Tuesday 19 May 2009

Life In the Melchizedek Order IV:Havant Church and electrons

This post was triggered by reading a sentence about Shakespeare in Bill Bryson's new book.Because of the scant information regarding his life"He(Shakespeare) is the literary equivalent of an electron-forever there and not there."

I was talking about this electron image to a piano client who was an electrical engineer. One of those involved with BBC transmittors at Crystal Palace in the early years.

I was saying that in time to come people would realise that spirit was the real substance, and that what we take to be real substance is really the flickering screen onto which spirit is scanned.

Jon Sidnell would be better on this. My parents pulled out of physics teaching early to avoid the new physics which was just coming in in the mid 80s. "Enough is enough"said Mum.

Basically, Schroedinger's Cat and stuff like that is about the mercurial nature of electrons. Electrons are sort of there one fraction of a second and gone the next. They behave like waves and particles...but not both....well not at the same time. Your turn Jon.........

The Melchizedek order is precisely like this.

In John 7, the brothers of Jesus said,"You coming up to the Feast(of Tabernacles) then Jesus?"

Behind that statement was a tinge. The family lore about Jesus being left behind and Mary and Joseph losing him, then Him driving them nuts by saying, "Wasn't I just in My Father's house."So they kind of knew He had this mercurial quality when it came to the fixed Jewish Festivals.

Jesus answered them "No". Then the Bible says He went up to the Feast but in secret.

He said to His brothers "Your time is always with you".

In sin life, we are rooted in this delusion of ourselves as "alone-I's" in the Universe. Gods in our own right. Choosing what we want to do. Making our own way. Doing the "best we can".

Our time is always with us. Ern Baxter describes this memorably as "All we like sheep have gone astray, turned everyone to OUR OWN WAY."He said this was the ultimate definition of sin.

Connect ourselves to God and we find we are in a very different time system. You can do more in 2 seconds under the power of the anointing than days, weeks or decades living in the flesh.As I've described before about the epilepsy incident in France, the Power of God gets behind the atoms to the spirit disorder causing it.

Yesterday on Radio 2 Roger Royle was expounding about his patron interest in epilepsy on his slot on Wogan. "Thank God",he said,"we don't believe the cause of epilepsy is evil spirits any more." Implication: those dumb ignorant gospel writers!

Well ofcourse the writers do not understand the mechanics of the brain. The truth is after nearly 100 years active research we only know a little more ourselves. We know that epilepsy is some sort of electrical storm between both hemispheres. But those who know what it is to accept Jesus into their hearts like this:

"Lord, I'm a sinner. If You are there ,save me.Come into my life and take over as Lord."

And those who know what it is to be baptised in the Spirit, by praying this prayer:"Lord I see in the scriptures that it says "For the joy set before you,You endured the cross." And this was because this gave You the legal right to baptise us/immerse us/fill us with the joy and power of Your Holy Spirit as soon as You had ascended to heaven, sharing Your holy anointing oil of Kingship with humans!" So please fill me now. And because it says if a son asks his earthly father for an egg will he give him a serpent? Implication:No. In the same way because I have asked You for the baptism in the Spirit/gift of the Spirit then I believe You are delighted to do so and have answered me. And I start praising You for it."

These are people who then understand the realities of verses like "We wrestle not against flesh and blood". And Rog, because they write that,it doesn't mean they are dumb. It means they see clearly behind every flickering electron, there is a greater spiritual reality that must be bound before anyone gets healed in any brain cells.....or any disorder anywhere for that matter.

Actually, considering the modern discoveries/theories of the quantum world of the inside of atoms and their wackiness....actually it is our modern world that is ignorant...because it still holds too great a store on what we think we can handle/touch and taste.It needs to catch up.

Anyone who has commanded a condition in the Name of Jesus and seen it instantly change, defying all natural explanation , is more likely to say "Thank God Jesus is alive today, doing what He always promised He'd do...and it is not Roger who is in charge of science or teaching in God's church."

So this post is about normal life. Normal life being crazier than we ever supposed. In other words, being chock full of substances that are supposedly there...electrons and subatomic particles...and they are there ...sometimes. But sometimes they are not. If we take a random collective estimate we can roughly tell the mass of electrons in a given volume at any one time. But quite where they will be...and where they will go. We don't know. And if we try measuring one...it just won't be there!!! Again I'm going to need help here...before I dig myself into a hole of ignorance.

So this post is talking about the Melchizedek order as being more reflective of normal life. We live and move by the Spirit of God. We cannot tell you where we will be at a given time...exactly.Our times and seasons are not in our hands. All we can tell you is that as God instructs, His house is being built...it is getting larger and more powerful by the day...and each day we are nearer fulfilling the verse "The knowledge of the glory of God shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea."

Every conference here in Havant has been getting looser. This Conference was probably the first that was most like a Key of David Conference. A Key of David meeting has no agenda.There is more description here. But God is the agenda. Peter Jackson was invited under the direction of God. And it was known the sort of ministry mandate he has in the Spirit. He has a schedule. He needs plane flights to and from Toronto. But when he would speak. No one knew. Everyone planned for the Friday sessions. But God said no. So it was Thursday night and Saturday morning. I think.

And because it was the right time ("when the time had fully come") when Peter spoke the Word it had a powerful powerful effect...still being felt now. So many lives were changed forever that morning.

On Friday in the worship I literally heard the sound of heavenly office furniture being dragged from one place to another. I sang "Hear the sound of the Body of Christ moving its headquarters to the rightful place...the Throne room!!!"

Because if you think about it...the Body of Christ has been trying to run the Head. Which is nuts.

And how can you tell who is running who? Because when Jesus runs stuff He has this habit of leaking the glory Presence wherever He walks. It's a sort of give-away, really....literally.

I think Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday afternoon were possibly the most incredible times we have ever had in that room, I mean in terms of worship and praise.

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The Lewis Family said...

You know what your post reminds me of? 'The Great Divorce' by C.S. Lewis. It was such a neat visual of the difference between spirit and material. In fact, just before we moved to the kootenays (in BC, part of the Rocky mountains) about 8 years ago, we read that book and as we embarked on the journey there was a phrase that jumped out to us (Dan in particular): "Will you come with me to the mountains? It will hurt at first, until your feet are hardened. Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows. But will you come?"