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Faith is saying something has happened and knowing something has happened.

This is a Facebook Conversation and the post title comes from Nancy Gilmore and later Eamon McMullan

Nancy Gilmore "Faith is saying something has happened" Norman GrubbYesterday at 04:20 · You, Eamon McMullan, Megan Anne Fey and 4 others like this.
Matthew Campbell Amen. It's called Good News and news speaks of something that has already happened.

I got that from Malcolm Smith. :)
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Yesterday at 04:35Nancy Gilmore Amen Matthew! & Megan! Thank you!

I think in this which Norman was speaking here had to do with us making things happen for others. This is this third level living where we know our union, and declare a thing as God. Norman was talking about faith- "is applied inner choice" -where we act as God! We declare the word of God's Power. Think of the ... See moreauthority! We make things happen for others; it's according to my word. I speak a word of faith; it's specific; and I say this or that HAS HAPPENED.

When I first started speaking a word of faith for others, I looked like a false prophet; that was many years ago! I never stopped speaking this truth for others, and God establishes us in this reality of speaking as Him concerning another. Now I say, specifically, what I would like to see happen for another! The first step, I find out what it is I really wish to see happen; and then I say so! I say 'this' (and I name what it is!), is what God is doing concerning this person, or that person. Once I know what to say, I say this has happened!
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Chris Welch Here's a genuine question without any "angle" to it. Many including Norman came into speaking a Word of faith" outside of the charismatic movement. Excuse my ignorance...but how would it have worked say when Norman and Rees Howells got together. Would they have just discussed together then got an inner confirmation as they chatted? I really only know how it works in a praising church setting. So we begin focussing on God as a group of God's people. Sometimes it's quite a struggle to begin with. Then often you get this sense of breaking through into another realm...beyond the battle if you like. And in this area God speaks very clearly. Often there is an accompanying sense of victory....and you all feel inside you as though it's a done thing!!! And only a matter of time before it manifests. One of the most stunning events was when the Word came about the Yorkshire Ripper, who had been evading capture and sneering at the police for months and months, and one by one another would be murdered. Within hours of that very meeting he was slammed in jail!
Yesterday at 17:09 · Nancy Gilmore Thanks Eamon!

Yesterday at 17:48Nancy Gilmore Chris, thank you! Interesting how God walks differently in and as us; (particularly you and I); since I have not been involved in any 'church group setting', as you describe it, since 1975; when the Lord spoke to me and said, I was to come out from that and He would walk in me. So this has been my adventure of faith since then in regard to what He is doing as me. He cut me from everything natural at that time; home, family, friends, financial security, and told me to walk by faith. I've only known commissions, particularly since that time, (even though I was commissioned before then also). SO for me speaking a word of faith for another has been very specific, knowing God has had me involved with different ones since then.

As a 'rule' I do not come to a word of faith for another with anyone else beside God and me. There are exception when others are speaking a word of faith and they have ask me to stand with 'them' (and I do); but that has more to do with them speaking a word for someone they know to speak for; than when I am speaking on behalf of another.

Sometimes that word of faith for another that I've spoken, becomes public information, because I tell it to different ones who make it public; but a rule it is a very private matter with me, and I only share it among those who believe as I do. In other words I don't throw my pearls before the swine least they come back a lacerate me. But I do find, once I have come to a knowing word of faith to speak; particularly where another is in great need of God's intervention; once I have spoken this is what God is going to do; I seek out immediately after speaking that word someone of like faith to share with; but only if I know they are safe in a faith position also. Faith is the real thing! Because usually the 'word of faith' you are speaking is so ridicules to the circumstances that no one, but another safe person of faith would believe with you anyway. And usually the person you are speaking the word for knows nothing of it at the time, either. Sometimes it is a period of time before you even know what word to speak; God usually has to tell me what it is that I desire for that person. I'm totally dependent on Him, but once I know what it is I am to say! Hell or high water can't stop me!... See more

As to Norman and Rees; I would assume, from what Norman shared with me, he picked up 'speaking a word" from Rees as he said great light flowed from Rees as they walked together when meeting; but I would also assume if the two of them were being touched by a particular person in whom they both were moved by God to come to the same word of faith; they would agree together, and SAY that word.

I can identify with what you speak of as a 'break-though' pertaining to speaking a word of faith. And if it's made public beyond one or two knowing of it; you are publicly being watched to see God bring it to pass. I don't have to 'watch'; I know it's done; though if a time element is involved; I am seeing it come to pass as well.
Chris Welch That's terriffic and it is making me think about how it works for me. Actually I do have 2 walks, or one walk manifested in 2 ways. The church setting I have described is a bit different to the daily walk, as the practice of gathering together as a Body is a bit different from working singly or as Christine and I. Most of the daily challenges are ... See moremeeting bills when I may or may not have any work booked. I go through something like a labour for the necessary things to be paid on time. I guess most of us are doing this. You kind of carry it in your insides but all the time knowing the One who is All-Sufficient is fused as me. To be frank, and it drives Christine up the wall sometimes, I am listening on my insides to "what is next"...and sometimes it is a particular thing I feel to share on the blog, something like a bomb waiting to explode. If I get this right, and it is really what Jesus is doing next, quite often we will get a random piano sale....or someone will phone in asking for a long tuning and repair or something. Sometimes it feels like an alternative way of marketing. But as I say, it doesn't always go down well with Christine. And sometimes she is right. other times we will feel something random and identical from the time we get up. We're not primarily evangelists, but on the day of the seabaptism when Yvette was lined up...both of us felt strongly that we had to nail Gerald, her husband. If we were frequent nailers...this would sound manipulative...but up til now we've never had another time like this. Gerald is so laid back as a character, he'd probably only just think about getting saved as the flames of hell were licking around him. So actually, he did make a decision for Christ that day and if anybody has seen the video....everyone who was there kind of felt Gerald looked about 10 years younger when he came out of the water.
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Chris Welch I don't know if that is the main difference from your cases Nancy, when to prevent laceration you sometimes keep stumm. In a safe church used to the Presence of Christ and prophetic declarations of faith you seem to be able to get away with more.
We had a virtually paralysed girl that all the other house churches had sort of given up on in the 70s... See more. Ian McCulloch was up for the challenge so she came to live in the Christian Community house in Emsworth. She lived at the top of the house in total darkness...she was allergic to light and going up there to pray with her was like dining with demons. For months it was like the devil was just sneering at all of us, the main pastor included. But as clear as anything on two separate occasions in the praise and worship God used me to declare victory in no uncertain terms. But the months dragged on after this.I was about 22, and i felt a small version of what Rees Howells did making the declaration about Hitler.
If you look on my friends list you will see Norita Roberts, an Argentinian who God raised up at this point to do a "Gerald" with this girl. He specifically commissioned her to get up at 5 every morning and stand in for this girl until she was totally free. Step by step. Feeding in Word. Some Holy Spirit bullying! Gradually this girl, who had a doctor's record sheet like a phone directory, was totally set least there was some back pain remaining I think. But she has a totally new life, married and living in Barcelona. And, for all you who have read Mark Stibbe's know what really broke the whole deal. The revelation of God the Father's personal love for the girl. All her Christian life she was convinced she wasn't loved. And God's love suddenly broke through!!!! This story shows the Body of Christ moving corporately, each part making a part of the breakthrough jigsaw for this girl. Saints , it's time we had more Bible Houses...but this time 3rd Level ones!!!!
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