activate it as we activate anything by stepping out on His Word. By believing in our heart and by confessing with our mouth. Like Dan who continually writes and says "Iam the righteousness of God in Christ!" Whew that's a powerful one!

But that's not the parable.

It's in answer to this question that has been buzzing in my mind for months."If this 3rd level thing has nothing to do with on earth do I articulate that in left-brain words. How do I say I am exploring the 3rd level without it sounding really like I'm saying I am something special."
Well I believe this is one of those nuggets that Jesus has breathed Himself. It's like this.

Three dimensions.
Physicists say a single point is a singularity. Imagine an infinitely small dot having no height, no width and no breadth. Add one dimension. Width. So you can now go from point A to another point B on the horizon but only in one line. Better than being stationary isn't it? Are you superior because you are making for point B, though you haven't arrived? No. No more superior than a person simply getting on a train. It's just something you do.

But supposing the place you want to reach is way over to the left and nowhere near where the A to B train is going. Well you could always use a car. A car moves in 2 dimensions. You can turn left and right.
Are you more superior because you use a car? Well Jeremy Clarkson says you are. But in reality it is just another tool that gives us slightly greater flexibility. But we're not saying we've arrived.
We're on our way. But in 2 dimensions.
Supposing we want to mend the space station which keeps breaking down. We're going to have to move in 3 dimensions. A rocket or rocket plane.
Have we arrived? Are we superior? No it's just a tool which has more manoeverability to allow us to move in three dimensions. Up as well as across and straight ahead.
This dimension parable picture is brilliant for another reason. It shows how a person can be born again in the third level but still has to go through all the growth stages. Something I couldn't quite get my head round, though I knew from Florida last year was true. All we are saying is that a third level seed of three dimensional Divine Life has been placed into a believer's spirit. That seed is perfect. Can't be improved on. Contains everything within it that the believer will ever need...."the Fulness of the Godhead bodily dwells within My Lord...etc...and we are complete in Him." But the 3 dimensional seed still has to grow
But at least it is 3 dimensional seed.... not one or 2 dimensional seed that we've been preaching for nearly 2000 years...and getting only one or two dimensional results!!!!........meanwhile, where was I?

Ah yes....So any talk of 3rd level as having arrived...well Paul just said...I press on to know the power of His resurrection that if at all possible I may attain to the resurrection of the even be thinking like that.
Mind you this was the man, who having been stoned,left for dead, was prayed for by the brethren, gets up, and without even a cup of tea says..."Right, next town then!!!" It always reminds me of the Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, who loses all his limbs and fights on.

All third level is , is simply the revelation you need to get you out of that meeting room, away from those praise CDs, away from the prayer closet, away from 24/7 one hour prayer sessions

to a place where you start growing up into the Head
leaving meetings behind
but when you later go into them you turn them on their head
because you are a 3rdleveller
you live there.
You don't go to meetings so they can bless you.
You go to meetings so you can take them by the scruff of the neck and head them off in a 3rdlevel direction, before anyone knows what you are doing!
3rd level Jesus walking to the front of a meeting reading Isaiah 61 then saying Today this is fulfilled amongst you.
Meanwhile a rabbi looks up, raises his thick eyebrows and says "Aherm! I don't remember that last sentence. Come again?What was that?"

Part of third level life is winding people up. I love the fact that by calling this blog "On to the 3rd Level"...tons of people stuck in their left-brains are thinking of Greek step mentality and that I am setting myself up as a super saint who has achieved step 3...and therefore hate this blog...

when really Ephesians says all of us have been caught up into the heavenlies and we operate now from there. 1st and 2nd levellers read these chapters out because they have to......but 3rd levellers are the only ones who dare to say
because this is TRUE we run our meetings this way. Today this is fulfilled before your very eyes!!!
Another 3rd levellism is that our God is not
The God of Abraham and Isaac.
For years we have effectively preached that.
Our God is
The God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.
This is the generation of Jacob...those who seek the face of the God of Jacob..Ps24

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