Sunday 24 May 2009

Big Church Day Out - the Pics

Here are the pics. I've just arrived home. Features include YFriday,Graham Kendrick,Israel Houghton and his band,Michael W Smith,Delirious (Tim Jupp the keyboard player thought up the whole event) Steve Chalke,Prayer 24/7 with Pete Greig....14000 of us and numerous side events like the Kings Orchestra,Louise Fellingham,Cathy Burton, some youth rappers from, and touch rugby, a fun run with Sally Gunnell, food and fairground, and the free run of the grounds of Wiston House.

Some of us adults went with the youth from the church. It was extraordinarily well-managed
from the traffic direction down to loos and food facilities.

There were funfair elements for the kids, bouncy castles,jousting...a rapper stage...purpose erected marquees for the different age groups

Wiston House, although privately owned by a family for hundreds of years, (the owners became switched on by an Alpha course) is in fact leased out to the Home Office for conferences. The grounds are so vast that all the activities were actually quite sparsely scattered and there was never a feeling of being too crowded out!
Near the house was a large tea tent manned by Open Doors, and serving Kingdom Coffee. Some of the members of Kings Orchestra were playing in a very English civilised fashion, while others were painting live.

A christian sports outreach were teaching the fine arts of touch rugby.
Sally Gunnell was leading a friendly 1.5 kilometer run. (sadly no pics)
Riding Lights have a younger trimmed down version which goes into schools with dramatized Bible stories and relevant contemporary themes.The picture down below is a rear view of the actors and audience in the gardens.

Cathy Burton is a local talent who sings quality toons!
The former mover and shaker behind Greenbelt Festival became the Mayor of Worthing this weekend.Instead of supporting him in prayer in the ordinary way, they gave him a crowd surf!

Prayer 24/7 highlighted some amazing projects of believers just stepping out in faith and prayer and seeing things form around them in very needy situations.
A quick tour of the large stall tent revealed a great new version of the New Testament by Colin Urquart called The Truth. It is not a paraphrase like the Message, but it is an attempt to drive home the meaning of the original greek so as to leave no ambiguity. Well worth getting! Derived from 4 Greek translations, it was the last thing Colin expected to be called to do.
As the night drew in first Michael W Smith sang a mix of many of his most beautiful and well-known praise and worship "Hallelujah,the Lord God Almighty reigns. he felt God was telling him to share about his encounter with the Father while shaving around 20 years ago...and how the whole structure of his life changed. many of his songs now are just singing to Papa! He was encouraging us about the rise in expectation for revival in this land.

Jose is one of the main drummers here. We both hail from the network of Argentinian churches called rios de Vida...which included Emsworth.
Helen Rubio and her dynasy of a family are from the same background. Jose is married to her sister Elizabeth.

We were both enjoying all the excellent music...and spirit behind the music. We both loved Israel Houghton who we'd not seen before.

For techies, some would say nerds, but I am far too polite- pics taken on Samsung D 900 mobile.



Shawna said...

This looks and sounds like such a fun day. What are the clusters of flags for? They are very beautiful.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Shawna,I'm not sure what the flags were exactly; they were a beautiful shape.

it was such a good day. Someone else who had a dream about this house was asked about it. How does this compare with your dream? he said it's about ten times too small! So watch this space.
Delirious began about 15 miles away in a school hall in Littlehampton...then they had a series of sea front concerts in 94 called Cutting Edge...then looked what happened to them! Martin Smith was in top form and Jose got to hold him up when he was crowd surfing!!

Nicole said...

The blogring is a great idea!