Thursday 7 May 2009

From the Mystery of Sin to the Mystery of Syn VI - Network Hubs

I have a sort of plan with this subject....then life happens!!
It seems this is a bit of a motherlode.
Also because I am a tuner in my daily life.
But now....also currently.

I thought the street-dance group Diversity were a great visual for this series. On Tuesday night I was gripped by a science/computer type programme in the mid-evening on the subject of networking. This was the final sentence.

Far from being a computer field only, network theory has now become one of the central subjects of research in science in our century.

In a nutshell, what began in the realm of computer linkage, has now spread to include all major science studies...with for example applications in cancer research.

It is this. Originally , it was supposed that the web was going to be an egalitarian connection process between all points on the Earth, connecting pretty randomly to all points on the earth.
What in fact transpired is that pretty soon some superhubs emerged, which have become the well-known names on the web. Google.Amazon.Ebay. And many others.
This led to a study of network theory.
Theories like
Everyone is connected to everyone by about 6 stages of separation or less.
The appearance of hubs is not random but follows a predictive path also observable in cells in our body, in organ behaviour in our bodies, in atomic and molecular particles, in non-web organizations of people- like the star circuit in Hollywood.

These observations have everything to do with how the true Church operates. Based on living linkages of "what each joint supplies". As soon as you stop supplying...and move back into "the myth of the independant self", locked back into the cynicism of you as a finite being just "getting along" in the best fashion that you as a self-determining god in your own right can handle....

The Body fractures.
The anointing leaves.
Reproduction cannot occur.

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