Sunday 22 November 2009

International House of Prayer Awakening

Much has been bubbling here in the background. I have much to share and little time.
So to focus.....

There has been an awakening over at the International House of Prayer Bible School. Full details are in the linked page.

I am feeling specially driven to complete what I have felt to do in terms of animation in order to properly present Corinthian Elders in context, and highlight why it must be read. It is one of the books for the hour I feel. Those that know my previous creative attempts on here know how difficult I find producing work that is clear and professional on domestic equipment without the dosh for high end Mac equipment and Adobe programmes. I am grateful for Xara Xtreme Pro, but because you cannot readily attach Flash Files to music, I am going through lots of hoops in the background to try and arrive at something worth publishing on YouTube.

Capitalism has a double edge to it. As in Britain, the service level of our trains has risen to a much more professional standard. But linking up tickets across a whole host of independent train firms is sometimes a nightmare.

The same in the computer industry. It takes a computer to really foul up the same time as being a fantastic conduit for it.

Also in the background I've been learning more about "Metanoia - the Greek for Repentance."
And related to this , had two more significant pieces of input about this from Lutherans.
The gift of Repentance is very much embedded in their church revelation. And it dovetails incredibly with this blog!!!

So I wanted to say I am still here and perhaps you will better understand.

Havant Church has been amazing. I have not been for two weeks , but you can sense things have moved on again in the Spirit!!!

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