Sunday 7 February 2010

Key of David notes

There are many gatherings going on under different names
all over the world.
These meetings are of increasing significance
When Jesus commanded the disciples to wait in
Jerusalem until they received the promise of the Spirit
these meetings were NOT a suggestion.
There was a weight of significance about this particular period
that was not a take it or leave it affair.

Key of David meetings , as with our main meetings have a significance to them. I have had a similar impression at key points in my history.

The small home meetings waiting on God in Grimsdells Lane ,Amersham. (73-75)
Hearing 2 specific messages by Mother Basilea Schlink in Darmstadt after she had been away fasting and praying. (This was against a backdrop of Chairman Mao poised to invade Europe….referred to again in the Jung Chang Mao book)
The Lakes,Dales and Capel Bible Weeks with Ern Baxter mid 70s.
Many of the Emsworth meetings early 80s when there had been a breakthrough in the area of praise, and then worship. Many of the
same people now lead Havant.

There is an acceleration.
Key of David meetings are about learning a language.
A language of love.
A language between the Bride and Her Groom Jesus.
Bible passages and verses are continually referred to
but in the form of something you are walking together into…
like halls in the Palace of the King. In Key of David meetings
you experience Living scripture.

Jesus speaks through prophecy, through song, through
silence, through racket…through all of the same…
in your heart…then precisely the same thing through a believer
across the room…or perhaps not the same expression of something
but the same key burden or tenor of what they are saying….in the same
way that a Welsh translation is always longer, more poetic, more singsong than the English equivalent.

Tonight was about the Bride straightening up…not being ashamed…having her
spine straightened and strengthened….about to be presented by Her Lover
to the world. That which has been secret for so long, presented for others to
Wow over. It was about the revelation of the Cross, and the Lamb in the throne room of heaven.
It was about how we have had many Christian concepts such as joy, such as
the Cross, such as the Armour of God….but now was the time for revelation about all of these. Rock solid revelation experiences which would change our lives now….and for the rest of our lives.

Now , everything I’ve written is in black and white and it is information. If a married couple ever shared their intimacies in a written report, it would come over in the same way. Pretty meaningless. About the same as when wives ask their husbands what went on at a meeting.

You have to be in a Key of David meeting, just as you have to experience a drama or a film. You can describe the bare bones of the plot…but it means very little.

Most of secular life is conducted in this dry, waterless place of our left-brain frontal cortex. We approach Christ in this way. But He undermines us by saying “He loves us.” Him loving us is not a doctrine, it is something you experience. Key of David meetings are where people come out of their left-brain cages to experience the Life and touch of the Living Christ.

Sometimes bodies are healed instantly. Minds.Emotions.Traumas.

But they are not healing meetings. They are where the Bride meets with her Christ. Jesus sets the agenda. They are about Him.

They are not worship meetings or praise meetings per se. So for this reason songs are not necessarily finished. The song is not important. Musicians are not there to look good. They are purely functional. And the function is to love Jesus. Just that.
They are corporate versions of the language Madame Guyon uses in Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ, where she says you start with a scripture, or song or prayer, and you roll it around…but you are not there for any of those things…you are just seeking to be joined with your Lover.

Saints, we’ve spent millennia trying to get an intellectual fix on God, on Jesus,on the Holy Spirit….but we’ve not operated in what Jesus was always looking for. He said,”the time will come when those who worship me will worship in Spirit and Truth.”

This does not mean we will worship in intellectually truthful ways….
it means if Joy is the subject, then you will really be manifesting the joy of Christ Himself…not some intellectual description of that joy.

It means when you put on the armour of God (one of tonight’s themes) you are not putting on an intellectual description of the armour for you to muse on…but there and then in the Spirit you are operating the spiritual reality of a Sword…which is the Word of God….and with the same reality as a lightsabre say in the fictional Star Wars. And each of the armour objects are perceived suddenly for what they are…REAL…POWERFUL….and something coming down from above by the Spirit.
The Havant Meridian Centre Conference is filling fast. These Conferences are run like an extended version of a Key of David meeting.

More details on Key of David can be found here:


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